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My first time sex with girlfriend. Please help.

asked Jan 5, 2014 in Questions by rr30027 (145 points)
edited Jan 5, 2014 by longhands1
We both are virgins and all I know is that she wants to have a lot of breast play and wants to suck and play with my penis. Please help and advise how I should approach her so that she would wish to do it with me time and time again.
commented Jan 5, 2014 by longhands1 (78,045 points)


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Longhands  -  Moderator

commented Jan 5, 2014 by rr30027 (145 points)
moved Jan 5, 2014 by longhands1
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6 Answers

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First time sex will not be great. You can enjoy lot of love play but real sex will be painful. You both should know that first time sex may not give great satisfaction. You should tell her clearly that she should not expect much from first time sex. You have to learn sex by practice. You may have plenty of knowledge from books or from internet but practicals are different. So go ahead.
answered Jan 6, 2014 by shanti200462 (2,060 points)
commented Jan 6, 2014 by rr30027 (145 points)
thanx shanti,
ur words are very valuable for me...
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Hi rr30027,,
 Feel bad for u as lots of views but no single answer yet.. Here is my answer
The touch is a very powerful way to send the right signals across without seeming desperate. Look for ways to touch her arm or clasp her hand at the opportune moment. The more you touch her delicately and sensually, the more sexually turned on she’d get.
Invite her to your pad, or get invited back to her place. You’ve built the sexual tension already. She knows you’re not just a friend, and she definitely knows you’re attracted to her already. By getting comfortable in each other’s places, it’s taking you one step closer to her bedroom and into her pants. After all, if you’re going to get a girl to have sex with you soon, you need to make her feel comfortable with you in each other’s private spaces.
Go out on a date or stay back at home and watch a movie. A movie involves a few hours of quiet time where both of you sit really close to each other. This is where you can touch her ever so slightly with your arm or your foot. Do it the right way and be patient, the chemistry can be electrifying. If you want to seduce a girl, absentmindedly graze your arm against hers with the slightest of touches while sitting next to her. It’ll turn her on before you know it!

Or finally
if you guys have an open, good relationship than you'll be just fine! so if your going to talk to her about it, i would just be honest! tell her you are worried to talk about this because you dont know how or what to say! but honestly if you guys are both virgins i think it would be better to just let it happen
Bye take
answered Jan 6, 2014 by Headgearwale (800 points)
commented Jan 6, 2014 by rr30027 (145 points)
thank u so much headgearwale,
ur comment has very much changed my view about sex...
ur answer is very very valuable for me...
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You are saying that she wishes you to play with her breasts and she wants to play with your penis, did she told you or it is your apprehension. If you both are ready for the sex then go ahead. You may discuss with her about your fantasy and your excitement during intimacy bet not before. You may do anything unless it will uncomfortable you or her as there is no rule in sex which must be follow.

Do not make any pre-planning to have a sex. I do not mean to be bad but this sounds so strange. You actually spoke to your girlfriend and you both agreed to have sex. It must have been a very diplomatic conversation. "I wish to have sexual relations with you". girlfriend replies "I do too. Let us do it tonight, dear boyfriend".

Do not mean laugh at you, but I never heard of this kind of situation. Couples just do it without agreeing to it beforehand, otherwise where the romance is.
Hotel room is safe and private if you do not have your own place. No one should invade your privacy. Police will not and does not have the legal power to cause trouble.

That is soooooo adorable that you ask about it! Love it!!
However, my advice make sure you practice putting the condom on so you know what you’re doing, being that it’s your first time you are going to be nervous with the girl you love. If she sees that you know what you are doing it will be more comforting for her.

Research on her "lady parts" if she has not already, if she starts to freak out and starts asking questions it will benefit the both of you if you can answer them.
Check on her during your moment. However not too much like twice if that. Like “Are you okay?" or however you ask her, it shows you are not just thinking about banging her.
Position keeps it simple DO NOT try to do anything fancy yet. Missionary or Drill will probably be the best choices for now unless she tells you different.
After make sure you do not make it awkward. Rub the side of her face or kiss her. Alternatively, even just lay together. Showers after are a good idea to.

Talking about it also very important ask how it was or how do they feel.
Important make sure! If you touch yourself, you DO NOT use the same hand on her. Use the other hand.
Atmosphere, have a couple candles around or even have some flowers ready for her. Girls love a super surprise!

I am sorry this is so long. However, I hope it helps you. Sex is a beautiful thing. As long as you are, smart about it. Be safe and have fun!

Good luck!
answered Jan 6, 2014 by alpesh kapdi (23,225 points)
commented Jan 6, 2014 by rr30027 (145 points)
thanx alpesh, u seem to be very experienced.
it is not my apprehension. she has clearly mentioned she would love doing that.
commented Jan 6, 2014 by alpesh kapdi (23,225 points)
Do not miss this chance, go ahead with protection.
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Sex is mutual and you should learn to please your partner. This learning does not come from books or from answers like ours. It comes from learning on the job. It comes from communication and building a bond with your partner. Communication may be verbal, where you tell each other what you want or can be non-verbal, where your actions dictate what you want.

As the male in the relationship, remember that you will tend to reach orgasm quickly, manifested in an ejaculation. For a female, she needs time to build the tempo. Spend time in foreplay. This means lots of cuddling, nibbling, holding and saying things that will put her at ease. As virgins, do not fear that you will stumble and make a mess of the situation. We all learnt the hard way and given a second chance will do a better job. 

Read the various questions on this Site especially Discussions, where we have given TIPS on pleasing a woman. You can search for these Topics, by typing key words in the Search Box on the Right hand corner.

One thing you should ensure is to keep a packet of condoms ready. I know, you dont intend having intercourse, but the flow of the moment may sweep you aside. So better be safe than sorry. We get fair number of questions from Readers about their worries of having had sex without protection.

Having sex for the first time is not only messy but also painful, more so for the female. How do you know she is a virgin? Because she told you. Is her hymen intact? If not, use your fingers and a lot of patience with lubrication to break it first. 

All the Best.  

answered Jan 6, 2014 by longhands1 (78,045 points)
commented Jan 6, 2014 by rr30027 (145 points)
thanx a lot for ur useful advice
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I think you need to just go for it without having any pre planning stuff. just be your self and go with your feelings. I think you must have heard many things about first time and all the stuff about having sex.u just need to apply your self for the time come, make her comfortable first and go with the will come better and better after each time you try it, don't try to expect toomuch ,it will help you to stay normal.
answered Jan 8, 2014 by niksNlove (110 points)
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Dear rr30027,

As for both of you this is first time si you need to be calm, cool and have patience. You can't get fully satisfied by your first time. But it is damn sure that whatbyou do, surely you will gonna to be like it very much. Love her passionately and gently. Try to understand during sexual act what she likes most and try to do that. Communicate well with her and don't feel shy at that time. Slowly you will understand all the things because practise makes man perfect.

But for the first time first advise is to have patience and to be remain cool and calm during whole the love session so that she enjoys upto to the most buddy.
answered Jan 9, 2014 by Manoj4u (6,180 points)
edited Jan 9, 2014 by Manoj4u

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