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How to make love to chubby girl?

asked Apr 2, 2013 in Questions by ronlovesit (340 points)
edited Apr 2, 2013 by Invincible
This is Ron 27, single, here.

I'm being intimate with a curvy chubby girl from the past few weeks and this has proven to be a different yet challenging experience, for which I need help. Firstly which positions are better suited while being with a chubby girl who is heavier than me?  I seem to stop just at the missionary position.

Secondly, she has an excessive flow of sex juices while making love and drenches me and my bed. Is there a way to reduce her squirting without reducing her pleasure, I really care for her.

Please help.

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3 Answers

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Well congrats on getting on to another girl, well you surely seem a Casanova to me, good luck with it mate. As for chubby girls, I don’t know what men love/like but I would love myself a chubby girl/woman. Well I hate sticky/wooden models, I prefer to have some flesh onto my hand while I’ve sex, so chubby women are a good deal.wink

Now as for your queries, missionary is the best position with no other doubts. You might improvise with this by changing her leg positions etcetera to avoid monotony; besides this, I think she can ride you cow-girl style, that would be good, that way you can maul her breasts as well as her ass at the same time and she can take good care of her needs that way; you might want to consider sleeping doggie or doggie as you can surely get a high watching her shake her pretty ass out of your dick. I presume she isn’t fat but only chubby, so you can also try some conventional positions, for instance you can try out shower sex, by standing, can fuck her in missionary but with you standing on the ground and she placed on the corner of the bed/couch and above all just ask her out if she has something in her mind.

This I don’t think you can control mate. According to most women, they squirt only when they are in their over drive or when they derive the utmost pleasure, so what have you got to lose? As for the aspect of her making you and your bed wet, I’m sure you got enough towels with you or you can start to enjoy having sex with her juices sticking out to your body, actually wet sex would be good, so try your hand at it.

On a personal front; is this care more of an ‘I don’t want to hurt her by making her feel I’m fat/chubby’, or you want to get into a relationship with her something long run?

answered Apr 2, 2013 by Invincible (12,550 points)
selected Apr 3, 2013 by ronlovesit
commented Apr 3, 2013 by ronlovesit (340 points)
Thanks mate...! Your answer actually put me in a positive and motivational mode. Shower sex in standing position seems a terrific variation, I will sure try it. As for her being chubby...She has the right curves at right places just boosted a bit by nutrition from McDonalds...! I want her to feel just as normal girl would feel like while making love.

Also I am no Casanova, its just that being a regular London Party animal and working at Heathrow gives me plenty of opportunities to meet girls and women. None of them very serious till date, its just playtime, though I want a long term relationship now.

Anyway Thanks once again...Cheers...!
commented Apr 3, 2013 by Invincible (12,550 points)

Ya, good luck with that.yes

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well chubby girls are good for missionary positons as they can usually take your weight , but i dont see any reason for she not being able to do any positions other than that , you can go for doggy style or 69 anything just keep in mind the duration she might take time to build the stamina for different go for it experiment.
as for squirting well i dont know why u would want to stop it , im still looking for a girl who can squirt and drench me , but i dont know anything about that maybe some of the experts will
answered Apr 2, 2013 by parik89 (2,190 points)
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Thats a good question, and I like this types of practical question we face in life. 

Chubby girl on missionary, I guess you are too much worried about her. Dont have a preconceived idea that being on a heavier side refrains her to enjoy sex.  Maybe you are too careful about her thats why going through only on missionary position. Thats not right, she has all the urges as any other girls. 

First thing you shoul ddo is not to give her an idea that missionary is right for her as she is heavier. Then goes the second part.  There are number of positions for her, your only drawback will be for her to be heavy, your reaching to the vagina from all quick angles wont be easier.

Now, she can be on woman on top position, if you feel that will squeeze you flat, make a small change, sit on a chair, and let her spread her legs on your sides. She can put some pressure on the backrest and can make all the ups and downs.

For doggy position, make a slight change, as having a heavy ass wont help much to reach her vagina. get her on the edge of the bed, let her legs dangle from the edge and her vagina rests on the edge. now spread her legs and go behind. You will find her ass parting will give you a good access to her vagina, the extra muscle wont be an issue.

If you want some more position, I can tell you those too. All you need to do is modify the position a bit, let her enjoy sex as you enjoy.  If you have any position in mind, do tell me, I can help you guide with some modified position.

On her sex juice, I dont want to reply now, maybe some other time. But I need to be sure if you are talking about her vaginal secretion comes from vagina as an orgasm aftermath or squirting secretion which comes from urethra. The best way is ask her.  

Once again, thanks for asking practical question, I was getting fed up with masturbation problems.

answered Apr 3, 2013 by oye (25,670 points)

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