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How can we be romantic?

asked Jul 22, 2013 in Questions by alpesh kapdi (23,840 points)
edited Jul 22, 2013 by longhands1
Hi friends. This is my second question on this site. I found genuine answer of my previous question.

I am engaged for last 6 or 8 months back but last time when I was talking to my girlfriend she told me that we are about to complete one year of engagement next Saturday.

My question is regarding our conversation over the phone. I think that we both are not very comfortable with our talk to each other. I mean we just talk only casual matter and end up the call, even after about one year of engagement we never talk any romantic or sex related stuff. She never tells me I love you or I miss you, nor do I say so. I am worried about my future. Will we able to be romantic in future or not? We are going to married this Feb 14.

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2 Answers

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Romance isn’t something that comes to us when someone tells us what to do. It should be involuntary and should come naturally. You said you’re engaged for almost an year and have mentioned in your previous post that you had once kissed her, so how exactly did you do that?

Since you feel that you need to know how to be romantic, try to understand your woman; every woman expects a thing from her guy and she would be looking patiently for him to make his move. You cannot expect a girl to initiate sweet romantic talk. Picture this; when you both go out on a date, hold her hand and move close to her or even try to put your arm around her waist if she is comfortable with it, she would surely look at you with a question mark over her face but smile at her assuring her that you’ll take care of her. Kiss her a good night while you drop her at her home, it need not be on her lips, can start up by kissing her hands or cheeks in a sensuous way.

Hug her when you meet her, hold her hand while you walk beside her, lift her up in the air.............all these are romanitc things.

If she doesn’t text you ‘I Love you’ messages, you take the initiative and do it, she would surely reply you back. The issue is that, if a woman expresses her desires or intent, men mistake her character and hence women stay calm, they would be looking for the guy to make a move.

I presume your would-be is anticipating a move from you and hence she dropped you a hint that its almost an year since your engagement. Take cue of this and plan something exciting for her. Gift her, her favourite dress or jewellery; take her out on a long drive or to a movie or a fine restaurant. Talk about her, make her feel special and if your surroundings permit you, try to steal a kiss from her.

Talking sex is hard, but exchanging romantic texts or talking in a romantic way is something one shouldn't hesitate to do.

answered Jul 23, 2013 by Invincible (12,550 points)
selected Mar 28, 2014 by alpesh kapdi
commented Jul 24, 2013 by alpesh kapdi (23,840 points)
you are asking me how did i kiss her.. actually when i had gone to her place for the first time after engagement. at the time of my departure she called me in her room for giving me a present that time i kissed her but it was on her chick. she did not respond to my kiss she just asked me, have you enjoyed here? i said yes to her.
i appreciate your answer and thank you for your kind reply. have a good day.
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Hello friend, it is supring for me because i an facing this situation same. but in my case i am in relation with other thats why i cannot give my proper personal to my finance. i also talk to her in very casual way but my friend i realise that our real partner is our real so i started caring her. i deliberately talks in romantic way last might i told her that i saw a dream and i found you in saree and you are looking very hot, then i moved next step and asked her with the help of sms that which types and color of undergarments she likes most.. so my friend you can do it and start a new romantic way.. care her and give her respect. god bless you
answered Jul 24, 2013 by Rajeev kumar sharma (360 points)
commented Jul 24, 2013 by alpesh kapdi (23,840 points)
Thanx Rajeev. I made plan when i will talk to her next time.. I will say her last night you came to my dream and i found you in a saree and you looked hot. If she will comfortable with that. I  would like to do it continue. Its a best hint.

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