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What will happen if I touch her boobs even if she is reluctant to it?

asked Dec 26, 2013 in Questions by boobssucker (220 points)
edited Dec 26, 2013 by prashant69
I am 31 years old and couple of months back I met a girl age of 30. We met on  social site and then we  met  in person at one place. She has a lovely pair of  boobs and that attracted  me a lot. On that night after we returned back to our own houses we started chatting on social net site on cellphone  and I said that she has a beautiful boobs and asked her that can I touch your boobs when we meet next time? She said maybe and then said no.

After that night we started conversation about sex  and she provided every information about the color of her pussy it is shaved so that other can suck it very well. Then I asked about the color of her boobs and nipples and shape and she also explained that. She also explained me about the periods too.

Now as the conversation was going on very interesting I sent her  some pic of my penis and a video of sperm coming out from my penis.May be  watching it  made her horny  and she also sent me her lovely pics of boobs and attractive nipples. I was requesting to sent pic of her pussy but she said that next day she will send it too. She also said that she will feel great if I suck her boobs and lick nipples.

Next day all of a sudden her mood swung  and started saying that she  no more wants to discuss  this topic. When I asked her that can I touch your boobs outside the cloth she said no. I requested several times that I want to suck her boobs and feel the taste of her nipples but she said that not before marriage. She said after marriage you do not need to take my  permission for that, and I can suck my nipples day and night whenever you want.

Now, we again decided to meet and now if I touch her boobs and kiss on the boobs and then take off her cloths and feel the taste of nipples will she be object and feel annoyed or she will love the presence of my action? How do I turn her on by doing what be the first step to start?
commented Dec 27, 2013 by longhands1 (77,000 points)


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Longhands  -  Moderator

commented Dec 27, 2013 by boobssucker (220 points)
edited Dec 27, 2013 by prashant69
I am not yet received any satisfiable  answer as I am very much anxious. We will be meeting  next week together so I need to know how to convince her  to play with her boobs.

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6 Answers

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Dear boobssucker, I am highly suspicious of your question.Not regarding content but about the ages you have mentioned . You have claimed that you guys are in your early thirties but neither  yours  nor hers behavior fits into the pattern. No matured woman of 30 would believe a stranger in the way you have depicted less showing her nude pics to him. And if she does then wont go back from her promise . 

   And this yours being third attempt to get this question posted and you revealed your ages only after have been told to do so for first couple of times. And at the ages you claim you are you have to be that much experienced to know how to go for it or if not then why so! At this matured age both knows very well of the consequences of such a' stray' behavior. 

   I am leaving  it to our members to gauge the authenticity of this and let them decide what to do ! 

If at all this is true then yes you can attempt to go for touching her boobs given you are at secluded place and are on your own.Her agreement of coming at lonely place with you would be an indication that she wants you to do something. Otherwise she wont agree to come with you at deserted place. However what you would do if she happens to grab the attention.Remember that post Delhi incidence last year laws have become stricter. So think of the consequenses and act appropriately. 

 Hope you would get success what you have in your mind. 



answered Dec 26, 2013 by prashant69 (6,990 points)
edited Dec 26, 2013 by prashant69
commented Dec 26, 2013 by boobssucker (220 points)
moved Dec 26, 2013 by prashant69
I need more suggestion guys as I am virgin but she is not. So what to do to turn her on? Very nervous and anxious too.
commented Dec 26, 2013 by prashant69 (6,990 points)

boobssucker, As a questioner you can comment only and its up to our members to choose to answer a question or ignore . Better wait for couple of days so more answers would roll in hopefully! 

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You might  have 99% chance  of having sex with her. She might  try to show you that she is not interested in sex before marriage. She is a Woman and she has to act in that way. Have a  SAFE sex with her if at all you people goes for it.
answered Dec 26, 2013 by existence (475 points)
edited Dec 26, 2013 by prashant69
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I  seriously  think you will soon have bigger problems  with her, than sucking on her boobs.

Show disinterest in her and her body next time you chat up or meet, and she will do an about turn and let you play with her.

But too much of disinterest, and she might just move onto the next guy on her list.
answered Dec 26, 2013 by blindMan (1,035 points)
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No girl would like sexual acts against her wish and that too sudden. If she says no to touch her boobs than you should respect her decision and wait until she gives you nod to touch her boobs.

You seem to be like almost obsessed with her boobs. However, if you want to carry your relationship with her-further then avoid weird things. Patience is the key.

You need to understand, one more thing is that first she was open with you and suddenly she changed her mind. it gives me  feeling that she later decide that you are not trust-able or someone has given her suggestion that it is too early to allow you to touch her boobs as her discussion suggest that she was interested in sexual conversation and even ready to go further in this regard. So first, find out the cause behind her sudden change behavior and then act accordingly.

First, make your mind clear. Do you want to fling with her? If yes then you may force her to allow you for sucking and pressing otherwise that will ruin your relationship with her.

I would like to tell you that it is too fast to start for such kind of sexual relation, understand her liking and disliking, discuss about your future plan and then decide what you both want from this relationship. Give her enough time.
answered Dec 27, 2013 by alpesh kapdi (22,895 points)
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In one of your comments, you have said that the social network friend you met is not a virgin. You have not told us how you know. But I do admit from what you have described, the girl seems rather of loose character. It is difficult to believe that a girl will send images of her nipples and boobs so soon after meeting. Are those photos faceless, like I presume yours were which you sent her of your penis?

It was rather foolish of you to ask her on the phone, if she would show you her boobs. This is best done in private when you meet and never play your cards and reveal what you intend doing beforehand. That way you preserve the mystery and can go by the situation and the atmosphere when you are together. 

I also feel just grabbing a boob is meaningless and causes pain and embarrassment to a woman. Always begin by holding, cuddling, light neck kissing and kissing if permitted, before you proceed to touching her boobs. I hope you are aware that she also must have something in mind before she allows you access between her legs. So be prepared. Do not become a prey. A few moments of fun and you may repent for the rest of your Life. HIV does not announce itself.   

I am interested in knowing what is in your mind for the future. Do you intend carrying this further into a serious relationship or is it only about her boobs?  

answered Dec 29, 2013 by longhands1 (77,000 points)
commented Dec 30, 2013 by boobssucker (220 points)
She told me that she was in a 5 years relationship and she did everything whatever happen between a boy and girl. Yes indeed she sent me 6 pics showing her face where she was wearing bra and one pic of her complete boobs and nipples where she hide her face but I can recognized the way she carrying her hair and the style she always took her snap when she is in normal way. She also sent me 4 pics of boobs when she was sleeping at night took the pic in a lying position and there also it shows her face on the pic. So its not fake.
Yesterday night I requested over chat to suck her boobs only for 5 mins and yeah I am into serious relationship with her so I don't want to cheat her and make her embarrassed in front of the society. So I beg from her lying down almost on my knee but she said that everything you will get after marriage. That time no permission will require to you. Whenever you want can play, squeez, lick and suck with my boobs but not this time.

But understand that I am 31 and never ever touch any girl in my life as I was very shy and avoid to talk with opposite sex. But when she talked with me over chat about this matter initially and then sent her pics now I am completely out of control and only can think about her boobs and nothing else.

I do not have interest to have sex even with protection before marriage and I told her that only need to touch and suck your boobs just for 5 mins. Still she is not agreed to do that and said you have my pic suck it from there. We'll get marry soon after that you can suck day and night. Everything will be your.
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Dear Boobsucker,
    On that particular day, she gets excited and told youbto touch and suck her boobs. But on next day she thinks on it and realises that it's wrong so refuses. But if she done everything sexually which they can do then that's might not be the proper reason. Take your time, slowly she will opened up to you anf you enjoy will with her by her will.
answered Dec 31, 2013 by Manoj4u (6,180 points)

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