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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Ask Anjali Aunty (AAA). This Forum was set up by Anjali, a 30+ married woman, who felt the need for educating people on sex related and relationship based issues.
Please read the FAQs, before you post any Question or Answer any Question.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is this site?
A: This site is a forum where you can ask any sex or relationship related question that you might be hesitant or embarrassed to ask in real life. You can also answer questions asked by others and rate the questions and answers. Users earn points for submitting questions and answers which can be spent to buy rewards.

Q: Who is Anjali?
A: I am Anjali. I am an open minded Indian woman who loves to hear about other's sexual queries and help them out. I will answer one or two questions a day and moderate other users. Previously I used to write at the extremely popular section-

Q: Anjali, are you a real person?
A: Absolutely! I am as real as you are.

Q: Anjali, may I contact / talk / have sex with you?
A: I absolutely love my fans [ both boys and girls ;-) ], but because there are so many, I may not be able to interact with you outside this site. Moreover, if I do and others find out, wouldn't it be unfair to them?

Q: How does this site help me?
A: This site is a free source for knowledge related to sex and relationships.

Q: How do I post a Question?
A: After you register, type a few key words of your question in the SEARCH Bar on the top Right corner. If your Question is not similar to those asked, then only ask the Question.
Please mention your name (if you want), age, gender, marital status, place of stay (if you want) as an introduction to every Question.

Some of the most commonly asked questions are:

  • Is it bad to masturbate more?
  • How do I know if my girlfriend is pregnant?
  • What is the female fertility cycle?
  • Is my penis big enough to satisfy a girl?
  • What are 'Kegel' exercises?
  • How are STD's or STI's transmitted?
  • Is using a condom mandatory?

Q: Do I need to reveal my identity to anyone on this site?
A: No. Your Identity is limited to your User Name and details provided by you.

Q: Can I ask questions related to medical conditions?
A: Yes, but we don't provide medical assistance here. We only council and guide.

Q:Who are the editors, moderators and Admin?  Why do they have extra powers?
A: Our Forum is based on a democratic set-up. The only criteria for selection, is participation and skill in Editing and Answering questions posted. The selection is done by Anjali and Admin. A question or Answer that is irrelevant, meaningless, abusive, repetitive is edited or deleted.

Q: Can I copy/refer any web pages/sites in my posts?
A: No. If you feel the need to do so in an answer, state the source.

Q: Can I refer to any brand names?
A: No. This site does not sponsor any  brand and hence a user is not allowed to mention any brand or particular product. Similarly religious content is not permitted.

Q: Why Points? How does the point system work?
A: Points are allocated for encouraging participation. The greater the participation, the higher the Points earned. Points are a good indication of a User's participation here. A Member with more than/equal to 2000 points gets the privilege to post his question without being subject to moderation.
However there are demerits. Misleading and useless Answers get the same points as descriptive, well written Answers. Some Members are here just to score points. Points are allocated as follows:

Activity Points
At Registration 100
Each question asked 20
Each Answer posted 5
Comments posted 0
Up-vote – Your answer/post liked by a Viewer 1
Down-vote – Your answer/post disliked by a Viewer -1
Selecting Best answer (For the Questioner) 5
For the user whose Answer is selected as the Best 25

Q: How to deal with abusive comments and answers?
A: The editors are generally vigilant and do not permit nonsense. Viewers may send a PM (Personal Message) to the Moderators or Editors, if they have a grievance.

Do's and Dont's:

  • Do not post questions related to incest, rape, child sexual behaviour, and other illegal activities.
  • Do not post questions related to particular users, Moderators, Editors or Anjali.
  • Do not post questions seeking advise on how to have sex with people or how to attract girls/boys to have sex. This is not a sex dating Site.
  • Do not answer every question, just for the sake of points. Have a meaningful and reliable answer.  
  • Do make it a point to reply to Answers received. Feedback helps us to gauge the effectiveness of our Answers. Don't just post a question and come back later and ask a new question.
  • Do not post sex stories either your own or copied from other Sites.