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Could low muscle mass, premature ejaculation point to low testosterone?

asked Aug 5, 2013 in Questions by ps_20090 (280 points)
edited Aug 5, 2013 by oye

I am 21 year old student , who went abroad for studies . The college i goto has people from all around the world like USA , India , Pakistan , Nigeria , etc.

I used to be a obese before weighing 110 kgs when 18 , I hardly used to play any sport , mostly study , so i guess my testosterone levels were always low or maybe not activated fully .

Then when i went abroad , due to constant pressure and studies and taking care of various stuff on own like cleaning bed , food , etc. and gymming I gradually lost plenty of weight , now i weight mere 73 Kgs. , my body is still very soft and muscle so squeezy . I am still weak in terms of strength .

I met a girl , (South African , but she is hindu and speaks little bit hindi also) and I am in relationship with her and earlier I used to avoid getting intimate with her ( I wanted to gift my wife my virginity and i expected the same from her ) , but with time it led to sex .

Earlier I used to think i was mere inexperienced for cumming so fast , but lately I am feeling weak and sad for hardly being able to pass 5 minute benchmark .... Think of it as I think I am not able to satisfy my partner fully . (After I cum , i make sure she cums too usually with me fingering her and she rubbing her clit , but now we have incorporated Vibrating dildo also as  finisher.... read FINISH her as that dildo is thick and big )

Even though my Girlfriend says she is content with me , ( even though she says I am smaller than her all her ex-bfs ... all were in South Africa , she said she only gave blowjob at max. to them , but I was the first one to take her virginity ) , she says I care and fulfill her small needs so much , that she is happiest with me . She even told her mother about me (not the sex part , duh) , but still I just wish she would cum before I do or I had more muscular frame like my college mates from other countries

Here are couple I have tried already which worked but the problems i faced
1. Cum before going to sex - I usually tell my gf to make me cum by handjob , blowjob or both

Problem - I take atleast 1-2 Hours to regain erection enough needed for penetration , no matter what she does , strip tease or juggle her breasts , but i last no longer than 5 minutes

2. Finger her before sex - I wank her before sex , so I can just go and cum / satify myself

Problem - I last even less time as I hump in too much power due to my raging libido , It does satisfy me though but makes gf extremely hard to cum 2nd time as i come and go in no time .

3. Change Position - I read that missionary position is to blame for PE sometimes , so i changed to doggy

Problem - My tool isnt so big that i can penetrate her very nicely from behind , even though i last longer much longer in this position , she says she hardly feels anything or stimulation at all in this position ..... But with use of dildo in this position , she can cum.

My penis when flaccid barely is 3/4 Inch and when erect is near about 4-5 Inches (due to curvature). Whats your opinion guys ? You also have similar case or I am just weak?   Could low muscle mass , premature ejaculation point to low testosterone levels or just poor Indian Gene and diet to blame ?

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3 Answers

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Dude you need to work out on many things at the same time.

Try to walk / jog as much as possible to have good stamina, which helps you to retain the hardness for more then your benchmark.

You can not make your penis bigger without any side effects if you take the pills so better to enjoy what you have been gifted naturally from God.

 Try to indulge her in foreplay and excite her to such an extent that she is nearing to the orgasm and then you can start intercourse which make her reach orgasm before you do.

Try to use some Yoga to come into a proper shape , it is good to hear that you lost weight but at the same time you need to be in shape that will also help you in regaining your strength.

Hope this post is of some use

Thanks n Regards,
answered Aug 5, 2013 by fsimale4u (1,185 points)
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I ike this question, it contains enough information to reply and good to see you have tried best to explain including your own initiative. 

Gve me some time, I will get back and reply this more comprehensively.  Check later for my reply with my suggestion. The reason I need time is I have to go some line by line explanation on what needs to amend. I hope you will have that patience to wait.

For now  I can say, there a few things you need to amend only, mostly some conceptual issue, things will be in right places if you can incorporate those in your sexual act.


Added later:

I gave you a reply as Private Massage, the reply was too big and couldnot be posted here as it exceeded the max limit. 

Check your mail, my reply is there. Hope this will help you.

answered Aug 6, 2013 by oye (25,670 points)
edited Aug 7, 2013 by oye
commented Aug 11, 2013 by oye (25,670 points)

I replied to the questioner, but didnot see any response. Keeping my reply here, in case anyone has the time to read this.

Part 1/2

Here’s my reply, I would try to be concise.  As I understand your concern is more on premature ejaculation.

You mentioned about your weight and the change, you did not mention the height. If that was mentioned, I could explain better on your BMI, where you were and are right now.  If the BMI was on higher overweight range, there were some immediate effect happened on you, some are controllable some were not. The affects like Blood pressure, high pressure, and a side effect of lowering  Testosterone level.  This level do have a big impact on sex drive, its more on Erectile dysfunction and less on Premature ejaculation.

On body mass, it doesnot have a big impact, but for a good sex life, having good breath level is needed. If you are not smoker, you are better off. If you have muscle mass around your pelvic area specially on butts, that’s quite helpful.

Have some exercise, it doesnot have to be joining gym. This is quite helpful. I can suggest simple free hand exercise, walking and having sex, all three are good exercise.

You said about diet, yes that’s very important. More fiber gives a good health, but fatty substance gives strength, ofcourse brings more diseases. You can consult an nutritionist about a balanced diet.  

You are sad to be having sex for less than 5 minutes, in reality a sex between 4 to 7 minutes is good. If that’s between 7 to 14 minutes, that’s very good, above 14 minutes is extraordinary. Don’t feel bad, some people are in a disasterous situation. My suggestion is go for plenty of oral sex, go down on south to give her head. Take time on that, make her reach orgasm with your mouth and fingers and get to sex. That will solve your some issues. Keep changing position in every two minutes, pulling out of vagina and restart with a 20-30 second break will be a good approach. Learn the sptop and start method, follow control-breathing technique, learn kegal exercise, this will be more than enough to be a master in bed.

What you are doing now of ejaculate than finger her later to reach orgasm, I am asking to go other way round, go for oral sex using tongue, lips and fingers before penetration, make sure she had an orgasm before you start. You will get a great lubed vagina ready for you.

Your use of dildo, I always am against any foreign object or enhancer. There is nothing better than natural way.  Dildo is for girls who donot have anyone to give attention or who has a partner that doesnot understand or fulfill her need. You should keep that away and go ahead with one person, yourself.  A gentleman doesnot roll off and sleep before fulfilling his partners need, dildo is a fix, its not a solution.

Her virginity issue, don’t give time worrying on that. She is content with you, that is all it matters. . “care and fulfill her small needs so much , that she is happiest” this replies your concern, size doesnot matter for a girl, it’s the person they love and make love, not the length and thickness of dick. Female bother about the person, whom she is making love, honor the respect she has kept on you.

commented Aug 11, 2013 by oye (25,670 points)

Part 2/2


About having intention to be mascular like others, that’s useless. The fundamental is, you have to have a healthy body not just a muscular one. Taking anabolic steroid you can have a Greek God body, but you wont be a healthy person. Most people who has a great body are always too cautious about themselves, they are in love with their body. You wont find much good muscular male porn actors in heterosexual acts, you sure can see a lot on gay porn. A muscular male often gets attracted towards other muscular male than a curvy woman.

What you have done till now, you go gfor blowjob and handjob before get to sex and takes long to get hard again. That’s a common rule a lot of guys follows. But they follow in two ways, one is have a mhandjob on his own about 30 to 60 minutes before meeting his girl. And second is they go for two rounds in a  same sexual encounter, both vaginal sex. First one closes quickly the second one takes good time. You can follow the second rule. Refractory period varies person to person, for you it may be 2 hours, for some its less than 15 minutes. You can change that if you follow afterplay rule, after first round, take water 9preferablly lime water) both stay naked and in full body touch, keep kissing and hugging. Once its really ready, go for second round.  Striptease are useless, rather hug her, kiss her keep breathing in sync, keep eyes open and look at each other, that helps more than a dirty dance or watching porno.

Your fingering before sex, change that, use your mouth. While you use on her clit and vagina, use the hand on boobs, caress body and use finger on in out motion.  Don’t let your dick touch her skin, that’s important. Once you touch you will rub, so keep it under cool weather alone.

Your hump faster is not a sign of higher libido, you can control your hump from slow long stroke to fast short stroke, keep changing position.  Raging or higher libido means you have more to offer, more means more time or more sex even after ejaculation. Control stroke, control breathing, squeeze anus to slow down and keep changing position from missionary to doggy to woman on top to spoon to upside down, hell there are so many options.

Missionary position is not to blame for PE, it’s the rhythm of stroke that you make. On missionary I can name 12 different variations, they are missionary, but the angle and depth with stroke, all are different. Doggy is good, I would use the word rear entry, again there are number of variations on rear entry, don’t assume get her on the four is the only rear entry. On some rear entry the whole dick goes inside without any problem.

Your penis size is okay, nothing wrong with that. “You also have similar case or I am just weak” I think you lack in technique. The best way to learn on this is stay with us in AskAnjali, keep reading earlier posts, you will get reply to plenty of issues. We don’t use graphics to describe any position, else, most replies are here, make the time to read.

So muscle mass, you can take care now, low testosterone, with losing weight you have better chance of being in shape now, diet to be consulted with nutrition expert, Indian gene is no issue at all. Don’t blame anything, do something proactively and amend some technique, things will be all in order in next three months.

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Nice to see a question with so much details & explanation. Its also good to know that you want to go that extra step to satisfy your girl to the fullest.The first thing that you need to do it get into a bit of weight training please remember only a bit you don't need to be a full fledged body builder, learn swimming & hit the pool daily for atleast 30 mins this will help you in gaining muscle mass & help to tone them. Swimming is one of the few exercise that helps to stimulate almost all the muscles in the body, also it helps increasing the production of testosterone in the body. I would also recommend that you start practicing kegel's exercise it will help you in the long run.......
Your penis is normal & you should be able to do a good job in the doggy style, you may just have to re-arrange your exact stature to ensure maximum penetration, have you tried the girl on the top position this can also help you............
answered Aug 6, 2013 by Sudeep Mohan (3,125 points)

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