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How to forget the voice and dirty words from an unknown phone caller?

asked Nov 16, 2013 in Questions by strangerking1 (120 points)
edited Nov 16, 2013 by longhands1

I am Rajesh, 24years unmarried male and regular visitor of this site. It gives so much knowledge on various aspects of sex related issues. Thank you so much for maintaing such a useful site. You are excellent because your moderators and editors are doing well in identifing the fake questions. I am a regular visitor of the site for the past 6 months but never tried to post a question. This is my first question on behalf of my friend who is a girl.

My friend's name is Revathi (Name changed due to privacy), 22years, female. We both are close and best friends. She is very traditional and decent. Completed her education and marrage proposals are going on for her. Recently my friend faced an incident and shared it with me and asked for some suggestions.

The incident is:  Few days back she got a phone call from an unknown number and she attended to the call. The guy on the other end spoke very dirty things related to sex at 7'o clock in the morning. Initially he spoke in a very low voice and so my friend was unable to recognize who he is and what he is talking about. When she realized that he was talking dirty, she began scolding him on phone but the guy keeps on talking dirty words in a wild voice.

My friend is a decent girl and she has been hurt very badly by this dirty talks. Even after three days she is unable to forget that wild voice and the bad words he used on phone. She shared this incident with me and asked me how to come out from his words and wild voice which is fixed in her mind and keeps on rolling and disturbing her.

Relation between my friend and me: we are best friends from the school days, we have no intension of love blah.. blah. We shared many things like (personl problems, family problems, happiness, suggestions, advices). She has no boyfriend and soon she will get married as marriage proposals are going on from her family members.

Please help my friend with your suggestions to get that image of the guy and his dirty words out of her mind. She is very disturbed.
commented Nov 18, 2013 by longhands1 (78,045 points)


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4 Answers

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In the first place she would not have attended to the call and disconnected it when she heard dirty languages. At present time is the solution. With time she will forget everything. To forget early she has to fill her mind with more positive words and or work hard physically. Physically working hard gives lots of rest to mind and helps in forgetting negative thoughts. The person who did that may really want to disturb her may be because he is jealous of not getting her or jealous of your friendship with her. He may not be completely unknown person. Keep your eyes open and look for him. He may harm and create problem.
answered Nov 16, 2013 by shanti200462 (2,060 points)
commented Nov 16, 2013 by strangerking1 (120 points)
hi shanti,
thank you so much for the view. i can assure you that he he is complty stranger to both of us so there is no concept of jealous about our friendship. even that guy tried only once no other second call.. yes are correct physical works or any commitmnets into works may helps to face this situatn as proposals are going on and she is on her job trails so she is at home so no work.. so compltly disturbed

thank you so much
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This is a question beyond our scope. 

Our scope is sexual health and relationship. What you are talking about is mental health. earlier medical health and mental health were the prominant branches, later on taking some from both, sexual health was another branch created. What you are asking us is on mental or psychological health. 

A simple example, a rape.  What damage that occured on the body is health issue, what damage it occured on sexual impact is another issue, and what it did on psychological factor is another issue. Though its a rape, still some might get very big trauma, some might even enjoy the force act.

You are asking us due to phone and  voice how she is suffering. Can we tell that? It is not possible, some might take that very sportingly, some might feel real fun, some might find as a business opportunity, and in reality it might be some obsessed lover giving a message. If she is mentally stong, wont even care, but if not, then she will keep calling for professional help by consulting psychiatrist. You are a good friend, the only reason she can tell this to you is when she feels other people are giving proposals but you are yet to give any... its just a message to you that she likes you. 

Two small suggestion- ask her to consult police, they have cyber crime unit, can track the phone or even if from IP based too. And second suggestion is, not to pick any and all number. these days a lot of people lose their mobile balance by picking these phone or making call back to these suspicious numbers. 

answered Nov 16, 2013 by oye (25,670 points)
commented Nov 16, 2013 by strangerking1 (120 points)
Dear oye,
Thank you so much for the insight. yes this question is out your scope but i keep faith on you guys to help in thi situatn thats the reason i posted this on your site only.

Normaly she takes care befor attemting tha cals even she dont atempt any unknown calls but as it is hapend early in the morning she attemptd the call without any other thinkng and she was unable to recognise what the other guy is talkng as she is in sleepy mood. yes she needs some mental strong ability.

when ever she that scene is arised in her mind she feels sever headache. yes she is so sensitve. yes the another reason is she is free at home i mean no job searchng in job, if she is comited to any other wor then the scene may be diferent she is busy with her works but as she is free at home complete unable to forget that one.

she alrdy informed that guy if you continue making this cal again i wail make a complaint on you with you mobile number. after that there is no another call it is the only call. but she is badly disturbed with his words.

Thank you so much oye
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Your friend seems too sensitive, to deal with such sensitive person isnt a easy job. What I feel you can help her in this situation, she consider you as good friend so you should be encouraging her and try to get her mind off on this issue. With the pace of time she will probaly forget this.
Right now she is hurted and her self confidence is also on the ground, keep talking to her, and keep sharing it what she is feeling.
I am sure will get fine, unless she is majorly depressed.
Although this is a very common issue, and telecom providers are unable to help us, so try and ask her to use software that are designed to blocked certain incoming calls. They works good when it comes to block these kind of people.
answered Nov 18, 2013 by land crusier (3,145 points)
commented Nov 18, 2013 by strangerking1 (120 points)
Thank you land crusier..
Helpful suggestions, yes i told her the importance og mobile apps to avoid blokng calls. Thank you so much for your helpful sugestion :-)
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Folks usually handle such cases in the following way

- First , warn the caller not to repeat it ,

- subsequent call, inform the local police that you are getting crank calls

- the cops will usually deal with him. If the caller still persists, a case can be registered against him.
answered Nov 18, 2013 by blindMan (1,035 points)
commented Nov 19, 2013 by strangerking1 (120 points)
Thank you so much..
hes just called only once.. no second call she warned the guy in the same maner so he didnt tried fr next attempt...

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