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Will sucking and caressing the breasts for long time cause pain?

asked Dec 20, 2013 in Questions by madhuq (290 points)
edited Dec 20, 2013 by Invincible
Hi All,

Thank you very much for your responses to my previous questions.

We have planned 2 days stay in a 5 star resort and would like to have a great time over there.

Coming to my question, Is sucking and caressing boobs continuously for long time (2-4 hours) result in any pain or inconvenience to a girl?  I like playing with her boobs which includes pressing, sucking the whole area for long time.  I never sucked them so far, except that I pressed them occasionally for 5-6 times as we did not get better chance and moreover we were not interested in having all at once as we have plans to marry together.  

Its been 2 years since we met each other and this time both of us wanted to have a great time that we can cherish forever.  We are not looking forward for just sex or intercourse. We want to share our feelings, understand each other and respect our own interests.


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3 Answers

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She will surely feel pain if you will suck her breasts for 2 to 4 hours, there is no doubt. Moreover, I suppose she will not allow you to suck for such certain time. Think if she sucks your penis for more than two hours, do not you feel pain. I think you will feel pain through how much you like when she sucks you.

Many women feel pain through this. Guys love boobs, it’s perfectly normal. You just need to be very open and communicate with her about what you like, dislike and everything you feel. You suck her boobs a lot is very natural in a love relationship. Do not worry; it will not cause any health problems to your girlfriend unless pain. The boobs are mean to be suck. It is primarily for breastfeeding. Just be a bit gentler if it is hurting her when you are suck, then it is more enjoyable for you as well for her.

Men normally out of excitement have the tendency to suck hard and bite the breasts, especially when they are hard are big. Women like them to be hard sucked at the point of orgasm.

Again, I would like to tell you that quality of love matter for the girl and for the relationship not the quantity.

Make an effort how to bring your girlfriend emotionally close as that is your real achievement, not the sucking time or fucking time. If she will surrender, her whole body to you out of love that is your real achievement as that is more difficult to get woman's love. Understand the fine line between love and fuck.
answered Dec 21, 2013 by alpesh kapdi (27,390 points)
selected Aug 23, 2014 by madhuq
commented Jan 6, 2014 by madhuq (290 points)
Thank you for your answer Alpesh
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Dear Madhu,

1) There will be no harm if you want to press,caress or suck boobs. It is one of the best things of foreplay. But since you are not interested in doing sex but rather just want to enjoy this act you can very well proceed.

2) But one thing you should keep in mind is that pain bearing capacity of every human is different. The amount of force you are applying also counts. If you will press hard the girl will definitely feel pain. So press in such a way that she enjoys.

3) The time duration which you stated of 2-4 hrs is fine but you will eventually realise you are getting tired and so will your partner. So you should take breaks in between as it will help you enjoy more. First do 5-10 mins of pressing then do 5-10 min of kissing then 5-10 min of caressing and finally 5-10 min of sucking. Do proper rotations and keep talking to her.

NOTE:  Boobs sucking can be very arousing for both partners provided that you just do it in the right way. Google search for "ways to suck boobs" and use those instructions, I hope it works.
answered Dec 20, 2013 by mrohit655 (430 points)
edited Dec 21, 2013 by mrohit655
commented Dec 21, 2013 by hemantsrk (275 points)
what is the meaning of caressing?can you tell how to do it
commented Dec 21, 2013 by mrohit655 (430 points)
caressing means touching gently..
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Dear madhuq, it's good you want to open each other or love each other. Then do but you wish to do. Do it with ease. Don't rush into it. Surely you will enjoy everthing. If you talk with each other during your love session then you will get more enjoyment.

 Now you want to know about your convenience about licking and sucking her boobs. It depends upon her interest. If you lick or suck the way she wanted then she ask for it till she get satisfied. Be gentle and soft there then you will go for longer time. But my question is that are you capable of sucking hrr boobs for 3-4 hours. Its much about your convenience not her as i think. But enjoy everything as much ad your body allows you. HavE A great LovE SessioN .!
answered Dec 20, 2013 by Manoj4u (6,185 points)

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