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Can Sexual Frustration Make Us Weak?

asked Jul 25, 2013 in Questions by divya.elegance (1,280 points)
edited Jul 25, 2013 by prashant69
Sex is the basic need especially after marriage and lack of sex can really make us so weak at times, that's my assessment after 6 six years of married   life. I am not here categorizing anyone at all but sharing my person dilemma. Don't know  exactly but somehow i feel so weak as many times i fall into a situations where my mind speaks differently and my body reacts differently and sometimes it becomes so weird for me and embarrassing.

I don't know to whom to share such a problem, i shared this with hubby but he calls me sick and even abused me by calling me S***and i am really in horrible stage. I don't know what ever that is happening with me is something natural or kind of abnormal. I would like matured people to share their thoughts and more of practical and logical looking views.


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6 Answers

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Divya, what you have been going through is perfectly normal and nothing anything weird in it! Though you have refrained from expressing your sexual frustration in your question but the heading that you gave to your question is a clear giveaway of your situation! It seems that you are not getting sexual satisfaction from your hubby that you desire and you deserve! 

     So this id the tome that we should have to remain faithful to our spouse! you can use various toys to please yourself! And how come that hubby of yours calling you sick and that S*** word? Make him understand about the unsatisfactory you feel and make him aware  that it is his duty to make you satisfied! And just try to spice up your sex life Share your fantasies with him and try to work them out!
   Ask his fantasies too! and try to fulfill them So for him it will become obligatory to satisfy yours! best of luck!
answered Jul 25, 2013 by prashant69 (6,990 points)
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well divya you are right , sex is an important aspect of our life , when you have a good sexual life , you get a certain amountof confidence and if you dont you do feel a little down and weak , and its usually a big strain on your mind as well.

in your case its the elongated mental trauma that you are going through , its not just the sex its also rejection from your husband and that is taking more of a toll on you , so that is what is eating you up and that is what is making you weak and frustrated and depressed.

well divya i have been reading and following your posts for a while and at first i did tell you to talk to your hubby but you have done all of that and he still doesnt respond so i  wont judge you for any choice you make now on , but i would suggest you to find a permanent solloution to your problem , anyways thats not the topic now , i just feel that your problem is not just sex its also an emotional and a marrital issue.

answered Jul 25, 2013 by parik89 (2,190 points)
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Hii Divya,
        Well your concern is completely true..and this is not your personal problem..same things with other guys and girls too many times, specially with girls and they directly don't come out as you did with your husband...But your husband do not understand you that's so strange...
                              sexual frustration may makes anyone week..and for that there are so many ways By which you can remove this..first which is given by everyone here is you should have keep busy your self in work or some other stuff ..because this problem happens when you are alone ..
                                Some other ways are like... you can watch porno and calm your self by enjoy masturbating.figuring.dildo..or whatever your personal choice ..and you can do online chat with any random guy or girl.and do some hot chat with him/her and remove all your sexual frustration.or other frustration.and this is best way.because i think its safe to share things with unknown without telling your identity and this way things won't be spread between others ..rather then making extra marital affair which may harm and fuck your dignity and your relationship any time...
                              but here 1 thing is important..all this online chat stuff should be no string attachment thing..and keep this only to fun only,no need to serious with it..and don't mix it with personal life....after sign-out your account just forget about the person and things you have done..enjoy life with your dear-ones....its my personal view n experience..may be i can be wrong..but its work...:)
answered Jul 25, 2013 by lodam (305 points)
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Yes, sexual frustration make us weak. We should not repress any of our energy and since sex is also one of our energies, we should not repress it also. You are already experiencing the frustration. Now you do not know with whom to share your frustration. You might feel light (at least temporarily) after sharing your frustration in this site. Thanks for AskAnjali team to allow people to share their pain.

I have read few of your posts and if I could remember, you have already tried conversing with your husband lot of times, but still failed. I assume that you you do not satisfy with yourself with sex toys, fingering, etc.

Let us see the possible options:
1. Talk with your husband (It is already failed)
2. Using sex toys, fingers and satisfy yourself
3. Finding a male escort
4. Finding EMA/EMS
5. Find a person (male or female) to share your frustration.
6. If nothing works, keep on posting here your problems and that may help you to reduce frustration.
7. Forgot to add this point: Divorce your husband and marry another man. This will not be possible, I think.

Please do not think that my answer is harsh. Please try to list out the options by your own if you do not like the options I have provided and try to choose the option which is suitable for you.

I do not suggest you to divert your mind/concentration with some other hobbies, blah.. blah..blah.. How can you read books, watch television, play games to forget/prevent your hungry? If you are hungry, you have to have food. No other alternative way.
answered Jul 25, 2013 by existence (475 points)
edited Jul 25, 2013 by existence
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        It is true that sexual frustration really preoccupy our mind  and causes difficulties we feel weak emotionally and our actions reflect our weakness. We make wrong decisions we think wrongly  and  do cause harm to ourselves . This is the reason why even you are not able to present your problem correctly to our hubby who reacted it with a bad remark.
Dont mind that remark too much you are not such person . You are vibrant and strong person its a little bit of emotional titbits that is terbulating your mind.
Gear up cheer up be confident. You can present your problem correctly to him that your needs are more that what he think. Every human is different and so are the needs. He is the only person who can help you out so him understanding you is most important. Explain him when he is in a good mood. Dont argue with him because it will mess up the chemistry . Simply explain him your feelings that are true let him ingnore it but one day he will realise.
  Romanticize more your relationship with your hubby.  there are many ways to boost  it as this happens in marriage that slowly romance dry up u can find ways to do it in this site. Cheer up . U can overcome it
answered Jul 25, 2013 by kamikazi (720 points)
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Dear divya,
You are such a good and well versed personality, how you can behave like that. You are right, deprivation of regular sex leads to mental frustration. However we have solution of masturbation. But real sex is really real. Try to harmonise your relations with your husband. Male get frustrated very easily and need is to make them sexually satisfied all the times. Re-structure your relations with your husband and give new dimension to your sex life. Make your man, a sex slave.
answered Jul 28, 2013 by basicinstinct (2,290 points)

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