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Shall I allow my hubby to continue exposing me to others?

asked Aug 20, 2013 in Questions by swathiraj (165 points)
edited Aug 20, 2013 by Invincible
Dear Anjali,

I'm 29yr old female, married since 4 years. My hubby gets excited by exposing me to others accidentally.  First I was too shy, but later on started to enjoy showing off to strangers as directed by my hubby.

But now a days he's more interested in exposing me to young children, say 10-14 years especially my relative boys and girls, neighbour children etc...., that too in my full glory. He says it excites him more if I feel shameful and hence he wants me to show to the younger ones and my relative children.

Anyway all these are like accidental showoff or as if I am not aware that they see. But its too shameful for me when the kids who call me aunt, didi etc... sees all my secrets.

Shall I stop my hubby from this habit ? Will he stop? I don't want to say anything strict to him as he's soooo loving and caring.

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8 Answers

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Best answer
I also enjoy exposing my body figure to others during parties with friends and families. Teenage boys are all not good in their minds. Since its the era of mobiles and internets. So they are already been exploited somehow. So i dont think they can be exploited only because of our hotness. So i dont think exposing your hotness alone can't exploit them till they don't know what you are doing or they cant understand your hotness. So you can expose your hotness if you still enjoy doing it other than pressure from your husband.
There are certain reasons your husband asking you to do it. Since there is no financial gain from this your husband just want to make other husbands jealous of him by showing you off that he is got the hottest wife. So its upto you that you support your husband or not to support.
answered Aug 21, 2013 by anjali.chubby18 (215 points)
selected Aug 21, 2013 by swathiraj
commented Aug 21, 2013 by swathiraj (165 points)
Thank you anjali
commented Sep 19, 2013 by funislove (380 points)
yes, it is a good answer. In my personal experience, after marriage only, my hubby supported and encouraged me to wear sleeveless blouse and deep neck blouse with saree. I was very very shy in the very beginning of my marriage, but later, i enjoy myself, i feel that, i am much transformed and becoming very much lovable wife for my hubby. This is what atlast we wanted. Go ahead, Swathi, there is no wrong in it, as long as your heart is pure and your hubby stands by with you.
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                    Its very good to expose yourself at bath, at sleep, and at sex only to your partner. So in my opinion for the pleasure of u and ur hubby you are making those innocent child addicted to INCEST and when they get into a upper teen they will become mad for sex and will led to many problems.

Try to have fun while you are with ur hubby, and don't show your soft parts to those kids.
answered Aug 20, 2013 by kingrotors (210 points)
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As much as your husband is so loving and caring, what he is doing is leaving a bad impression on the minds of innocent children. The children need to be guided in a right way and what your husband is doing isn’t a good way. The very same children might try to make advances to you when they grow up; you’re actually encouraging young children to pry on your body and are spoiling their minds. Its no secret that boys of the ages 13 or 14 masturbate, so your husband is actually throwing those kids some free shows in the name of his fantasy.

You needn’t shout at him to make him stop it, but tell him firmly that you belong to him and him alone and don’t like to be exposed as some sort of trophy to others. Tell him you’re his wife and would like to share/show your body, heart and your love to only him and not others. Make him understand what kind of bad impression he is leaving on the minds of those children. How will you guys deal when the very same children make fun of you by saying they have seen you naked in the presence of your other family members?

Also tell him that it making you feel as some sort of tool in the hands of a broker because a broker does the same thing; he exposes his stuff for people to buy it. Have a conversation with him on the same and see to that he is convinced.

answered Aug 20, 2013 by Invincible (12,550 points)
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Swathiraj,It is very clear that you both have 'exhibition 'streak hidden inside you! As long as you doing it in front of adult strangers which does not seem to be dangerous and probable attackers there is nothing wrong! But doing it in front of kids aged 14/15 is very dangerous! You are making them harm and are you realiseing that? At such tender age as it is there is a curiocity among the boys to know about sex and sexuality So think if they happen to see you (a fully grown young woman) fully nude their curiocity might touch to maximum and someone might  end up feeling you up or even might try to grab some other woman or end up in molestating their classmate ! And remember morally you and that sick husband of yours would be responsible for it! Try to tell your hubby of the effects you could cause to the society as a whole and tell him if he wish you could show your complete body to his friends If it is okay for you too! But please leave poor kids out of this nonsense ! 

answered Aug 20, 2013 by prashant69 (7,010 points)
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Everything has its limits. Whatever you do , there are always certain boundaries , beyond which things loose its value and/or become perverted.

Whatever you /hubby are doing, is obviously starting to get distasteful. Leading on young innocent children conveys utter lack of regard to others and to society as a whole.... Its a form of exploitation of the weak and innocent, and not too far off becoming a pedo

Your hubby has, very obviously, a few nuts loose in the head, and you seem to be going his way..

answered Aug 20, 2013 by blindMan (1,035 points)
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Your husband feels happy to show off your body to others, as you must be having a very rich assets that makes him proud. As long as you dont have a problem in exposing and he is not using your body to gain some professional or financial benefits (like offering you to his boss or his friends for money) there is nothing wrong. However showing your boddy to small children is wrong and must bw stopped.
answered Aug 21, 2013 by neshababy1 (130 points)
commented Sep 19, 2013 by funislove (380 points)
I agree with your answer. It is nicely said.
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Hi swathi didi, i appreciate your sincerety here. Its not bad to expose yourself to the children since it doesn't make any harm to you. At the same time when you expose to men it sometimes harm you physically or orally. Even there is a chance to be get raped. My mom and sister also enjoys wearing sexy dresses to wedding parties. My sister mostly wear see through saree or tight churidar exposing her figure. I know some of my aunts who likes to expose themselves to others. And i enjoy staring at them. And i know some of my friends who stare at my sister and mom and i heard them saying my mom and sister are hot and sexy and it makes me so proud. But only without causing any harm to them.
answered Aug 21, 2013 by johnlover2020 (125 points)
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Thank you all for your replies. Let me convince my hubby. Don't know will be a success or not. Atleast not to my relative children.
answered Aug 21, 2013 by swathiraj (165 points)

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