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Why am I attracted to mature women?

asked Feb 1, 2014 in Questions by Lostinu (140 points)
retagged Feb 2, 2014 by Invincible
I am a 25yr old guy from Haridwar. I have a problem. I never feel attracted towards a girl but I get attracted to mature women. I like their body, and I even get a hard erection. I also feel like having sex with them but never with girl.  Why is this?

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9 Answers

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It is just a personal orientation. Don't get confused, and enjoy your life. It may have stemmed from the view that mature women are more open to sex, and are better in bed. You don't have to deal with difficult behavior and rejection.
Young girls are confused, and afraid of opening up. They have reservations, and if you are seeking sexual pleasures, it is a tall order with younger girls. They are more into emotional stuff, and it is comparatively difficult to bed them.
You may also have a liking for buxom bodies, which mature ladies possess. They have better boobs, thighs and their bodies are fuller.
answered Feb 1, 2014 by gigs4r (1,435 points)
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I think your hint to mature women means Older women(married) . You are attracted with elder women because, you think that they being  comfortable with their bodies and their sexuality is matured, trained appetite in bed, understanding, honesty and willingness to take and give pleasure in bed.  Besides the physical appearance, they have many other desirable personality such as confidence, comfortable with their sexuality, life experience, knowing what they want and not  afraid to communicate to  resolve it. But younger girls are less in  such an  experience .  Similarly elder women are also  always like younger man for the fact they think that younger men can control them  with their  fully strength or thought their sexually power reach so high than elder men.
answered Feb 1, 2014 by Neha2 (675 points)
commented Feb 4, 2014 by gigs4r (1,435 points)
Wish i had written this answer
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When a women turns in her 40s, generally she starts to gain some weights on her body. She gets some excellent curves. She becomes plump. Many young guys gets attracted to these curves and dream to have sex with them. And women in this age are more mature. They dont have childishness which most young girls have.
These can be the reasons I guess. In my case, those curves, a mature woman has attracts me a lot. Even being 21 years old, I watch porn of older women.
answered Feb 1, 2014 by chinmay and chinmay (470 points)
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It s  a natural phenomena . Young guys get attracted towards older fleshy women,'cause they wouldn't have seen a woman naked ,the boobs,the waist line,the thighs,the inner triangle and so on. Mostly women of age, will be exposing some of their assets ,which attracts young men like you .
Sure,for a young male,these women can show the wonders of the world and they also like to get screwed by young hard dicks.

You should also be aware that older men do love to fuk young girls ,even in their teens,as,these grown up men know the taste of a young cunt with tiny and firm boobs, less hairy ones, sleek and silky bodied with tight cunts that can prolong the ejaculation....OOPs , it will make an older man mad whennhe fucks a young chick ,as,th moaning of this chick will be awesome when they they are royally fucked !!!!
answered Feb 1, 2014 by Kamalkannan (1,280 points)
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If a woman is matured and pretty with a nice body, anyone would like to see her and get a hard-on. Its nothing new. But again, you are not alone, there are few reasons why you or someone like you get a hard on.
The first reason that often happens is she is pretty, and a mental calculation goes as how old she is how old her husband would be, she might not have a great sex, I wish I could get a chance.
The second reason is, she is matured must be knowing lot about sex, wish could learn something.
But for you or someone like you the third reason often works who does feel a great sexual attraction towards matured woman and not of the same age girls, this is called oedipus complex. This happens to guys who where close to mother, aunt, elder sister for quite long time during childhood, he learns about sex and still stay surrounded by elder women. Once he gets out of house, that same oedious complex works and unknowingly a matured woman seems a sex object that young one.
You should spend time with same age guys and girls more, you soon will find they are more exciting on spending time. And you are not alone, you will find your aged guys are having same Oedipus complex- liking matured women, and your same age girls are having Electra complex- liking matured men.
Take this as a phase of life, soon enough you will know the same age or younger girls (not minors) are much exciting in bed, if you can compare.

answered Feb 2, 2014 by oye (25,670 points)
edited Feb 3, 2014 by oye
commented Feb 2, 2014 by Lostinu (140 points)
edited Feb 2, 2014 by longhands1
Thanx 4 ur feedback. In case if any women is siting is near me nd if her body is touchng to me i get errecting, but nt in case of girl of 20s.

(Since you have asked the Question, your replies should be in the form of comments and not Answers).
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Its not a rare thing at all. As i have known from my personal experience many guys of your age group gets attracted to mature women. It maybe because you like the body type of mature woman. There's lots of college guys here who always gets attracted to mature married women. Its not a bad thing at all, at least you have feelings for them. You are a guy and its natural that you get attracted to a female regardless whether she is a girl or a mature woman.
answered Feb 2, 2014 by kavita.menon (195 points)
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You are not alone and will not be the first man to fall for an older woman. Even in Hollywood you will come across, women in their 40's like Hale Berry, Demi Moore, Diane Lane who were dated by men half their age.

There can be a number of reasons: Older women enjoy a relationship for the joy it gives them, without putting pressure on the male companion for settling down or marriage etc. This puts a younger man at ease as he wants to enjoy life without the burden of a Family.

Older women have class. Having seen the world they don't just fall for any man they see. They would not normally wear revealing clothes with sex on their mind but enjoy their own success in Life.

Older women have experience, in the Bedroom. They have the powers of seduction and know how to please a man in bed. Having seen it and done that, they have the confidence to control the sexual journey of their partners.

Younger women may want their partners to pay for their meals and enjoyment. Older women, being financially independent, may pick up the tab and enjoy paying for their partner's meals etc.

Finally, older women may often make the first move. Not bound by Society and confident of themselves, they may express their advances to a younger man. Men love when women take the lead. Which man would not like a compliment from a woman and if her finds her attractive, he will be attracted to her.

Does this answer your Question, why you are attracted to mature women?
answered Feb 2, 2014 by longhands1 (78,260 points)
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Dear Lostinu,
   I think its natural because mature women have right curves and are openly activated in sex. After marriage women grown curves, shows growth of boobs after pregnancy. Then they look more chubby and one can find how sexy she would be in bed. They know what men wants in bed and thinking about this give you an extra excitement that's why you feel aroused. It may be referred as a kind of sex fetish to you.
answered Feb 2, 2014 by Manoj4u (6,180 points)
commented Feb 5, 2014 by palani (235 points)
moved Feb 5, 2014 by longhands1
same problem wid me 2 also.
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Lostinu....Mostly men get attracted towards boobs,broad waist, pulpy buttocks  it's an desire matter not an age creep might be your heart need to have deep desire with huge buttocks big boobs it's an tempting emolent in harmone some guys like slim female some like curvy some like mature different experience in mature women that attract young guys mostly mature women can do any thing in sex deep throat sucking swallowing that's attract young guys
answered Dec 26, 2016 by noushad (120 points)

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