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What does a guy get from sniffing undergarments?

asked Mar 28, 2013 in Questions by divya.elegance (1,280 points)
edited Mar 28, 2013 by Invincible
I know it is nothing new but let me just elaborate my question. Because of some of incidences I'm bound to ask this question. Recently I found that someone has been sniffing and even doing some never seen crazy stuffs with my used undergarments and I was wondering, if it is only related to guys fetish for the smell of women undergarments or they also have some wild sexual feelings for the owner of those used undergarments.

How to deal with such situations, I mean should such things be ignored or should that person be exposed? Are such people sick or what?
commented May 7, 2013 by tifanyboss (100 points)
moved May 7, 2013 by Invincible
dear friend
i think it is a normal act to sniff used panties. i do it myself and i find it very arousing as i imagine the flesh that the panty was covering. its divine.
in fact i only sniff used panties for those women that i find attractive not any woman. but unfortunately i dont find many panties in bathrooms so i look for them whenever there is a chance.
commented May 16, 2013 by manan (1,670 points)
I am bit late, but well there is other part of story too.
I honestly admit, i am one of the ones you are talking about, I get attracted by female underwear and sniffing / masturbating with a bra  has always been a stupid crazy fantasy.
The feelings are innocent, for example I fantasize about my neighbour lady and once got a chance to be in her bathroom where the used bra / panty and other clothes were present in laundry bag, i stupidly searched the bra and sniffed it, licked it, and masturbated wraping it around my penis and got relief, I know I could never have real intercourse with her, but i got a pleasant feeling as if she was with me.
Thats crazy i know, but it was satisfaction at peak, i got to know that her bra size is 34B from label on bra and just loved it.
If she would have caught me and embarrassed me, i would have felt bad, but it all was over with ejaculation !
Things are normal and no bad experience happened.
She didnt came to know too.
I didnt did any harm to her either by sniffing her bra.
So for the first time, I with due respect dis-agree with Anjali Aunty and humbly put my views here.

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Dear Divya,

Click the link below to hear my answer

answered Mar 29, 2013 by Anjali (7,465 points)
selected May 9, 2013 by divya.elegance
commented Apr 20, 2013 by sexy.suratboy (105 points)
I don't agree on what u say anjali aunty. I think each person has his own way of getting aroused and so some may be aroused by sniffing the undergarments. This can't be termed as a mental pscho problem. I myself get aroused on sniffing the undergarments of gf.
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Well being a guy I really don’t know why some men crave for sniffing undergarments especially used ones. I for myself find that act disgusting and gross. As for your issue with the guy or guys who’re engaging in this activity, I suggest you warn them sternly to not do it. I’m not sure if it is your husband or someone else, but if it is your husband rather than catching him red headedly you can ask him passionately, that way you might get an answer.

However if it isn’t your guy, bash that specific person and warn him to never again do it. Some men have the fetish of smelling the undergarments of women while some guys out of their obsession with a particular woman, engage in this activity. Ignoring might merely make them never realize what they are doing. I recall a post some time back by a user who has walked on her brother-in-law jacking off in her bra, so confronting the guy directly or bringing it to the notice of your husband might help you.

If you choose to ignore it even after knowing it, it means you decided to play along, which shows that you find this act interesting, so cutting it in the very start might help you have some peace of mind. However I’m interested in knowing who this someone is and what are the wildest things he does to your undergarments?

answered Mar 28, 2013 by Invincible (12,550 points)
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well actually it is not normal , it its ur guy (person u are sexually involved with), then its okay it might be a little kink. if its a stranger , then u need to be worried about , because that goes on the line of voyeurism and stalking. you need to find out who that is a create a distance between you and them. because these things can lead to obsession and then could escalate to much more, and could put you and people around you in harms way.
i know right now i might sound far fetched and over worried but this is how these things start and u have to stop it at the begining, so find out who that is , if it is someone in your house like a servant or something you let them go , if its a family member then u need to tell your husband and handle the situation quickly.
these things are shrugged off as typical boy behaviour , but its not i dont go around smelling undergarments of strange women that total invasion of privacy , so if its happening to you please take it seriously.
answered Mar 28, 2013 by parik89 (2,190 points)
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I guess there was a similar question before on your brother in law interested on your undergarments. I got a warning from editors not to bring old issues, I dont want another warning mentioning anything, so lets assume you are talking about the same 19 year old boy.

Sniffing panty, used or not is nothing new. Specially for guys who never smelled a live vagina, thinks about all the juices, gets a raging hardon to masturbate. Some even smell the washed one, visualizing the woman who wears that. I dont see that any mental disorder or anything, this is expected for a young guy to add a flavor on their fantasy. You cant stop anyone not to have a fantasy, the used or washed panty in hand only adds as ice-cream topping.

What is the never seen crazy stuff that you are talking about? I will guess, he is rubbing that on his penis. Its only natural. A guy will love a woman's smell, feel the touch of soft cotton, its noway wrong. You should take care of your undergarments, never leave unattended, and keep in safe place. That solves all.

You asked if thats a fetish or a fantasy about the owner, my reply is, its both. It starts with a fantasy, but ends with fetish. Fetish are those acts where touch, smell, watch are needed. His fantasy got some fuel by being able to watch, touch and smell, even rubbing on his body. But these are harmless fetish, you should let it pass by.

How to deal, I already mentioned, don't let your things unattended, once washed and dried, keep under lock. Yes, such things are not harmful, so should be ignored completely. not even mention that you know about this.  This happens due to age, soon enough when he gets the real deal, he wont bother to sniff around any more.  And no, these people aren't sick. Having a fetish is normal, some has a nasty fetish, some has a kinky fetish, some has a harmless fetish, the rest has no fetish. Other than harmful or kinky one, the rest doen't affect the person or anyone any harm, so he is not sick.
answered Mar 28, 2013 by Sumona (1,435 points)
commented Mar 28, 2013 by Invincible (12,550 points)


She wasn't the one who asked the earlier question about her brother-in-law sniffing her used garments, it was a user named 'sushmita'. This is the 1st post by Divya in this regard, I can guarentee you on that.

commented Mar 28, 2013 by parik89 (2,190 points)
maybe i did over fetch the situation , but yes i do feel it should not be encouraged , maybe ur way is the best to et it paas and not to leave her  things unattented
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To a man, a women's bra and panties are the next best thing. The thought that these are clothing that covers the part that he most wishes to uncover is a turn on and can give a man a raging hard-on. The point is most men are cultured enough to treat an under garment as just that and not bother further.     

Since you are aware who is doing this mischief you need to take some action and not worry about the other person's fetish and whether they have wild sexual feelings. Either you keep your garments in a safe place or confront the person concerned. I have not understood how you can tell if someone has been sniffing your panties unless you have caught them red handed.

What if someone has masturbated in your bikini and you unknowingly use the same. Not a pleasant thought. If it is your husband, who likes to masturbate in your innerwear, you need to be more gentle to find out the truth. Any other person, confront him ar ask your husband to handle the matter.

answered Mar 29, 2013 by longhands1 (78,290 points)

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