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How could I save my best friend and his marital life?

asked Jan 2, 2010 in Questions by salonigaur (940 points)
edited Jan 2, 2010
Awarded AA$ 100
Hi Anjali Aunty,
Love you, Sumit here again.
This time I have a question not about myself but I want to discuss the problem of my best friend Ashok. We have been best friends since teenage, loyal to each other and do anything for each other. I got married 9 years earlier than him.
But for near about a month I am very sad about him as he is undergoing acute problem in his marital life and is under severe pain.
He was married a year ago. Her wife is very beautiful, good looking and smarter than him. About six months ago, I was thinking that he is a very lucky person to get such a good and beautiful wife. Since about six months, I observed a change in his behaviour. He started looking somewhat depressed and absent minded for a person who was cheerful one year before. When I asked him the reason he skipped it but about two months ago when I insisted and he revealed that he is not happy in his marital life.
He told me that his wife has started ignoring him after sometime of marriage and now she does not let him even touch her even though she says she loves him very much. He also told me that at times it looks like she is having an affair outside and meets someone in his absence. He cannot catch her red-handed but suspect something is wrong.
He requested me to spy on his wife as she would not guess me about spying on her but if this is true then he will commit suicide. When I tried to advice him not to think so about his wife's fidelity he started crying.
To prove my loyalty to my friend I started spying on her wife and one day unfortunately caught his wife. About one month ago, one afternoon I saw her suddenly in a market. She was waiting for someone. I also waited sometime. Soon she was accompanied by a smart man. They took a round in the market and then to my shock they went to a nearby hotel. I waited outside the hotel and after about two hours they came out. I caught some of their photos in my mobile. She also suddenly saw me and turned red faced and did not talk to me after that.
I was very much angry and want to tell my friend about her affair and also show her photo but suddenly I stopped as I do not want to lose my best friend. On getting proof of her infidelity, he might more depressed and could end his life. Also if I keep quiet, I fear she will get encouraged which could have more serious consequences.
I am in a great dilemma. Please help me how could I save my friend and his marital life.

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