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Do shemales get erection and do they ejaculate?

asked Apr 3, 2013 in Questions by manan (1,670 points)
edited Apr 3, 2013 by oye
Hi All,

I wanted to ask that do shemales (as shown in porn ) actually exist ?  
If so, do they actually get hard-ons ? Do they ejaculate cum too ?

Just Asking for knowledge.  Thanks in advance.
commented Apr 3, 2013 by manan (1,670 points)
Thanks Oye for approving the Question.

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1 Answer

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Yes shemale or Transsexual do exist. They have good demand in porno industry too. But broadly they fall under gay sex category, which is still a disputed issue. I will tell the reason later.

Shemales are born as male, they feel trapped in a male body when they are psychologically consider themselves as female. Till they stay as trapped in male body and dont go through any change, they are called as transgender. When they go for nip and tuck as well as taking steroids and hormones, their body shape start changing. Usual cases having a silicon operation makes them look like a female, then comes the tough parts. 

The steroids used are usually anti androgen or anti testoid. This hormone treatment makes change in body muscle, usually male body is almost two times muscle density than female, it changes the game. Sometime voice change takes place even without tretment, losing hair on body and grow of hair in head is common changes. 

The way anti androgen works is, it makes an impalance on the androgen components, it increases estrogen level and reduces testosterone level.  

now reply to your question again, the people you see in porno are transexual, they are not transgender. Those are no camera trick and they want to feel like a female.

Secondly, whether they gets a hardon depends on the dose taken for anti androgen hormone. Taking in regular interval will make them weaker on testosterone level, they will hardly have a hardon. But slow dose helps to have great hardon as shown in porno. On ejaculation part, till any change over of genital replacement surgery is done, yes they can come. But depending on dose once again, it turns as a very thin and a few drops of watery cum. If the dose is delayed, it is thick. You didnot ask, but let me add here, after the hormonal trreatment, once testosterone level goes way below, there wont be any active sperm. For that before going for the hormone therapy, they go to sperm bank as Vicky doner to store in case they need in future.

The study showed as shemales are male and they feel trapped in male body, their psychology is more like female. Thats why the last report I say, alomost 40% ends up with another female as lesbian partner with a less effective dick.  The rest 60% prefers to be with male. All the porno actors you see on shemale movies are among those 60% who loves to make a man happy and be happy with another man.

Any other knoeledge required on shemale?

answered Apr 3, 2013 by oye (25,670 points)
commented Apr 3, 2013 by parik89 (2,190 points)
wow i didnt know half of that its good to know u knew so much u really take this forumn seriously and thats good to know
commented Apr 4, 2013 by manan (1,670 points)
indeed ! Oye you are the best !
Thanks & Regards

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