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How to swap partners? [closed]

asked Dec 5, 2013 in Questions by vijay raghavan (125 points)
closed Feb 4, 2014 by Invincible

I am 30 and my wife is 29. We were married 1 year ago. Whenever we have intercourse we used to see porn movies, and my wife enjoys that saying she attracts men in our area. I use her elder sister's (42yrs) name everytime while having sex with my wife.

She never bothers but asked me why I am eager for her elder sister? I told her, that I had seen her nude while bathing and that I am intersted in her. My wife says  she is also intersted in her (uncle) elder sister's husband.

What should we do? Should we talk to them and swap our partners occassionally?

closed with the note: Old enough to close, doesn't need new answers.
featued question
commented Dec 5, 2013 by longhands1 (77,020 points)


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commented Feb 4, 2014 by fsiindia (110 points)
moved Feb 4, 2014 by Invincible
I really feel bad when you are thinking of swapping in just 1 year of your married life. Many say swapping adds spice to sex life. But the truth is, after swapping either of the partner cannot enjoy their own partners. Mind will always think about fancy intercourse made with other guys.
Don't ruin your marriage life. Prefer going for kid rather than thinking all this now.

11 Answers

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Its nothing wrong in imagining the other persons and talking about them while love making. But as far as wife swapping is concerned first convince the other couple and then proceed further. Its not bad at all.
answered Dec 5, 2013 by vicky333 (145 points)
commented Dec 6, 2013 by vijay raghavan (125 points)
at this point of swapping my wife is ok with family relationship only, she never likes to do with 3rd person, for me too , im not interested to share my wife with others, at this matter what will happen if they refuse our idea or give negative response, will my wife be satisfied with me alone even after she got a idea to have sex with her uncle ?
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You are married just one  year back and already thinking of swapping. Normally people marry and after marriage they are possessive of each other, they do not like to share their partner with any one. After 15-20 years some couples may get an idea of swapping or 3 some just to spice up their sex life. You are getting such an idea so early may be because of your past life. Before marriage if a person has enjoyed sex and enjoyed sex with more partners then may be such parsons get bored easily with only one partner. If you start swapping at an early age then that too before children then it will have lot of effect on your future life. May be your wife will become pregnant by another man or she may find  other many more satisfying than you and may ignore you. It is not always possible to get couples  for swapping but once you start your wife will become more liberal and she may start enjoying sex with other men in your absence. Even if you catch her you will not be able to take any action on her. So think and proceed. Just by changing a partner you are not going to get a great pleasure and if you get more pleasure then you may find your wife boring. You better wait for such ides and try to derive maximum pleasure form your wife.
answered Dec 5, 2013 by shanti200462 (2,060 points)
edited Dec 5, 2013 by prashant69
commented Dec 16, 2013 by Aditya.d (100 points)
You are ryt, i agree with uu, m also suffuring from same condition
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Man your wife can ask her sister that u r very fond of her nd talking about her body. After that she starts noticing you and u tell her husband that ur wife is a big fan of him nd thought him attractive by nature nd body and he also starts noticing and u know the wife of others is always attractive to us and hence one day they will be intrap and her husband later think of having sex wid ur wife and u encourage her. And for this solution of him , y ask him for ur solution and hence the result will be swapping
answered Dec 5, 2013 by Jaisingh0707 (145 points)
commented Dec 5, 2013 by longhands1 (77,020 points)


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commented Dec 6, 2013 by vijay raghavan (125 points)
hi jaisingh,  
will this swapping  be good to family relationship in future ? i am very bothered that if they refuse our idea, or make a negative response, what will happen if we see them in future ?
commented Dec 7, 2013 by lodam (305 points)
hii vijay,
 jassi suggested a good way for can extend his idea in this way when your wife  is talking with her elder sis...only she and her sis then suddenly she can brought up idea of talking in to sex and den forward to the fantacy then indirectly she can say her that she likes porn and she have swapping fantacy so this way she may get to know about her elder sis mind..and den if she like talks den she may ask in fun di if you ever get any chance with whom u would like to do swap..or who would be ur dream partner and about whom u wana sleep in our this way she may know her mind and she may prepare her for you.....enjoy all the best and have fun...and do not forget to give feedback if this works for you...:)
commented Jan 9, 2014 by vijay raghavan (125 points)
thank u man for ur valued comment, im making a move little bit everyday, lets see what happens, if we r succeed , what shall we do, that , should we all do in same room or separately?
commented Jan 11, 2014 by lodam (305 points)
why not when you both partners are agree for swap then this is biggest arousal thing to see your wife filled by another cock on same bed this will give you immense spice.
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Swapping is a lifestyle that once started is difficult to stop. You will need to think about the consequences very seriously. If you think it is a one off thing, it is not. You will keep experimenting.

There are some dangerous pitfalls in this lifestyle. Jealousy is one of them. At some point, if you are all together, you may feel that your wife is paying more attention to her partner than to you. Or you may feel that she is moaning louder with her friend. This may create a rift when you are both having an arguement and one of you may bring up this topic.

There is often a tendency to cheat. Swapping may lead to one of you meeting your swap partner without the knowledge of your own partner. 

Sex can be great between you and your wife, if you allow her to fantasize aloud when making love to you. Continue imagining that you are with the woman you are dreaming about. Pretend that your wife is that other woman. This way your fantasy will be fulfilled and you  will reap the benefits of great sex.

You first need to have your wife's consent in clear terms. Do not presume that she will aqgree after you have made all the arrangements. Finding suitable swap partners is never easy and takes unbelievable effort and persistence. You will need to decide atwhose place you will swap or will it be at a hotel? Imagine the embarrassment if there is a police raid and the explanation you will have to do!

Whatever you decide, do not do it out of compulsion. And always insist on using a condom.

answered Dec 5, 2013 by longhands1 (77,020 points)
edited Dec 6, 2013 by longhands1
commented Dec 6, 2013 by vijay raghavan (125 points)
thank u friend for ur value comment !
commented Dec 6, 2013 by vijay raghavan (125 points)
at the point of family and society i accept your valued point, its true !.  me and my wife have a good and healthy sex life, we love eachother very much,  but whenever i see her sister a monster comes into my mind , making to watch her navel, boobs, butt etc , i also give a eye contact to my wife that i am watching ur sister body, she too never bothers , that point i get courage and think beyond that. actually we r staying near to their home by 100mts only. we r in a position to meet daily, if any relatives comes occassionaly to stay her sister use to come to our home . the point of watching her while bathing is very easy . shall we move to other place far away? or to stop talking these rubbish and make my mind divert in other matter of work/business.
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Partner swapping is good idea of having sex, most of couple use to swap partners who have boring sex life. However, they are broad minded and very well aware of the consequences bring the partner swapping act.

I guess from your description that your wife is ready for the swapping partner and you may discuss with her to know her preparedness to swap the partners.  There is no real problem with it. Many accept it. The hard part about it is the jealousy part, letting what is supposed to be your one and only with another person, or even several. If you can accept that then go, there is no problem with it.

If all 4 people involved are okay with it, it’s up to them I suppose.

I think they do it because they want the excitement of sleeping with someone different. Since it is a straight swap with another couple, there is much less jealousy. Both parties (within each couple) are doing the same thing, and it is with another couple who are not interested in breaking up the other couple.

Swinging is nothing more than recreational sex, almost all swingers are in an emotionally monogamous relationship.

It is impossible to be a successful swinger without deep feelings of love, respect and trust for your partner.

Before starting to swing, or having a foursome with another woman, please have extremely open conversations with your wife.

You will need to define rules and comfort levels, as well as signals, and code words.

Let us know your decision as well your wife’s decision on the same. Best of luck
answered Dec 6, 2013 by alpesh kapdi (22,910 points)
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You have a billion indians, and yet, you could only find your SIL/BIL to swap with ?

Sexual relations within family are TABOO for a very good reason.  At your age, you must have the maturity to realize that.

With so many indians around, you should be easily able to find a couple with similar fetishes , rather than immediate family.
answered Dec 7, 2013 by blindMan (1,035 points)
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Dear Vijay,

                   We are Indians, we have traditions to stick with, you ain't no western guy to think such stupidly to swap your wife for your self gratification, I don't even care if you don't give damn about our traditions. We ( Indians) are special that is why it separates us from rest of the world. If you look for self gratification you go for swapping or if you want to be satisfied for whole life with love  just stick to your wife alone. Sex with in the members of family and others is considered as taboo and adultery which is opposed by every aspect of society , tradition and every religion. Sex is art of expressing love to your soul mate it's not just something that you shoot your cum into some ****'s cave. It's gonna break your family when your kids come to know about sexual affairs, even they grow up with the same motivation lacking the moral ethics which ultimately brings the disgrace to your family. I think you are mature enough to think about this, if you still wanna go for swapping i can't help you moron! Remember god is watching us, some day you got answer him!
answered Dec 7, 2013 by happy2help (150 points)
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Are you fools. Hey guy as per me if you will do this act you are going to spoil your marriage life. its good that you both talking with open mind but you cant imagine that third person what he will think. And one more thing if you will do it once after that you will face few more demand like group sex etc. Ok.
So my advice is very simple that just asuming is good but in real will not good for your married life.
answered Dec 7, 2013 by jeetu1982 (350 points)
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As far as these types of fantasies are confined to bed only, they are ok. But to make them reality isn't so ethical as far as Indian tradition is concerned. There are a lot of posts on AA related to swapping. Talks related Her sister or sister's husband are good till enjoyment purposes. But, once you step in, no way will be left.
I don't feel any woman will say about sexual life of person she loved. It can be due to Indian customs and traditional growth.
Marriage is not only for sex. It solves many other motives too. solution for you is imitation. You can consider your husband/wife as the person you loved to sleep with. hope idea will work. I tried it.
answered Dec 9, 2013 by basicinstinct (2,290 points)
commented Jan 4, 2014 by funislove (380 points)
I am hearing increasingly now a days, within sisters in the family, it is all happening, sangita. That's why, this query came up here.
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swapping is a big mistake.. Once u habituated to that one, you cannot come out.. Firstly u created this type of feeling in your wife's mind.. so now  she wants sex with other one.. how can u make her sleep with some one ? u r husband ? just for enjoyment of few minutes  why  do u  want to spoil your entire life ?
answered Dec 10, 2013 by unknownboyforsex (110 points)
edited Dec 10, 2013 by prashant69
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Watch if they too interest in same...or let sisters talk about it..



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answered Dec 18, 2013 by Mrinalini bora (105 points)
edited Dec 18, 2013 by longhands1
commented Jan 7, 2014 by vijay raghavan (125 points)
ok buddy , i tell  my wife to speak to her sis , but she refuses to open a talk to her wife,  i decieded to move further .

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