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The blunder committed by me- is it illegal? Will I live a normal life?

asked Aug 19, 2013 in Questions by MisterY (140 points)
recategorized Aug 19, 2013 by longhands1
Hi Anjali Aunty,

I don't want to disclose my name;  so you can call me Mister Y. The thing is that my aunt is only 7 years elder than me. A few months ago, at a very tender moment, she told me that she fantasizes about me. I am not afraid to confess that even if it sounded like real taboo, but it sure excited me too much. As you can guess, we were soon involved in sex. Only touching and kissing (on lips) reached a stage of unprotected sex. At that my moment my conscience woke up & I realized the gravity of blunder I committed. I stopped talking to my family members, my friends, my girlfriend & she thinks I'm cheating on her, which is not true. But she stopped talking with me as well. I love only her but she doesn't wanna listen to anything I want to say.

The aunt wasn't pregnant, so I've started thinking that I'm infertile. If my girlfriend finds out about this we will break up permanently. I don't want to lose her. The aunt later left the town. I can't talk about such an embarrassing issue with my parents nor friends. I can't concentrated on my daily chores. I am feeling suicidal. Will someone help me? Please?

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5 Answers

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India is known to have highest rate of suicide, for having an unhealthy sex act you want to commit suice? Shame on you. Your parents took care of you when you were a toddler, spend so much on you and for a sick sex act you want to make them feel ashamed?

Accident happens in our life, people who can repent, take a lesson, and never repeats, thats the spirit. It would have been better to think with your head instead of dick head before the act, but once gone, its gone. Its time to forget and move on in life. 

Seems you are too much affected by this that there is a change in your daily chores. Your girlfriend is sharp enough to see the change. Its not wise to speak to her and ask for pardon, rather we should sometimes learn to know how to hide truth for betterment. Tell her you were down for something related to money, like you lent to someone, never got back and was upset because the guy was too much trusted. 

On the child part, why bother so much? If it was that old lady's ovulation period or not, if she is using contraceptive, you never know. If you have a doubt, go for a sperm count check up. Be sure of yourself. 

My suggestion is, get over this, tell some logical lie and get back with your girlfriend, if she in not ex already. And never ever repeat the same mistake of messing up within family members.

answered Aug 20, 2013 by oye (25,670 points)
selected Aug 27, 2013 by MisterY
commented Aug 27, 2013 by MisterY (140 points)
Thank you very much....... all askanjali visitors.
I'm feeling much more comfortable now. & yes, the aunt is only 7 years elders than me. She is not old. She is unmarried as well, which made me tense as hell.
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Mister Y Indeed what you committed is a mistake but whatever that happened has happened and can not be reverted! Only thing you both could do is to restrain henceforth and make it a resolution with yourself that you wont do it ever again!             And to restrain yourself i would advice you one thing and that is do not think about those moments ever in your mind as invariably it being a full blown sex act you must have ebjoyed it! And unconsiously when you masturbate those moments would come in your mind and again you will feel lust towards your aunt! So do not savor those moments even unconsiously in your mind else you wont be able to fight the lust!

            Regarding your girlfriend;she will find this only and only if you decide to tell her! So it is upto you and the understanding you have between yourself! And about not getting your aunt pregnant thank to God that she has not been knocked up otherwise we would have faced one more silly question on probable pregnancy of your aunt! It is not necessary that in only one intercourse a woman getting pregnant! As well as it surely is not an indication that you are infertile or what! Do not panic! Only thing is if you restrain yourself from fantasiseing that sex act ,everything would be all right! We hope everything will be fine with your GF too! 

answered Aug 19, 2013 by prashant69 (7,040 points)
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Mr.Y since you have done something wrong and realising the mistake and repentance on it means you are trying to rectify it. Since nothing can be done on that part so stop this behaviour of yours with family and friends and specially towards your gf. You both love each other so much so i suggest do t bring your past in between to ruin your future. Just make her understand that this is a bad phase of your life and you are facing some financial trouble otherwise you will end up the relationship. She wkll never come to know about this descrete relationship of urs with your aunt untill amd unless you tell her.

it seems that your aunt too is regretting thats why she also shifted to other place. Please continue your relationship as it was with your family and friends as you need them alot. Keep your mind free and why to commit suicide for this ?
think about your parents what will happen to them when they see their young son dead may be due to this that aunt also commit suicide thinking it was her fault, unneccessary all the families will be in sorrow.

just promise yourself that you will not do anything lime this for which you jave to regret like this.

try to live a normL life as past cannot be changed but reshaping and designing your future according to you is in yohr hand.
answered Aug 19, 2013 by fsimale4u (1,185 points)
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Heyy, have some patience. Why are you worrying this much? You know, you're one ot those rare person who gets a wake up call at such time. It is almost impossible to stop at that time, but you did it. So, have some confidence and think.
I am really surprised that how easily you assumed that you are infertile only because your aunt didn't conceive. If you have sex without condom, it doesn't mean that your partner will get pregnant everytime. There can be many and many reasons for not conceiving. For instance, she was not in her fertile days. She had taken i-pill, you didn't inseminated the vagina properly or maybe she was already having some spermicide tablets. So you can see, there are numerous reasons. So stop thinking this.
The past can't be even slightly abridged forget changing it. And so repenting on it is total loss of your energy and time. Why don't you think that you were so strong that you stopped this relationship. Bring some confidence in yourself. She has left the town, so it would also help you to forget this. And you need talk to your friends, they are someone who do magic at such time, believe me.
And your girlfriend will take time. I couldn't understand from your question if you've told her about this. If you've, then you'll have to wait. You should think that it's not easy for her to handle this. She will take time. But keep convincing her anyhow, she'll surely understand. So, I hope that you've understood and you'll stop killing yourself, though after sometime.
answered Aug 20, 2013 by raaz67 (835 points)
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The fact that your aunt hasn’t got pregnant must be for the fact that either she was in her safe days when you had sex, or may be she has used a contraceptive pill or maybe she is under some birth control plan. It couldn’t probably be your sperm count, so to get over this have a sperm count test and breathe a sigh of relief.

Coming on to your love life, of course you cheated on her by sleeping with your aunt and have avoided her when she needed you beside her, so I wouldn’t be surprised with her current behaviour. She has got every right to be this way. all you can do is convince her by giving some genuine reasons which you don’t have, so you’ll have to lie to her and make up a very convincing story for her to get back to staying like old days.

Going by what you mentioned, I presume you’re pretty much guilty of having cheated her, so this is your punishment i.e. living with this guilt for the rest of your life. Telling your girlfriend would only result in her breaking up with you, so don’t do that. Try to win her trust back and get back to her. Try to forget the past and try to not repeat the same mistake ever again.

I din’t know sex would make people suicidal; if it was suicidal why commit the sin knowing it to be taboo? Count on your sins and learn to live with them, good luck.

answered Aug 20, 2013 by Invincible (12,550 points)

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