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Is it safe to masturbate daily?

asked Aug 22, 2013 in Questions by Neta (120 points)
edited Aug 22, 2013 by longhands1
Hi Anjali aunty,

This is Neta here, 25 yrs. I have a bad habit of masturbating  daily. I want to control  this.

Is there any problem if I do daily this? Please help. Any advice highly appreciated.

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7 Answers

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Dear Neta,

 There is no issues other then a bit weakness after masturbation for couple of minutes if you masturbate daily once or twice even. It all depends on your stamina. If you want to stop this habit of yours then you need to distract your mind from sexual thoughts. Whatever leads you to masturbate please avoid it for some days , go out with friends or families  if you have a fixed time of doing it and if you are unable to go out at that time you can talk to your friends about nature or some other places or something so that those sexual thoughts doesnt occurs in your mind.

You can lessen the frequency  but can not stop so best way is to go for 6 times a week then 5 or lesser as you feel like. You can come on and go through the questions and answers and even you can share your views also.
answered Aug 22, 2013 by fsimale4u (1,185 points)
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It is good that you want to stop your frequant masturbation habit. You can only stop this habit by self decision. You can distract your mind in some other activity. If you are watching porn or reading sex stories then stop this. That will leads to masturbation. Though masturbation is natural way to release your sexual urge. That is completly natural and safe process to satisfy yourself. There is no harm in doing it. Just reduce your number of masturbation times. You can do it 3 or 4 times a week. Remember this anything if you do overdose than that will harm you. If you do after 4 to 5  days you will enjoy it more then daily. Make a self decision and you should stuck on this.
answered Aug 22, 2013 by alpesh kapdi (23,885 points)
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 I wouldnt say that masturbating every day is good. One year ago i read a content in a health magazine about masturbation. It depicts that masturbating everyday doesnt affect you physically other than slight tiredness after masturbation. But it can affect you mentally. It says that masturbation can cause depression, mental weakness, can lead to low thinking ability. Also heard that it can cause less sperm count in boys.
answered Aug 23, 2013 by anjali.chubby18 (215 points)
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Masturbation or sex requires a good amount of energy and a lot of blood supply. And if you're vigrous, it needs an extra amount of energy. So, if you're healthy and have a good eating habits, there is no considerable harm in masturbation. Doing it daily will only drain youe energy each time. So, if you're able to compensate it by eating healthy, it won't bother.  In simple terms, it's like doing any other energy requiring activity of body like running, dance and so on.
But in my opinion, it's not advisable to masturbate daily. You should have a break. Doing it daily may have adverse effects on you other important work. So, having said  that it doesn't cause any permanent harm to you sexually, a person at your age can decide it easily. But remeber, though it doesn't cause any sexual problem but psychological and social problem is never guranteed.
answered Aug 23, 2013 by raaz67 (835 points)
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Masturbation is harmful WHEN DONE IN EXCESS  i.e. anything above 4 times a week.. your daily masturbation habit may cause ED.. try not to exceed 4 times a week..
For controlling this you need to be DETERMINED..  
This will help
answered Aug 23, 2013 by Maverick107 (130 points)
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Masturbation is  not natural. One  can get enjoyment for a few minutes during masturbation. Usually a lady is not affected by this habit. One  man or woman  should  get  pleasure  from  actual intercourse.So it is nice to avoid that habit.
answered Aug 17, 2015 by ariff (120 points)
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ya neta it is safe BT don't hurt your vagina ..meri bhi yahi aadat h 1. Repeated mastrubation leads to low back pain.
2. Loss of hair.
3 Inability to concentrate on your subject.
4. Will feel tired after mastrubation.
5. Will develope acne ahen u stop for some days.
6. your semen viscosity nd sperm production will be reduced.
Advantage is
1. U will develope some stamina while having intercourse.
2. U will relexed.
So try to avoid shagging daily and try to alternate days.
answered Aug 25, 2015 by pradeepraj (105 points)

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