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Why my male friend stares at my boobs?

asked Aug 22, 2013 in Questions by Jiniya (150 points)
recategorized Sep 19, 2013 by longhands1
I have noticed that  my friend who always  stares at my boobs. He is my classmate. Most of the time he stares at my boobs with a greedy look. How can i stop all these? What does he want from me? Does he want to touch them?
commented Sep 24, 2013 by baans (115 points)
Hi Jiniya,
Main reason could be that he truly likes your boobs! But it does not means that he might have been loving you.
Wear tighter bra so your breasts would not protrude.
Do not use reverse colors like black bra under white.
commented Apr 29, 2016 by Motilal (8,255 points)
It is human weakness.They love to watch,suck and fondle them.

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9 Answers

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Best answer

Jiniya, Main reason could be that he truly likes your boobs! But it does not means that he might have been loving you! We guys like to ogle at all the body of a women all curves and valiilies !More curveceous a woman more lusty stares she gets! And it is not our fault as we have been made naturally that way! But doing it so blatently is not acceptable! 

         If you do not like his stares ask him upfront that you do not like him always stareing at you if you both are friendly enough  or give him angry stares when you catch hin stareing and you too take precautions to dress properly so by mistake you are not exposing your boobs or clevage ! Wear tighter bra so your breasts would not protude ! Also do not use reverse colors like black bra under white exterier(contrasting colors) as it extentuates the beauty of those lovely mounds! 

answered Aug 22, 2013 by prashant69 (7,230 points)
selected Aug 23, 2013 by Anjali
commented Aug 23, 2013 by prashant69 (7,230 points)

Thanks a lot Jiniya for selecting my answer as the best answer! Now this is proper way for selecting the best answer! What i mean by that is after enough time as well as enough participation! Only request however now onwards try to answers to other questions as, as such we do not feel that we have enough paricipation coming forward from our female members and there are many questions appear daily which could be answered best by females! So i do hope that you will continue your active participation!



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I do not know, what your male friend wants from you. Almost all the boys want to touch and play with the boobs. Why should you stop him staring at your boods? In what way does it hurt you? Do not you feel proud? Will you be happy if you or your boobs are never stared by any man? I read your other question also and think that you are here advertising your boobs.
answered Aug 22, 2013 by existence (475 points)
commented Aug 22, 2013 by Jiniya (150 points)
No, i'm not advertising my boobs here. I have just asked which i wanted to know abou. I am not saying i don't want any man to look at my boobs, but i'm asking about my friend's strange behaviour. I have boyfriend to play with and to stare at my boobs. I feel irritating by his behaviour and ask for solution as he is my good friend.
commented Aug 22, 2013 by existence (475 points)
Your friend's behavior is not strange at all. He is absolutely normal. If a boy does not stare at your boobs, then he should be a abnormal one. Even though you have a boy friend to stare at your boobs, you can not expect others not to stare. Your male friend who has been acknowledged by you as a good friend is not going to be a bad one since he stares at your boobs. He may stare in such a way, it should be known to you. He may send a message to you subtly that you have excellent boobs. You can do two things. First, if you want to advance with him physically, ask him that why he stares at your boobs. Second, if you do not want to go with him physically, ignore his stares.
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This is the first thing in women which would be  observed by boys or men. Boys are always curious to know that what is hidden behind  the dress. As a boy i can say that we are interested to see boobs and girls ass it means bumps. When boys  see your boobs you can see them that they are staring at your boobs but when they are seeing your back you could not see them so you are thinking that boys are always see your boobs but the  reality is that boys are always stare at women's front and back tpp. As you are asking that what they want from you? if you direct ask any boy what they want? the answer may be they want to touch and feel the breasts. Every boy want to touch the female breasts as they are the best creation from the God which is ever made.
Question is  what is  bothering you.. do the boy is  continuously staring at your breasts? does he  makes any comment on it? if you feel so that then you can prevent it by such action like always cover you breasts with cloth and try to ensure that it will not provoke much but you will never succeed  in it  hundred percent. Else you can take it positively that it is your beauty which is  able to attract boys attention and do not bother much about it. Just think that its  boys nature to behave like this.
answered Aug 22, 2013 by alpesh kapdi (27,745 points)
edited Aug 22, 2013 by prashant69
commented Aug 22, 2013 by prashant69 (7,230 points)

Alpesh, Though your answering is good Please give an attention to using proper and standerd english only ! For instance after full stop new sentence should begin with a capital letter and plural of man is not mans as you use frequesntly! Though minor such mistakes does mar to the quality of answer! So please take care henceforth! Do not feel bad and please do not take it in wrong way As it will help you in genral life too ! And as an elder brother i am telling you! 

commented Aug 22, 2013 by alpesh kapdi (27,745 points)
onward i will take care of it.Actually my English is not powerful in grammatical. But i will try my best and thanx for your advice.
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Men get attracted to some of the body parts of woman and the most attractive part is Boobs. As per your last question it seems your boobs are in very good shape that is why your BF keep on sucking them for hours so but naturally it will get attention from others as well. If some one is keep on staring on them you can go and ask him not to do that else you will complaint for this to dean else you can just smilingly tell him that this is not a good thing to stare at something for long or you can tell him that your BF is a body builder lol. You know what kind of friend he is or just a classmate to convey these messages.

What he want is very unclear as we do not know him but as per your question that he stares them for long means he want them to play with, or may be some thing more . If you do not wish things to go ahead in wrong direction just tell him that you are not that type of girl and has a BF.

You can not change men's nature of staring female parts but you can avoid to some extent by wearing  round neck loose tops or tshirts as V neck will expose more of boobs area.
answered Aug 22, 2013 by fsimale4u (1,185 points)
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You'll never stop men (and women) staring at your boobs if you are well endoed. I'm blessed with 38FF breasts, and ever since I was a kid, people have stared. Most guys have entire conversations with my boobs, never even noticing that there is a person attached to them!!!!

I've tried in the past, even complained, but it makes no difference. Just come to terms with it, and be proud of what your genes blessed you with. No need to try to hide them, wear the right fitting bra (not a bra that is tight; the last th)'you need is physical discomfort as well as feeling embarrassed, that suggestion was well meaning but misguided). Don't be self concious, most girls would pay money to have larger breasts, and your future partners will be very happy too!!!!! Learn to love your beautiful big assets, as that is exactly what they are.


answered Aug 22, 2013 by sexysalma (15,020 points)
commented Aug 22, 2013 by amit.agistr (115 points)
excellent answer...come in terms with your body
commented Sep 4, 2013 by enchantersabeel (155 points)
great answer [email protected] most women pay to have bigger breasts there is no harm in ur friend starring at your boobs. if by any means you agree him to stare at your assets. How many other boys will you be able to stop. So be happy that people stare at your parta because you look much sexy with them.
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You should be proud of your boobs which attracted your friend. This is absolutely normal in men. Nothing wrong. Intentions may vary from man to man. But at the end of the day watchig girl's boobs excites men. Don't feel irritated, just enjoy the attention. If you don't like it ignore this issue. All the best, keep growing. ;-)
answered Aug 23, 2013 by bhavesh (750 points)
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He is staring at your boobs because he likes them. You might be wearing dresses that expose your boobs figure. Every boys stare at our boobs because they want to touch or play with them. If you dont like him just stay away from him or be alert while near him. He is not touching them because  he is afraid of getting caught redhanded. But everything has limit and his urge for your boobs can increase and he might take chances to touch your boobs.
One of my cousin sister's boobs were caught in bus while she was going for shopping. They both don't know each other but it was her beautiful boobs and her sexy dress that made the guy going crazy and catching her boobs. But she shouted and he was later he was arrested by the police. Sometimes our dressing can make the guys go crazy. Most guys dont want love but they want is our beautiful boobs and butts.
answered Aug 23, 2013 by anjali.chubby18 (215 points)
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Breasts are treated as the most beautiful part of a female body. It attracts every men. It is natural to stare at any women's or girl's breast.Most of the people looks at the breast from a hidden place so that the victim can not understand. But when someone stares at breasts bravely, he deserves another purpose. Staring at breast he tells the victim that he has an addiction to her breast. He wants to touch them,squeeze them and suck them. And finally he wants to encounter you. If your male friend is very close to you then ask him the problem. Otherwise ignore the matter.
answered Aug 23, 2013 by DJ23 (105 points)
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Dear Jiniya,

Click the link below to hear my answer

answered Aug 23, 2013 by Anjali (7,465 points)

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