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In which age a woman will have highest sexual desire

asked Apr 19, 2013 in Questions by Parvatraj (585 points)
edited Apr 19, 2013 by dan
Hi AA members,

In which age does a women has highest sexual urge or desire.

I feel it is between 26 to 35. Though a women is married at her age of 24 or so, she will really start having highest urge for sex only after 26, may be she has frequent sex in the initial stage of marriage but the real urge, the drive the carving for sex starts at litter older age like 25 and above. This will continue till her 33 to 35 age and after that it slowly starts declining.

What is your experience?
commented Apr 19, 2013 by Kamalkannan (1,280 points)
moved Apr 21, 2013 by Invincible
women do peak around the 40s.They will b craving for more n more of sex at that age as they r aware that the decline is imminent as they will b fast approaching menopause !

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5 Answers

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When is the peak time, it varies. You have given some idea, I cant agree nor disagree. But on usual cases women feel the urge more twice. Frst is between 19-24. And the next is 30-35.  Its not always a long span of 16-45 or in split interval of 2 years on off. Once when she becomes a woman in every way, the second time when really know how to enjoy sex. 

Again, everyone has different time frame, but often you will find two different times with some time span of 5/6 years. It varies depending on what time she gets arried and when she became a mother.

Thats my observation, I might be wrong also.

answered Apr 20, 2013 by oye (25,670 points)
selected Apr 26, 2013 by Parvatraj
commented Apr 27, 2013 by oye (25,670 points)


Thanks buddy for selcting my answer.


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As per my experience what you have written and believed is correct .Women are at their sexual peak in their late twenties or early thirties! More commonly than not they are just insatiable ! Most of married women go stray during this
age span! As it is most of women are still desirable while hubby most usually
used to be busy in his job or business And as it is romance or physical activity within marriage becomes quite predictable and monotonous So out of either peer pressure or exposure to internet or porn or just to have some fun most of them would or could go for outside sex! though we can not stereotype all into this While most of them could stray during this age span !
answered Apr 19, 2013 by prashant69 (7,050 points)
edited Apr 19, 2013 by prashant69
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as per my knowledge women's have highly sex.desire to age of 50.if her sex life good and they having sex on normal rutin then they will easily in joy their to age of 60
my one close friend told me hes grandparents still.doing sex in night some times
answered Apr 19, 2013 by rishihunk (140 points)
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There isn’t a specific time where a woman would be more into sex. It can start right from the moment the girl hits puberty. 14yrs is a good age, or even 18yrs, the age where girls want to be seen as potential women, that is the age when they probably will be knowing about their bodes as well as sex, so I think using any word other than desperate for sex is an understatement.

As you opine the interest doesn’t come with age, it crops up with lack of sex. For instance women in their early and late twenties don’t look over horny on the outside because they get their regular share with either their boyfriends or their husbands. Often the guy would be thinking, “she acts so decent when she is out, but she acts like a real ***** with me”; so when they are getting what they want they don’t really desire it like the ones that don’t get any.

Men or young boys often think mature women ranging from 38-45 or even 50yrs are more desperate since they don’t get sex regularly with their partners loosing interest in them, but if they are active in sex, even this age isn’t the high desirous age.

So the answer to your question, there is nothing called the age where women long for sex the most. Women realize their sexuality at different ages and hence they act desperate with it, its completely personal and it isn’t general.

answered Apr 24, 2013 by Invincible (12,550 points)
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See basically its depend on harmons and circumtances. i think that at the age of 16-20 wen she is in teenage then she has uncontrolable harmorns even boys feel same like that
And according to me
16 to 30 she has a sex desire
But 16 to 20 or 22 she has a highly sex desire because at this level of age harmons growth and she is mentally and physically free she dont have a pressure about her future and she dont have any responsibility yet
But when she gets married the pressure come on her and responsibility as well come.
So she wanted to have sex but not much basically she is busy in household work her job etc.
But at the age of 40-45 when she gets again free then she attract to sex and she wanted a sex.
answered Apr 24, 2013 by Azeem (130 points)

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