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Had fun with aunt . But now being pressurized to have sex with her. [closed]

asked Aug 19, 2013 in Questions by kingrotors (210 points)
closed Mar 27, 2014 by Invincible
I am a male of 21 years old. I am a student too. A week ago, I was with my aunt who lost her husband a couple of years back. One day at her home I heard her screaming and when I went to her bathroom she was stark naked and she told me that she fell and can't get up. So I helped her and put her on the bed. There was soap foams and I wiped it all out.

After that day she began to sleep on the same bed as me, saying that she could have pain and such sort of things. I am a deep sleeper and yesterday when I woke up my pants was down to my knee. When she serves food to me she touches my penis.

One day before going to bed she changed her dress in front of me and slept nude. Yesterday she came out of the common bathroom without any clothes. When I pee she comes to the bathroom too. I don't have a courage to say to her that GET THE ******* *** OFF cause she is a widow.

What should I do now. And anjali aunt, I have a girlfriend but I do not have no courage to tell this to her .
closed with the note: Old enough to close, doesn't need new answers.

3 Answers

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Instead of making it like a story, you could have given some more information. Like, do you and your aunt live alone in a house? Do you always have to go to her home? Is there some weak point through which she is forcing you to be with her, if not sex?? All I want to say that there is an obvious solution to this and i.e. to avoid her. Why don't you simply avoid her? Don't go to her home. Don't be with her. Pretend of your study which is more a reason than a pretention. Hasn't she any child? They will be looking after her or you parents. I just can't inderstand that why is it you only sleeping on her bed?
It's good that you've decided not to have sex with her. Oh! Am I right? I hope so. You're of 21 and you can easily help yourself with this. And the best way is to avoid her. But yes, as she is a widow, she needs to be handled with care. She is already broken. So, it's your wisdom that you haven't said her like this. Indirectly, you can take help of your parents too. You can tell them that you think that she needs some extra care and all that.
So you may try these.
answered Aug 20, 2013 by raaz67 (835 points)
commented Aug 20, 2013 by kingrotors (210 points)
reshown Aug 25, 2013 by longhands1
She have no childs, we are alone in home and there is no servents. she is too modern i had seen so many porn movies at her lap. They were highly incest contented.. I told her yestrday that its time to leave her bedroom but she isn't allowing me to. To be frank she is always saying that "she had breast feeded me wen i ws a kid, and there is no problem seeing u naked and sort of talks" .
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You shouldnot be rude on her because she is a wodow, nobody becomes a widow by choice. But you should respect the family value, stay within limit and never indulge in any sort of sexual engagement with her. If you cant tell her upfront, start in the proper way. First of all, stop sleeping on the same bed. Secondly, if she makes any advance, ask her you are not keen. Come on, she is not getting a dick, maybe thought something remains in home is safer. You should ask her to get involve with other men of her age, matrimony sites can help too. 

The third step is, fetch your girl friend in your home, spend time with her and make sure when you are hugging and kissing, your aunt can see that. You need to prove that you are a one woman dedicated man who doesnot look at others, no matter how free that is.

At this age holding such advance is very tough, but trust me, thats the right thing to do. And people do right things when they are given with proper education, brought up properly and taught high moral to maintain. Your parents are successful on that ground, dont let them down.

answered Aug 20, 2013 by oye (25,670 points)
commented Aug 20, 2013 by kingrotors (210 points)
reshown Aug 25, 2013 by longhands1
Thanks OYE. But my GF left the station she is at TN and im at kerala. Then there is no way that our hugging and kissing will work cz my GF is daughter of her cousin and she knows that im not a person who can do these things in public. Then the matrimony case i will talk that to her today but can i take her to a tour as a date and convey that i can't have those relation with her???
commented Aug 25, 2013 by kingrotors (210 points)
Finally it hapened man.She made me have sex with her. She actually begged me for it, but im not penetrated her yet.
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Firstly congratulations for your attitude, there are very few who act or want to want like you, given a chance most men will not hesitate in getting into bed who are in your position. There are many options for you to try:
1. Try to avoid or minimize the amount of time you have to spend with your aunt. Why is that you two are living alone in the house?
2. Tell her frankly that you have a different feeling for her & can't have sex for those reasons.
3. If possible bring home your girl friend so that your aunt will know that you are serious about your girl friend.
4. Shift your place of stay.  

Once you give a clear indication of your feeling she will definitely back down for the fear of society & family.
answered Aug 20, 2013 by Sudeep Mohan (3,125 points)
commented Aug 20, 2013 by kingrotors (210 points)
reshown Aug 25, 2013 by longhands1
Thank you sudeep,
                                  I cant leave alone her at her house cz frankly she is too hot and there are some motherf*****s near this place.
                                  Im planning a tour with her so that i can convey my thoughts to her.
                                 My GF is out of station,

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