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Is this(sniffing) a taboo?

asked Aug 10, 2013 in Questions by jeevaansathi (270 points)
edited Aug 10, 2013 by Invincible
I am writing this letter to you along with my wife. We both follow this website since a long time and consider it's a best Indian sexual health site. A question was spinning in our mind quite long but couldnot write you. Today she has just forced me to write. By the way i want to come to the point now that is- We(me and my wife) do a strange practice during our regular sex. I am 29 years of age and my wife is 25, our married life has just crossed 1and half years and we are happily settled in Dubai. During sex we usually do the foreplay before the intercourse and we feel a very strong bond to each other while foreplaying. But most of the time what I do is, I sniff my wife's butthole. Sometimes my wife herself take the initiative to sniff her and also she does the same with me as well. We both enjoy smelling and licking each other this particular area of our body. I also sniff her underarms and vagina too. Our understanding in sex is great and we really enjoy it do so. But what driven us to write you here is that now a days we are feeling that this is a taboo and we are becoming perverted. We dont know how but we became addicted to each other 's smells. I sometimes take her panties and sniff and my wife likes to smell my sweaty shirts specially when I come back from my office.Our question here-is it a normal what we are doing. We cannot discuss this with our common friends because its too personal and where the butthole is concerned, we see the dogs to do that but here we are sniffing each others and licking that area. Are we accepting the animal instinct, should we act more like human. We both are very confused. Please help us.

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9 Answers

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Glad to know that you people are regular visitor of this website.
The odour attracts many people be it underarm,arse and pussy smell it arouses.

its quite normal and there is no side effect to it but please waah those areas before you people proceed to foreplay because these are the area where we have most becterias and germs.
answered Aug 10, 2013 by fsimale4u (1,185 points)
commented Aug 10, 2013 by jeevaansathi (270 points)
Thanks a lot for your answer and we maintain the hygene.we keep the areas clean by applying soap before sex.
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There is nothing taboo in sex whenn it is done with the consent of both partners. Since you both visit our Site often, you may have read the lengths couples go to, to enjoy great sex. Compared to that, I think your past time is harmless. Why do you equate yourselves with canines? There is nothing to be ashamed of. On the contrary, enjoying your partner's scents and smells will make for greater bonding.

Your wife may even recognize a smell that is not yours, found on some part of your body. Ok, just joking. The human body is known to give out scents called phermones that attract the opposite sex. Perfume and body spray manufacturers are in pesuit of capturing these elusive scents and bottling them. 

Do you only sniff each other's anuses (buttholes) and private areas? There is no harm and taboo even in licking and rimming these places. Only ensure that they are clean. The anus has many nerves that give a pleasurable sensation and in some cases can cause orgasms in the women. Oral sex is all about pleasing your partner. Sniffing, licking, sucking are all part of it. Absolutely no harm in going down on your knees and trying it out. Your wife will be thrilled that at least at such times, you are on your knees and she is the boss!!         

answered Aug 10, 2013 by longhands1 (78,290 points)
commented Aug 10, 2013 by jeevaansathi (270 points)
Thanks a lot for your answer. As you asked that whether we only smell the anus or not. No not only anus but we smell underarms, vagina, penis, sometime full body also and not only the body part we also sniff our clothes also. I like to sniff my wife's used panties, my wife like to smell my sweaty shirts specially when i return from office. We maintain the hygene everytime before sex.
You have mentioned also that humans have the pheromones. I heard that in women that type of hormones work more rather than man. Is it so..?? Does the woman has a natural aroma..?? Does the smell of pheromones differ to person to person..?? Please tell us more about that.
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What you and your wife are doing is fine. There's nothing wrong with sniffing and licking each other's bodies or any part of them. Rimming  is an extremely enjoyable axt for both of you, and if you get excited doing rhis with each other, it's no one else's business. The human body is covered with erogenous zones which, when stimulated, give feelings of excitement and pleasure, these sensitive spots vary from one person to another, and part of the fun is discovering where they are.

I've enjoyed rimming, both giving and receiving,, and much more, with my husband and my girlfriend, and none of us have had any health issues. The arts of giving sexual pleasure to each other are practically endless, and  really, between people who love each other, there are no limits other than those you set for yourselves. You enjoy exploring the boundaries of what you can share together, and long may you continue to experiment and find ways to wxpress your love for each other.

It's so nice to see a question from a couple who are happy and really enjoying ife together, and I wish you a long and happy marriage , filled with joy and excitement.

answered Aug 10, 2013 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
commented Aug 10, 2013 by jeevaansathi (270 points)
Thanks a lot for the answer. We are really happy now that you guys have helped us to remove our confusion. Sometimes our so called 'civilized' society prevent us from some acts in sex. So we call it as taboo but as you guys have said that nothing is wrong until both the partners are enjoying and agreeing mutually, we also totally agree with this fact. We would like to hear from you guys that how can we enjoy more by this act during sex. Thank you once more for wishing us. Wish you also for a good and healthy future.
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As you are the regular reader of AA, you might have known that sex is all about reproducing and enjoying. So any activity during sex or for sex which gives you pleasure is certainly not a taboo. And yeah did you forget that you are a married couple. You have all the right to do these. This is not immoral, illegal or taboo. Sniffing partner's genital or undergarments is very pleasurable indeed. Yes, there has to be cleanliness. So don't think too much. Dogs do this 'cause they enjoy, so can't human enjoy? No, this is not a taboo and is harmless if you're hygenic. So, stop thinking and keep enjoying.
answered Aug 10, 2013 by raaz67 (835 points)
commented Aug 10, 2013 by jeevaansathi (270 points)
Thanks a lot for your answer.
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Its very nice to listened that you enjoy your sex very much. There is nothing forbidden in sex. You may have some personal choices, preferences and fantasies. some of them are extraordinary and not in practice, normally. Its yours personal choice.
Sniffing is not a taboo and its quite common. Some men get excited to sniff vagina. Some just sniff body aroma for arousal. Its quite natural and continue to fulfil your fantasies. It isn't animal instinct. in animals polyandry and polygamy are natural but we think it as taboo. So that's only a way if thinking. to becoming animal in sexual encounter isn't a bad idea in itself.
answered Aug 10, 2013 by basicinstinct (2,290 points)
commented Aug 10, 2013 by jeevaansathi (270 points)
Thanks a lot for your answer
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You said you and your wife have been regular readers of our blog, so I hope you have got an idea on the length of questions we get. Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing dirty in sex. If you feel that the civilized society doesn’t accept what you’re doing, I say there is no reason for the society to have a word in your private affairs. What you do with your wife behind closed doors is no one’s business.

Enjoying the scent of your partner is a great way to kick start the fire in the body. The real scent of a woman would drive any guy nuts and the same with women as well. Ever heard the term the ‘scent of a woman’ or ‘manly smell’, this is what defines us. While you derive pleasure by merely sniffing, I would ask you to consider licking your bodies as well, because it gives a great deal of pleasure. Let no one tell you different about this particular fact.

There is no rule book that says sex should be enjoyed in a specific way; you can adopt anything that both you and your partner find interesting and exciting. From covering yourselves in chocolate or cream and then licking it off each others’ bodies, you can even try to have sex with no fan or AC’s and then enjoy your act of sniffing or licking with all that sweat.

Its good to find a couple enjoy sex with each other with no restrictions; continue the same; may your lives prosper, good luck.

answered Aug 10, 2013 by Invincible (12,550 points)
commented Aug 10, 2013 by jeevaansathi (270 points)
Thanks a lot for your answer. have showed us a good way to enjoy by switch off the AC.
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Dear JeevaanSathi,

I really like you couple. Its not for the name JeevaanSathi, but when its a matter of learning and sharing knowledge, a couple should sit together and read or write. That helps them better than individual reading. 

Before replying your question, I would request you to read my reply on the following question. This is about the cleanliness for avoiding any unnecessary issues.

Now to answer. First thing you need to accept is what you are doing is very normal act, there is nothing wrong in it. Let me tuouch base some points so that I can avoid writing an essay on this.

1. Before penetration, a foreplay is always preferred. What else can be a better foreplay than oralsex?  You are doing that in your terms, go ahead.

2. In reality this smell and sniffing part is much more as a fetish. Fetish is something which makes one sexually engrossed. When there is a fetish, one has that and the other has to accept that. If the other one doesnot accept, better not to do. But you are one rare couple where both of you have the same fetish.

3. You said if this is taboo. Taboo is something which is decided by a society, community or religion. Taboo is nothing set by legal or moral system.  I feel you are talking from moral point of view if this is taboo, its not. Even on the other three I just mentioned, when its a married couple, whatever they do with consent between four walls, not the community or legal system has anything to do with that. All it requires is both the partners have to have consent. For yourcase, none is forcing anything, then why do you consider taboo? Just enjoy your life as you are enjoying without any inhibition.

Finally, its said to be in 17th century, vaginal lips were the lips which was meant to be kissed to show love. At the same time, for centuries untill end of 19th century, licking anus was considered as a degrading act, which was even done on public to humiliate someone. The days have changed, kissing vagina is no longer showing respect, and kissing anus is no longer degrading. So the definition of taboo also change, why think so much on this?

You are doing a good job of understand one another, keep doing what pleases both of you with consent.

answered Aug 11, 2013 by oye (25,670 points)
commented Aug 11, 2013 by jeevaansathi (270 points)
Dear Oye, it's really a wahooo after reading your answer. Thanks for it. We maintain the hygene during cunnilingus, blow job, analingus. We keep our private part clean by washing regurarly and also before sex each and every time. Secondly you are right we were talking about the moral values. A thought came to our mind that may be we are downgrading our moral values, our education etc etc. Although we both are very liberal minded but those thoughts were haunting us but from now on it's absolutely crystal clear to us. Thanks for Ask Anjali team and the people who have taken the initiative to answer us.
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It's good to listen that you are getting arroused by each other odours. It's natural to get aroused like that. Yeah you should be carefull about your anal area, this should be clean before this can cause health problems or issues. If you both like that than what's the problem. Everyone has his/her like and dislikes, interest and disinterest. If you enjoyed this with each other, then go for it, some like hugging, some like kissing and you like sniffing. Enjoy it because you do it with your wife not with any other. "Great luck for both of you."
answered Aug 11, 2013 by Manoj4u (6,180 points)
commented Aug 11, 2013 by jeevaansathi (270 points)
Thanks for your response.
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As far as you both keep yourself's clean down there, i dont see any problem(health issues) associated with sinffing each other. Moreover such things/experiments gives a "kick" to your sexual life which sometimes become routine/boring after few years. Trying such things in bed will keep you both together and excited in bed..

And moreover, licking/fingering in anus is definitely exciting as anus is covered with many nerve endings.
answered Aug 13, 2013 by Smitha Shetty (130 points)
commented Aug 14, 2013 by jeevaansathi (270 points)
Thanks for your response. We feel really great to share this issue in this forum which we were not capable to ask anybody else. Really, sharing the knowledge makes the life rich.

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