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Online dating, cam-to-cam communication- an experience.

asked Jul 1, 2013 in Articles by Invincible (12,550 points)
edited Jul 2, 2013 by Invincible

Online dating, cam-to-cam interactions with unknown people in the virtual world is such a craze for the people, men and women included, nowadays; but it goes without saying that these interactions often come at pretty high prices and involve so many risks. The prime reason for getting online is to quench one’s sexual desires by sex chats, cam-to-cam nudity, and exchange of the pictures to shag around and most of all, do this by not revealing your exact self to your partner.

But this aspect of anonymity, this is where it goes wrong; I’m basing my article upon a person I know, he has shared his experience of the cyber sex; an experience which had gone terribly wrong and he had undergone a horrid time and wished for people to not travel that way to save themselves from all the farce.

Falseness- 1st things 1st, online dating isn’t free as advertised; one would need to pay the membership fee to be able to chat with people; the next thing is you can never know who the person is on the other side; there are so many imposters and even if one feels good when his/her partner provides their picture, one shouldn’t believe it because there are numerous pictures of unknown people over the web and you can never know the truth.

Emotionally involved- In the quest to merely kill time, some might get emotionally attached to the person with whom he/she chats up. This goes so far that they would plan on meeting them in person and propose them etc......but since when did meeting people this fashion has worked well? No one can find true love over the web. If you’ve already be prepared to be surprised because you can never know the true nature of the person just by the way he chats with you.

Identity- Once you meet a person after regularly chatting with him/her, you would be forced to reveal yourself to the other because you would be in a compromising position to give your details out to know more about them. This is because when you encounter a woman online, she wouldn’t be pleased to chat with you unless you’re ready to provide her with your personal details; when you try to dodge her by not providing her the details she would go on to say you’re fake and see her as a sex toy etc.....  My friend says, some people would go out of the line and start saying dirty things about your mom, sister, sister-in-law or any women who is in your reach. The conversations turn so nasty that it involves child pornography as well.

The cyber police are keeping a vigil over these things and are trying to track down people who engage in cyber sex. The guy had come across a woman while chatting and was forced to reveal himself to her to continue chatting and after a certain time, the woman revealed herself to be a member from the cyber police and was on to people who send lewd messages to harass women and went on to tracking him with the IP address he used. One should understand that a person’s identity can be tracked by his/her IP address.

He was then asked to visit his city’s cyber cell and after a counselling session that explained him the wrongs he had done, he was asked to pay a certain sum of money to not register a case against him.

This is to explain that a second of desperation would lead to unknown places and unknown people.  This guy had to visit a police station alone, but there are some people who were robbed of their entire cash and belongings after setting up a meet with the virtual friends. Try to make a judgement call before going to those spaces.  No one would die single, so waiting for meeting the right girl/boy would happen after all.

However if one is so desperate to have sex, there is always an option of having an escort service by shelling out some money; here the only thing that one needs to care about is taking the protection to stay away from STD’s/STI’s, so this is safer than the virtual sex.

commented Jul 2, 2013 by kamikazi (720 points)
edited Jul 2, 2013 by longhands1
Thank you very much for the information . i had heard about this cam to cam chat and also it increasing popularity just like how Facebook happened . But never knew its of so much risk . thank you very much again .



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commented Jul 3, 2013 by cry (1,255 points)
Thanks 4 such a nice article
commented Aug 7, 2013 by fsimale4u (1,185 points)
Thnx for posting such a informative article. Please also post that people use software which let the user play a video as a camera even if they do not have one so many times the user feel its a genuine guy/ girl but its not that so better to watch out for those scammers
commented Aug 21, 2013 by HidingMyName (335 points)
Invincible...thanks Bro..You're such a Gem...
I liked the work you did here... :)
commented Jan 12, 2014 by Headgearwale (800 points)
Ur message was very clear and helpfully will definetely keep in mind

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