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Why is sex a fundamental part of life?

asked Mar 11, 2014 in Questions by star3 (140 points)
edited Mar 11, 2014 by longhands1

I am a shy boy. I never feel comfortable to talk to or make eye contact with any female!  With internet, I have lost my innocence and my feelings have got diverted towards sex!

I can't control myself, but recently I tried to overcome this and stop watching or reading porn material. But again, I failed. Please can anyone helps me how to get away from sexual feelings, as I am not of such an age as to indulge in such work!

I want to keep my mind only on my study! Truly saying, I dislike the sex play, and I don't find any good points in it. It is just insertion of genitals for enjoyment or for love making. There are many other things for enjoyment in life. then why is sexuality a fundamental part of life?

Please tell me, can anyone live without being married? Thanks..



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5 Answers

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Every human has five so called vices in life. Lust is one of them. So you carry the baggage for life. No saving from that. It is not a negative thing too. It is not what we do that matters, but what matters how we do it. You have to channelize your sexual energy in a positive manner. How do you do that? Seek a gf. Masturbate. Watch porn and release your energy. The more you avoid it, the more possessed with it will you be.
A seer was giving sermon. He said "we have two wolf inside us. One is negative. Lie, avarice, hatred, anger, lust, etc. Second is, compassion, trust, etc. They are always fighting amongst themselves"
A disciple asked "then who wins, master? "
The seer says, "the one which you feed"
answered Mar 11, 2014 by gigs4r (1,435 points)
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Dear Star3,

   Dude why are you so much tensed. Why to keep away yourself from internet or porn. You should do only one thing and tgat is these things should be in limit.These things should not have impact on your studies.

   You are growing to be a men and men will be men. Thats not a problem. Many people are living without marriage but its individual choice. It doesn't mean if you don't have sex you can't live. You can live without having sex.

   Dude if you wantvto stay away from adult stuffs then do you favourite works or things. Go to playground,spend your time with family or in some works as then you will not find time for Adult stuffs. For online sexting you can avoid internet pack. There are lot of ways to keep away yourself from adult stuffs.

   Why you take sex as insertion of our genitals into the other. If you think so then why you are interested in sex and thats even chating. Are you asking this question after a good session of masturbation because then man generally loose interest in sex. I think same thing happened with you. Because you described you are addicted to porn stuffs and sametime you are telling its just insertion of our genitals.

   Dude sex is a wonderful thing but it should be in limit and in right time. So don't confuse yourself and enjoy yourself.
answered Mar 12, 2014 by Manoj4u (6,185 points)
commented Mar 12, 2014 by star3 (140 points)
Manoj,what i can say about it,but one truth about myself is that,i  never did such useless,foolish job and will never.i have control on myself.and que. That i have asked is not totally true,it just asked for some such cases.which many are facing at the time.and thanks for your ans.
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You are a shy boy who watches a lot of porn. The two are interrelated, the more porn you watch, the more you will like to be alone and the more you are alone, the less friends you will have and you will socialize less. As you must have noticed, watching porn slowly becomes an addiction. The more free time you have, the more porn you will slyly watch.

You need to break this cycle and your feeling of guilt, is the first step in your efforts. As you have asked in your previous question, about the reality of porn and got so many really good answers, you would have noted that porn is all acting and make believe, I am not disputing the physical assets and the duration of the intercourse shown, but this is not applicable to the general populace. It is meant to stoke the fantasies of viewers. I also noted that you have replied with only one comment to your first question. 

You like the sex play, but since you do not have a partner, you feel the acts of intercourse are mechanical. This will change with time and age. A word of caution, porn is addictive. Start with not watching porn for a day then 2 days and finally a week at a time. This is the time to lay emphais on your studies and career. You will never get this time back.    

answered Mar 12, 2014 by longhands1 (82,610 points)
commented Mar 12, 2014 by star3 (140 points)
edited Mar 13, 2014 by longhands1
I want to inform you that at present i don't like sexplay, also i dont required any partner to fulfil my lust .i just got interacted with porn when i started using net for my study purpose.
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Look theoretically it's very much possible to live life without marriage. However it's not so easy practically. Today you want to study and you must, but taking such a huge decision of not getting married, is not right. Life is a very long journey, and you have to cross all the steps. Some take it to be a challenge others to be a problem but they all do it. The one thing that makes this journey easy and convenient is a loved one by your side. When you say that you are only interested in the insertion of the genitals and not the other parts of love making, it's nothing to be afraid of. Everyone isn't same in this world. So don't ever think that you shouldn't get married because of this. Sex isn't a fundamental part of life. There is more to life than just sex. At this moment your study is more important than sex, and your attitude towards it. So my suggestion to you is stop thinking about it, and still if it's impossible to leave it completely then just make a balance between your studies and sex, while giving more weightage to studies.
answered Mar 12, 2014 by kumar awijeet (245 points)
commented Mar 12, 2014 by star3 (140 points)
thank you kumar awijeet, for your valuable remark
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To answer your is a fundamental part of life as it perpetuates life. God or Nature wants life on this earth so sex is made sweet so that living beings engage in it and ensure propagation of life. Si it is evident that sex is natural. You need not suppress it as it is not healthy. But one important point. As you are a shy boy( as described by you) please do not expose yourself to porn as it will make you want sex and at the same time miserable as you do not have outlets for sexual satisfaction.

In my younger days easy access to  porn was not there and even without such exposures we used to feel frustrated. Why get yourself excited when there is no means to free yourself of the sexual tension ? Sexual frustration may affect your studies. Another point is that too much sexual thoughts/urge triggered by watching porn will affect your normal behaviour with members of opposite sex and that will in turn affect your ability to be natural with them and winning them as your girlfriends.

What you are under going is only natural( and what we too have undergone). Keep away from porn for a few days and with out any guilt feeling or fixated ideas on sex, try to mingle with girls. Your life will become normal...good luck
answered Mar 12, 2014 by sumitran9 (1,640 points)
commented Mar 13, 2014 by star3 (140 points)
So ,at last thanks to all ,for your valuable answer and for giving respect to my question!

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