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My girl-friend is in a critical situation.

asked Aug 18, 2013 in Questions by doubt guy (275 points)
edited Aug 18, 2013 by Invincible
Hi Anjali mam,

From my childhood till now, I got a girlfriend named Deepthi. She looks cute and is awesome; she is very close to me and I usually share many things which happens in my life to her and she too does the same.

One year back she has fallen in love with a guy named Gautham. She told me about her love after which I enquired about him and spoke to him as well; he told that he was a business man and was earning 3-laks per day. I asked her to careful but she was very much in love with him. Their two families said ok for their love and the engagement also took place a one month back.

When Deepthi's parents visited his house for some traditional formalities they were shocked by seeing his home; it was very small and later on I came to know that gautham is going to cheat her and also he was going to use deepthi for his financial backup for his lifetime. I came to know from one of Deepthi's friend that his business was in loss for the past 8months.

I was shocked and now Deepthi and also her parents said no marriage to Gautham. She has been crying a lot. And to add to this, Gautham has been blackmailing her for the last one week. Right now she'sconfused. I can't give her the right idea as to leaving Gautham.

Please help me mam, my friend is in a critical situation. Please suggest me some ways to relieve my friend of this problem.

Best regards,
Doubt Guy

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7 Answers

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Dear Doubt guy,

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answered Aug 19, 2013 by Anjali (7,465 points)
selected Jan 18, 2016 by doubt guy
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I don’t understand the reason why your friend should give-in to his blackmails. What does she have to lose hear? Your friends’ parents know about their love affair and if that moron is threatening to expose all the love letters, pics or whatever he has, your friend doesn’t need to feel afraid about it.

Make sure she doesn’t get into any kind of contact with him. Ask your friend to change her mobile number, e-mail address etc....... and make sure that he cannot come and contact her personally. If possible lodge a complaint against him at the police station about his harassment and blackmails; that would serve a good punishment to his misdeeds.

As for your friends’ hurt, time would heal her loss and slowly she would get back to being normal. Women are sensitive and when they are cheated, they would be devastated, so try to comfort your friend, be there for her at all times and take good care of her. Assure her that her life would turn out good.

answered Aug 18, 2013 by Invincible (12,550 points)
commented Aug 19, 2013 by doubt guy (275 points)
Thnks mr invincible
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if shes being blackmailed b4 marrage only ..!! what do u expect from that guy gutam to be with her after marrage..!! ther are lot of cases like this and many times it spoils the girls life ..!! I would suggest u not to fall pray for such thinks and explain deeptu that its good that u have realized it b4 only .. what would have happened if she would have known this after their marrage ..!! be with her and tell her to face him for once n for all..!! if hes black mailing her ... tell her not to get blackmailed cos we can blackmail only those who are afraid of blackmailing..!! tell her to be strong and not to worry cos her family n friends are with her ..!! n nobody else could do nething if family AND friends are with u ..!!
answered Aug 18, 2013 by diggu70 (180 points)
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There are some issues not clear to me, you are saying girlfriend, by girlfriend do you mean a friend who is a girl? In usual sense a girlfriend term is used when there is a boyfriend girlfriend relationship, usually an exclusive relationship.  I dont know how old are you and what intensity of relationship you had with her and having now, and might have in future too. 

The other thing not cleared is how he is blackmailing, is it some record of sex scene or what? If you could explain that would be better.

Now your concern, I am not keen about the names, all I can say is an engagement is not marriage, it can end without any hassle.  Even if it was a marriage a divorce was okay to proceed. There is no marriage, a guy broke his trust, there is no reason to have any future. 

Give a suggestion to your friend to contact Police station, there are special cell for women and children, report on that. A lawyer can give all legal help with all the IPC codes applicable. She can start with section 420, and some more like postering to be someone else to engage in sex without marriage. If there are some video evidence, its better to get the guy a real shit under cyber act too.

Nothing is lost for her, she can get everything back, even a man for her, as you are there as her good boyfriend.If you are not married, stand beside her and accept her at this bad time.

answered Aug 19, 2013 by oye (25,695 points)
commented Aug 19, 2013 by doubt guy (275 points)
gautham is blackmailing as he will die when she stops the marriage...there is no sex videos captured in mobile..
commented Aug 19, 2013 by oye (25,695 points)

He will die, means may commit suicide? Thats good enough reason to complain to Police. As per law, if someone tries to commit suicide, or plan to end own life, that is a punitive offense. 

You should go to nearby Police station and lodge a complain on this. If this looks just a threat, a GD should be okay. But if seems serious, should file an FIR.  Talk to Police, they will explain the legal terms and the IPC clauses applicable. 

That's an interesting twist in the law, if someone commits suicide, there is no issue (except dont get paid for life insurance money). But if someone tries to commit suicide, or plan to commit or threats to committs, thats a punitive offense. Its not being failure is concerned, its more like a person threats to end own life causes mental agony to others, if explicitly mentions. 

Thanks God, no video. Thats a relief.

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Doubt Guy, Glad to know that you are a very good friend who really cares for her.

Since the guy doesnt have any materialistic thing to blackmail her which can ruin her future then why she is so bothered. She is in going through the bad phase of life and a friend like you and family members are the people who can bring her out of this . Make her understand about the situation as it is not gone out of your hands and whole life is in front of her.

If he is emotionally blakmails her by calling you people can go to police any time to lodge a complaint and that person will be behind the bars for sure. Dont you think Rs 3 Lacs / Day is a very descent amount to get the Alarm bell  ring in your and Deepthi's mind?

You said you inquired about him .. What and where you had inquired bro? only talking over the phone is not called Inquiring .

The damage has been done and now you need to bring her out of this , She needs emotional support at this point of time . Ask her parents to take her to some hill stations or somewhere which can help her to forget this  and ask her to change her personal contact details as well .
answered Aug 19, 2013 by fsimale4u (1,185 points)
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I didn't know that cheating could be so easy and so easily a person can get cheated.
Her decision is very right and she need not afraid. Actually, that guy can only blackmail. But you didn't mention that what is it that he is blackmailing for? Is he threatning to harm her or what? If there is anything like this, police should contacted. He may do something serious. So, it should not be taken lightly.
answered Aug 20, 2013 by raaz67 (835 points)
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Ask your friends parents to file a complaint in Police station regarding Black mail and giving wrong information about himself for the sake of marriage. It is a crime to give wrong information for the sake of marriage which is in financial terms.. Financial terms not only means dowry it also says about the information which we share regarding the financial stability. If a male is giving a wrong view to his actual view in sake of marriage the engagement which has been gone through with the wrong view is void... so Your friend don't need to cry at least it is known before marriage and ask your friends parent to give a complaint against him in Police station.
answered Aug 23, 2013 by skcpls (150 points)

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