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I have a lot of doubts regarding masturbation. Help me out! [closed]

asked Mar 16, 2014 in Questions by sg250136 (120 points)
closed Apr 20, 2014 by Invincible

I am a 18 year old boy and am really embarrassed to ask the following questions.

It all started when I was 15. Its been more than 3 years that I've been masturbating daily. I was too young to understand all of it before and took it as fun. Recently I searched on the internet things related to side-effects of masturbation and got tensed after looking at the results.

I'm absolutely normal till now,  just that I have a lot of acne on my face since a year. But they say masturbation doesn't cause acne. I'm really scared that due to my excessive masturbation, I could face some problems in future. And also I don't masturbate in the conventional way. I do it without jerking my penis. I don't know if others do it, but I just get that feel and it happens automatically. WiIl I get some health problems due to this history.

Please do reply and give me some remedies to recover.

Thank you!



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featued question

6 Answers

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dear sg250136,

   You started masturbating at the age of 15, i would say you are quite matured at that time. You have many doubts about masturbation so dude just relax, nothing wrong in it. It causes no problem. Masturbation have many myths but i would say masturbation is good for health.

   Because masturbation helps us to flush out sperm from our body. Sperm formation is a continuous process. Only one think you have to do is that, you limit your masturbation to 2-3 times a week.

   Masturbate in whatever style, it doesn't effect. But be aware of proper hygiene and protect your penis from any injury. If you got a new way of mastubation then do share it here on this blog.

  You are worried due to your acne problem. Acne is a bacterial disease and it has various treatments multiple products are available in the market against them.Mostly acne formation occurs at the time of puberty.

   Acne word is also synonym for rosacea which is a look alike of this disease. During puberty there is increase in secretion in hormones in body which results in large production of sebum and results in pimples and known as acne.

   So for this problem you should consult your doctor and keep following this AA blog you will get more information on sex and its perspectives. And don't worry, masturbation isn't a bad habit but it should be in limit and make sure that this would not have any impact on others, so enjoy yourself.
answered Mar 16, 2014 by Manoj4u (6,185 points)
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hi sg250136

You said that when you were 15 you started mastrubating every day and  without your knowledge you are getting your sperms released this is common in many cases, you don't worry about it.
it happens when you see abnormal things things in internet i can't specify it here in the site ok i think u can understand what am saying , this can be controlled only by your self  you have to control your emotions.
internet is a vast source of finding many things but you don't worry about acne in some cases due to mastrubations they may caused in some cases it may not be caused, you said that u have acne so, to control them drink more water, keep you body cool so that you can get rid of acne
answered Mar 16, 2014 by abhi14343 (1,840 points)
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Don't worry, it is quite common to masturbate in men and women irrespective of the age. Lot of teenagers will have this anxiety or doubts about masturbation. There is nothing wrong to feel bad or guilty about it and it is just a way of getting the sexual pleasure. You mentioned that you wont do it in the conventional way, it is normal that men ejaculate during sleep. If you want to avoid it, you may masturbate before going to bed. If you are still worried, contact a doctor or talk to your friends to get your doubts clarified.

Anything in excessive way is not good. Make sure that this habit is not effecting your education. If you think you are overdoing it, try to find some outdoor activities like sports which might help you.

Acne is quite common in teenagers during their puberty. It is caused due to the bacteria. Just contact the dermatologist and take the medication.

Good luck...

There are several posts and discussion about masturbation on this forum, please go through them, if you have more doubts about it.
answered Mar 17, 2014 by picknmove (140 points)
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First off do not worry about it, its better late than never. Almost all of us have passed this age, so you’re not alone. I had started masturbating when I was 11 years old and over the years I had been addicted to it until I realized the complexities that would arise with my addiction when I was 19, and now I’m doing perfectly fine. I’ve controlled my desire to masturbate and a leading a happy life with no problems.

As you’ve rightly read, masturbation doesn’t have anything to do with acne; you better consult a dermatologist about your condition. Now I didn’t get what you meant by saying you don’t masturbate in the conventional way; how exactly would you do it? Would you rub your penis on the mattress thinking that you’re actually fucking or what?

Unless you mention the way in which you masturbate, we cannot help you out. As of now, do it with your hands by not exerting too much pressure on your penis, use a soap or any cream while you masturbate, do not do it with dry hands; and importantly don’t masturbate as and when you feel horny, control your desire to masturbate by diverting your thoughts to some place.

Excessive masturbation may result in PE or ED, so don’t overdo it. Masturbate some 2-3 times a week and try to enjoy when you do it, rather than going with a single aim of ejaculating right from the moment you start. Keep yourself engaged in some activities to not stay idle and think about sex. Mingle with your friends and keep yourself occupied. Have self-control over yourself, good luck.

answered Mar 17, 2014 by Invincible (12,550 points)
commented Mar 24, 2014 by jimmy_9 (120 points)
I have question, you mentioned Excessive masturbation may result in PE or ED, what is PE & ED?
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Oh! My friend you have many misconceptions about masturbation. Masturbation is normal psychological act to remove urge of having sex. Masturbation is one time of intercourse, which you performed in hand and all unmarried men do masturbation. It said that 95% of men do masturbation and accept the same and rest of 5% are lies. Masturbation does not harm you any way either it is bad or good except if it is sort of compulsion.

Still you want to stop it then you may reduce the frequency of masturbation by distraction your mind, divert your mind in meaningful activities, as there is no any other way to stop it. Self-control is the only way to stop it. What has happened to you is because of some other reason as there is no related to masturbation.

If you want to stop masturbation then I would like to tell you that you will not be succeed but what you can do is reduce your frequency as if once or twice in a week would be okay. You will nothing face in the future because of your masturbation habit. You are worried unnecessarily so shift your attention to meaning full activities, as you are normal.
answered Mar 18, 2014 by alpesh kapdi (25,550 points)
commented Mar 20, 2014 by 1234kkbs (230 points)
these problems are really experienced By me and some of mine classmate of same age friends.
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real bad effects (for males )of over masturbation (3 to 4 times a week is ok if more it is over )
short time effects:
1. you will feel tiredness and sleepy max time so you will not be able to focus on study or work
2. pimple on face. ( I have experienced it when I masturbate very next day pimple on my face, eye brow , ear lobes
3. disease which comes due to shortage of vitamin b12. (sorry I don't know those disease English names)
long time effects
1. if you start it very early age (13 to 14) and regular over masturbation you will suffer from impotancy and ed problems later 25 age I.e actual marriage age
2. at age 25 to 27 you will look likeas age of 38 to 40. this is due to hormonal shortages which you flows out daily
3. some people faces eye sight and lower back pain problems after 30
4. you will loss interest in your wife if her beauty is not up to your imagination level about which you daily imagine and masturbate
5. your stamina level will be low because you will always be lazy and never exercise .
answered Mar 20, 2014 by 1234kkbs (230 points)
commented Mar 23, 2014 by pragashr (520 points)
Do you have proof for the things you are saying above?\
commented Mar 26, 2014 by anoymous (160 points)
then question arise that how to stop masturbate? and thinking of it?
commented Mar 26, 2014 by 1234kkbs (230 points)
yes.... Some / all  of them are experienced by me.
commented Apr 20, 2014 by Khan0011 (100 points)
moved Apr 20, 2014 by Invincible
Hi! dude i will tell you the truth about masturbation,
If you masturbate,your pennis size will be becoming short  and you will start ejaculating  sperm in a little amount of time by which you can  not satisfy your wife in the future.please stop this and make yourself busy all the time so that your mind can not think of masturbation.

spend your all time in reading good knowledge type books and newspapers and in your work,it will let your mind in a safe mode.

Please take my advice seriously.

warm regards;

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