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How to stimulate G spot of a Virgin girl?

asked Aug 4, 2013 in Questions by bhavesh (750 points)
edited Aug 4, 2013 by land crusier
I heard we use finger to stimulate G spot.
But how do we stimulate G spot of a virgin girl? Please explain in detail.

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5 Answers

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Best answer
let me expain you first where the g spot is!!if your partner is lying on her back,
then her Grafenberg Area( G-spot) is located
roughly 1.5" inside her vagina on the
upper wall. The most ultimate
Orgasms come from a woman having
her G-spot stimulated. This area
inside the vagina typically has a
different texture; ridged (not as
smooth) as the rest of her vagina,
and when aroused feels let me explain how to reach it and stimulate it....... ask your partner to ly on hr back and then insert your fingers approximately two
to three inches in, move your fingers
in even circles all around the inside
of the vagina. It generally feels best if
you keep consistent, firm pressure
along the entire length of the vaginal
walls while fingering. You may wish to
give a LITTLE extra pressure towards
her belly as long as you don't break
the steady rotational rhythm. Stop
rotating your fingers and rest your
fingertips on the (usually slightly
ridged) area of the vagina just behind
the pubic bone and exert pressure
towards her belly (upwards). This is
direct G-spot stimulation, and it
usually feels best if the fingers are
subtly moving. You can move your
fingers in small, slow circles, or point
your fingers more sharply and rock
them back and forth.
An advanced and very successful
technique is a combination of the
two. Trace the inside of her vagina
with your finger(s), while moving in
and out. Make sure that your fingertip
always hits the g spot on each
rotation. Finding a nice rhythm is
critical in this technique, and when
you get it right, she’ll be asking you
how you learned that! but if you want to reach g spot through intercourse then keep in
mind the angle you position yourself
during intercourse. Being able to
stimulate the G-spot during
intercourse will definitely increase the
likelihood of your partner reaching
orgasm through intercourse.have a gala time.
answered Aug 4, 2013 by akshit0674 (200 points)
selected Aug 5, 2013 by bhavesh
commented Aug 5, 2013 by akshit0674 (200 points)
thanx bhavesh for selecting my answer as the best one.
commented Aug 10, 2013 by harshad51 (205 points)
The answer is to the point giving the right and the best information one can expect, going in the right direction. Thanks Buddy.
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The g-spot of female is rather a controversial issue as some expert deny its existence.
As per my finding, there is an area, which is highly sensitive and arouse sexual desire, when touched softly. It is called as g-spot. Some ridges are also there.
It is advised to touch this point very softly. The vagina should be well lubricated and very slow, expected and softness matters a lot. The movement in all directions stimulate the female very nicely.
For virgin girl, start from touching, kissing, hugging, reaching private parts very lightly and softly. Explore every part of her body to make her open. After then start foreplay. you will judge, when to start foreplay. you will be winner of game.
answered Aug 4, 2013 by basicinstinct (2,290 points)
commented Aug 5, 2013 by bhavesh (750 points)
my girl is a virgin, so she will be tight..and will inserting my finger 3inches deep break her hymen(if she has)??
and 2 fingers will not at all enter her vagina.
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G-spot wouldn’t be any different in a virgin girl, so it doesn’t actually matter f the girl is a virgin or not. The g-spot or the Grefenberg spot is located 3 inches inside the vagina and is said to be the most sensitive part in the woman. If the g-spot is stimulated, women experience mind blowing orgasms for sure.

For reaching the g-spot with your fingers, 1st see to that your girl is wet enough, if not use an artificial lubricant on her as well as on your fingers (for a virgin), then slowly insert your fingers, a couple would do; with the base facing the top as shown in the picture. After going in, you would be greeted to a soft texture and you can easily identify it by having a look at the girl because it would be pretty hard to lay motionless when you stimulate the g-spot of a woman.

Stimulating the g-spot and simultaneously sucking the clit could prove pretty pleasurable for women, so try this out.

answered Aug 4, 2013 by Invincible (12,550 points)
commented Aug 4, 2013 by bhavesh (750 points)
my girl is a virgin, so she will be tight..and will inserting my finger 3inches deep break her hymen(if she has)??
and 2 fingers will not at all enter her vagina.
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I dont have any experience with virgin girl, but to locate and stimulate the G spot isnt that easy as it looks here. As other said G spot is on upper wall or say behind the wall of pubic hairs, and some 1.5 inches uppwards. Its a rough spot, a spongy one. Once I dated a girl and used to have sex with her, but could never see her feelings anything while I stimulated her G spot, what was the reason I was never able to get.
So few things you should learn, never jump on the G spot straight away, wait her to get wet down there and then go for the G spot. Another important thing make sure your nails are trimmed. And be gentle. Stimuate it by brushing with your finger, you need to be careful and keep good communication while you go for G spot it helps. Also master timings, they help a lot.
answered Aug 5, 2013 by land crusier (3,145 points)
commented Aug 5, 2013 by bhavesh (750 points)
thank you so much
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It's not an easy question to reply. You are looking for a solution to get her a female ejaculation and keeping her hymen intact. Is it? Thats not a child's game.

What does it mean by virgin to you, a girl having her hymen intact, is that a virgin? A virgin is a person who has never had sex before. Do you mean a girl giving blow job, having analsex and this finger fucking is a virgin just because her hymen is intact? We need to think more on the definition then.

Female ejaculation can be achieved with G Spot stimulation, I guess this has been spoken before. by tickling on G Spot with finger, on a finger inside her vagina on frontal vaginal wall helps to accumulate ejaculation fluid generated from various glands on urethral gland. both urethral gland and bladder has same outlet of U stop where the urine comes out. Thats how it works.

Now you can locate G-spot with your experience or knowledge. Some says its on 1.5 inch, somesays its on 3 inch, I will say, its exactly below the pelvic bone, if the bone is higher up, its deeper, if its lower down, its closer to vaginal entry. Now, where the hymen is? its no seal that blocks the passage, rather more of a thin membrene at the entrance. How long are you sure you can keep the thin membrene intact and do a finger fuck with rubbing G-spot? 

Nothing much wrong with your question, maybe your intention is different, but it is not as simple as I am writing here. When a female ejaculation happens, it usually follows a deep orgasm. The body movement will be tends to impossible to save the hymen and do all the tricks.  It doesnot happen in that way, two fingers inserted upto two to three knuckles, not an easy job to save that flimsy poor hymen.

When insert fingers and rub the G-spot, the way is keep moving the fingers on alternate motion of moving like "come here move. When the pressure comes, fingers need to make flat and give upward press on the urethral gland. Most women are capable of female ejaculation, but most men doesnot know how to do it right.

answered Aug 5, 2013 by oye (25,670 points)
commented Aug 5, 2013 by bhavesh (750 points)
thank you so much

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