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Is it safe to have sex with my neighbour?

asked Feb 14, 2014 in Questions by kpraja (120 points)

I am having a sex relationship with my neighbor lady who is 34 yrs old, since last 1 year. I used to fuck her weekly twice. Now I came to know that she had sex with 3 other men before me. a year ago. She has done family planning.

My question is whether it is safe to have sex with her?

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6 Answers

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Family planning safeguards only against unwanted pregnancies not STD/STI. there are still high risks involved in unprotected sex. since you have not mentioned whether you use any condoms and directly mentioned that she has done family planning, i assume you do it unprotected. dude you are still at risk and need to protect yourself. if she is also sleeping with other men then there may be chances that she may get herself into trouble. you don't want to see yourself in the same trouble too. so use condoms and also stay alert, for her husband may catch you guys in action. he may be stronger and beat you up. don't invite troubles. try staying away as far as practicable.
answered Feb 14, 2014 by satyap12 (475 points)
commented Feb 14, 2014 by kpraja (120 points)
i never used condom, her old affair also i came to know by stranger, but she had only before 1 year later i asked her. i am confused uh lot, and by next month her husband is coming from dubai, if they have sex, will they get affected?
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Your neighbor lady had sex with another 3 persons earlier doesn’t always arise out of dissatisfaction and mistrust, but instead it arises out of trust and complete understanding of each other’s needs, romantically and sexually. She would have an affairs with another man behind her back that her sexual desires feel incomplete.

      But one think you remember, HIV is commonly spread through unprotected anal or vaginal intercourse with a HIV infected person if your lady having an sexually affairs. Sexual intercourse without a condom carries the risk of HIV infection.
answered Feb 14, 2014 by Neha2 (675 points)
commented Feb 15, 2014 by kpraja (120 points)
my major doubt is, having sex with the hiv infected person only cause disease? those affair men had sex with there wife and her too.
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We don't need to make value judgements about whether she is good or a bad lady. These relationships also are born out of mutual trust and respect. Is she is clean and those guys too are clean, there is no need to worry. It's been long since she had relationships with those men. Having said that, it's always better to use precaution as sexually transmitted diseases do happen. Or else, you both could have a peace of mind by getting yourself checked one and for all.
I have had my share of relationships, and have always been sure of my partner before taking the plunge.
answered Feb 15, 2014 by gigs4r (1,435 points)
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dear kpraja,

    She has adopted family planning program but that only hepls from unwanted pregnancies not from STI or STD's. She has sex with other men too and if you are enjoying without condom with her then other men also do the same. So always use condom and be careful because if you are caught thrn you people be in big trouble. You made a big mistake, but now for next time please use a condom.
   STD/STI doesn't look the person that you are neighbour of her or not as you ask in questionis it safe to have sex with neighbour. You can be infectedeven if she is your wife. But always use condom if you want to practisize safe sex.
answered Feb 15, 2014 by Manoj4u (6,180 points)
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You are 22 years old and your question is too elementary.  The replies are given already I hope you understand the issue. 

Having a family planning operation means she wont get pregnant thats all. The other aspects on these types of relationship are still there. Before you she had three fuck buddy like you, how are yo so sure you are the only one she is sleeping with right now? She might hace other male friends or husbands too. Assuming none of these three guys had any STI/STD, she still can pass that to you with her other fuck buddies.

Add to the risk of STDs,  there is always a chance of being blackmailed too. Not with pregnancy still if she complains about forced sex of rape, law is always favoured towards women. If she is married, getting in legal issue of adultery is there too. And finally if she breaks out the news to others, you may lose your future girl friend, but your family may lose the name.

Want to take so many risk? Better get a girlfriend of your age where there is a future, and drag the relationship forward, with or without sex. Anyone who has some ecperience on free sex in life always know, its not always free, sometimes its too costly. 

answered Feb 16, 2014 by oye (25,670 points)
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Friend, it was you who did get attracted to her, now if you feel unsafe get yourselves checked medically and end the things going on with your neighbor lady.
However if you still feel safe, you can carry on safe and protected sex with here.
Other way is to get her convinced to get herself medically checked for any STDs.
Hope this helps you out.
answered Feb 4, 2016 by rockupman (190 points)

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