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How can I seduce a 30 years old lady? [closed]

asked May 1, 2013 in Questions by Abrar Khan (120 points)
closed May 1, 2013 by Invincible
I am Abrar from xxxxxxxxx.  I like a 30  years old lady. She is not happy with her husband.Because of some family problem there is a gap between them.

She is very free with me. Most of the time she shares her problems with me.I want to have sex with her. Please tell how can i seduce her?
closed with the note: Not a question on either sexual health or relationships, hence closing it. And we're no hook up site as well.
commented May 1, 2013 by oye (25,670 points)
moved May 1, 2013 by Invincible

You said she is 30 years old, and you are 25, right? Are you married? I guess not.

See, we dont give any seducing tips here. Some of our tips may work, but we consider that to be becoing an accompliance to a crime. Dont ask us, we wont say.

Lets talk practical part of the issue. She is a married woman, has she ever hinted that she likes you and if possible she will leave her husband to get married to you? Dont tell me you are looking for free sex only. You two are adult, can go ahead with consenting sex, still that is adultery. You may face severe problem if this is reported and a case is lodged under section 497.

For consenting adult, we have no say. Ar you sure you want to be a family breaker? I know a guy, he is still repenting for what he did, how the child is suffering for a broken marriage for his action. Think about future, you get involved with her and after 5 years get a breakup and get married. How can you handle a situation if this woman goes to your home, reaches your in law and your business place to complain how you used her? Can you manage that?

My simple suggestion, 5 yars age difference is not much, ask her you love her and want to get married. Once she comes ot with foral divorce, get married.  On usual cases a married woman goes for additional sex mate only when he is married too, that helps not to get emotionally involved. But with your state, there will be an emotional attachment, from her side or your side.

commented May 4, 2013 by rups1989 (120 points)
Listen, she has come to you for solution of problem or to be stress less, not to have sex. And you want to have sex using her franckness to you. Know to be a friend. Don't be a animal.. Be a man... They are not toys (sex toys) to satisfy you...
commented May 4, 2013 by oye (25,670 points)

I read the question, I read my comment, and simply didnot understand what you are talking about.   This is a guy asking for how to seduce a women, and you are commenting on a lady asking for help I am talkimg on having sex. 

Have you posted the comment of other question here? Else, with a simple IQ like mine, I failed to match the question, my reply and your comment in one single line.  

Its weekend, chill out man, dont step in serious discussion.

And true, girls are no toys.

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