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We never had oral sex, but now I want to have a taste of it. [closed]

asked Aug 29, 2013 in Questions by heena (145 points)
closed Sep 18, 2013 by Invincible

We are a newly married couple. We perform sex using condoms. My hubby does foreplay prior to sex but neither him nor I have oral sex. I don't have much knowledge about sex. Once he tried to enter his  penis in  my mouth which I avoided.

I'm still not prepared for it yet. I heard  that sucking the vagina and clitoris gives  great pleasure for a girl. But my hubby never does this for me; but I want to  experience it. I don't know  how to share this with  him. I fear what he would think about me if I ask him for oral sex.

He kisses my pubic part but never sucked my vagina or clitoris. To be frank I want to get fully satisfied by my husband and I want to provide the same to him. I don't know whats there in his mind.

Please help me.
closed with the note: Old enough to close, doesn't need new answers.
commented Sep 18, 2013 by funislove (380 points)
moved Sep 18, 2013 by Invincible
You can start using honey or chocolate anything which is liked by both of you, on forplay. That will bring up more interests and playfully do all the stuffs which you previously didn't do or wanting your partner to do. Do it with joy and fun, as there is no one is going to catch you, your hubby is all yours.

8 Answers

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Heena Oral Sex is a part of a good Sex Life.
You said you avoided while he tried oral sex ,than how can u expect it from him. if u cannot ask him directly ,first try it on him,then slowly try the 69 position.He will get into this.

I love oral
answered Aug 29, 2013 by briliant (155 points)
commented Aug 30, 2013 by heena (145 points)
wat s 69 position... sorry i don hav much knowledge about sex.
commented Aug 30, 2013 by briliant (155 points)
69 Position is when your face is in between his legs and his in between yours. try gooogle search for graphic explanation
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Dear Heena,

There is no problem in getting satisfied by your husband but the only thing you should keep in your mind that if you need some favours from your husband you should also return the same .

Its very much true that sucking both Vagina and clit gives immense pleasure and many at times female reaches to orgasm also . You want your vagina and clit  to be sucked and licked but you do not wish to give a try to suck his penis. Why?

Do one thing next time when you have sex, while foreplay  try to kiss his penis forehead at first and if you can try to lick it like an ice cream cone and then to proceed further you can take it in your mouth and suck it, in 2 - 3 days time when you are fine with it ask him for 69 or ask him to do the same with your parts as you did to him.

 There is nothing wrong even if you ask him directly but then he might mind it that you do not do such things then why will he ? Watch some porn online to learn about sex and different positions and ways to get maximum pleasure.

Using condoms while sex is good as you people are newly wedded and dont want a child so soon.

Have a happy and healthy married life full of Sex.
answered Aug 29, 2013 by fsimale4u (1,185 points)
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Don’t be under the impression that your husband might misunderstand you when you propose him a new thing in the bedroom. Sex is something which should be enjoyed by both the husband and the wife and in fact when the wife comes up with a new way to double the pleasure, the guy would surely be excited about it; so tell your husband that you want to experience the pleasure you can derive by getting your vagina and clit sucked.

You mentioned you’ve earlier refused to suck your husband, but men love getting a blowjob as much as a woman loves getting sucked. But I don’t think he would refuse to suck you just because you refused to blow him. Express to him your desire and see for yourself his reaction. Oral sex isn’t good only when you receive it, it is equally good when you give it to your partner.

Both you and your husband can shrug your insecurities/inhibitions and engage in oral sex. Go into 69 position and explore yourselves. Communication holds a key role in the married life of a couple, so don’t hesitate to talk to your husband your desires. Have a good married life.

answered Aug 29, 2013 by Invincible (12,550 points)
commented Aug 30, 2013 by heena (145 points)
wat s 69 position?  pls explain..
commented Aug 30, 2013 by Invincible (12,550 points)
It's a position where both you and your partner lie side by side in such a way that your face is near his penis while his face is close to your vagina. This is a very good way to enjoy oral sex as both the partners are engaged in a certain activity. Try this out with your husband.
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well i think not being shy about it is something you have to force yourself through. One should initiate to start it and most probably male is take first stem towards oral sex but in your case there is you who has to take first step.That is very good that you are willing to perform oral sex it means you are mentally prepared for this. He is your hubby and you have a right to give him oral sex and also right to receive the same. But in certain thing there is no expectation. If you really want to oral sex from your husband then without expectation start to give him oral sex. One day he will definitely give it back to you. There is a chance if your hubby has a conservative thinking then he might thinks that oral is a sin. But try to increase your conversation with him especially when you both are in your bedroom and in romantic mood.
See some romantic porn movies together if possible. You shall have to start with full of confidence. This is the only thing required in oral sex. Do not bite on his private parts this will make him hate of oral sex and he will start ignoring.Giving oral is one of female's favorite things to do. male normally feel orgasm from doing just this.
So best of luck.
answered Aug 29, 2013 by alpesh kapdi (24,335 points)
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  It's good that u want to take your sex life to next level and you should . Oral sex is more exciting and most intimate form of sex and you are missing it .
  Like u said that u avoided once your hubby tried to have oral sex with u so he might be avoiding it . Talk with him regarding oral sex and u want to experience it he would participate tell him when you are in intimate and in arousal. First thing take care of your hygiene both of you have a bath before the session . You can take the help of porn to understand it . Try to communicate with your hubby and enjoy
answered Aug 29, 2013 by kamikazi (720 points)
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    What is stopping you to approach your hubby regarding oral sex??
When you have sex next time demand him gently to do licking, also say to him that u wish to suck his cock, absolutely he will get more happy and lift you by his both hands.  

Good luck  and enjoy,  never feel ashamed to do oral is must to get complete satisfaction.

With care,
answered Aug 29, 2013 by syed143 (160 points)
commented Aug 30, 2013 by heena (145 points)
thnks bro.
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Hi Heena,
First wish you a happy & prosperous married life!!!!!
You are interested in oral sex & your husband has also the same interest since he already tried to insert his penis in your mouth, but you didn't want to suck him then.  What you can do is give him a blow job first, just go on kissing his pubic region & then gently take his dick in your mouth & give him a blow job, since you guys are already using condoms try using the flavored ones which are designed specifically for oral sex. Once you initiate then he will definitely reciprocate........
answered Aug 30, 2013 by Sudeep Mohan (3,125 points)
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If you want full satisfaction from your husband, then why you avoided to suck his penis. ? It is also your duty to give full satisfaction to your husband. Let you enjoy and let him enjoy. Sex is nothing but give and take relationship.
As far as oral sex is concerned, you can add honey to have a better taste. Tonight proceed and enjoy oral sex.
answered Aug 31, 2013 by madhusmita (225 points)
edited Aug 31, 2013 by land crusier

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