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Help me get past my issues.

asked Mar 26, 2013 in Questions by sushilashok (245 points)
edited Mar 26, 2013 by Invincible
Whenever I masturbate, I noticed a few things; normally my masturbation frequency is once in three days. After masturbating once, I fail to masturbate again and if I succeed to masturbate the second time as well, only few drops of semen comes out, but it makes more than 1 hour to erect my penis for second round. After that I feel a lot of weakness thats why I do it after 2/3 days.

My first question is:

1) Is it normal? If so how can some people perform sex whole night/many times in a day?
2) Why I feel so much weekness, how can I get rid of this?
3) What should I do to have greater degree of sex power? Is there any diet plan which can help me to come out this weekness issue?
4) Whenever my penis erects, at same I get a feeling of using peeing, is it good?


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2 Answers

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Frequent masturbation isn’t advisable and this shouldn’t be confused with frequent sex. A guy can have sex everyday or even twice, but when it come to masturbation, it isn’t good to do it. Sex helps release calories and major stress while masturbation doesn’t help in that. As for your queries:

1) The desire to have sex with your partner is what that excites you to have another erection. However going for back-to-back sessions isn’t required if you have a quality 1st session. Your body would feel the need to go for another session only when your desires aren’t satisfied in the 1st round. As for getting it up, the usual time is 20-40minutes and this is no yardstick. Some guys take an hour to get ready as well.

And as for the amount of semen released during the 2nd round, it is that way only. The human body needs 1day times to generate semen, so ejaculating in one go depletes the existing semen and for the semen to be reproduced you’ll have to give it a days time.

2) Release of semen makes the body feel numb and relaxed and you would be hit by fatigue and hence you would feel like sleeping or staying calm. This is natural; but try to pool up your energy and try to work. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by having good food and having regular exercises helps you maintain a good health. And take 4-5lts water as it helps you stay hydrated, you might not feel weak. Drinking a litre water once you masturbate might inflict energy into your body.

3) Diet is also important, as a heavy meal or wine and chocolates sound exciting but may actually put you to sleep. Foods that help circulation and are high in Omega -3 fats such as cod liver oil or salmon fish help the body's nervous system. Other foods are oatmeal, cashews, walnuts, garlic and green leafy vegetables. Blood circulation is important as this helps the penis to gain an erection.

4) Finally the feeling to pee happens to some men. Is it just the feeling or do you feel like using the restroom for real? Either ways its not harmful.

answered Mar 26, 2013 by Invincible (12,550 points)
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You are not abnormal, it doesnot happen to everyone in the same manner. Your body metabolism, physical, strength, sexual libido, sensitivity and the semen that your body produce are different than others.
A joke was, God asked Adam and Eve, I want to give you gifts, you can pee standing up, who wants that? Adam said me. God said okay you got it, Eve, my gift is multiple orgasm.
Male body is like that, once you ejaculate, you cant get erection immediately, the second shot is small amount. Why question on that? Just accept it. Its life, not porno that you will see cum after cum with editing.

Your first question is four questions, what are the second questions?
1) Yes it is normal. No one perform sex whole night/many times in a day, unless its a porno with multiple edit. Even in porno there is a cheating, using multiple camera, one shoot is taken in two angle to show two sex scene. Its all about in and out, who remember how many time it went?
2) You feel weakness, that's you own body metabolism, everyone is not having similar taste in sex as well as the body system doesnot support similar way for everyone.  You can get rid of this by focusing the art of sex, not getting believing who says what.
3) You want greater degree of sex power? As you mentioned, I feel you need to focus on being on the normal trend first, then go for greater. Yes diet has a role that Invincible mentioned. Avoid smoking and drinking or any use of drugs. There are some accu-pressure techniques that helps a lot of people. Dont trust and Bangali baba medicine.
4) Erection and feeling of pee, its not clear good or bad. The same urethra is used for ejaculation and pee from bladdar. When you get a hardon, the blood blocks urethral sphincters that will cause a stoppage of pee. But if you had taken water before, you will feel pee, else wont. In a way its good to isolate the muscles that you need to control while having erection. Generally its not good, means your blood flow are not strong enough to block the urethral sphincters.

Please dont get too bogged down with sex only, life is too big to do so many great things, sex is a part of life, sex is not life.
answered Mar 26, 2013 by Sumona (1,435 points)
commented Mar 28, 2013 by sushilashok (245 points)
how can i get strong blood flow?is it any type of disese?
commented Mar 29, 2013 by Sumona (1,435 points)
Strong blood flow happens on those tablets, V*****, L***** or C****. They produce Nitrous Oxide which once reaches to brain, the blood flows like a fountain. Thats not for you.
You can be cautious on the facts which hampers bllood flow, like stay away from Smoking, alcohol, diabetic, high pressure, over weight, cholestrol, avoid fat etc.  Start a habit of walking or jogging, take food rich with iron and plenty of water.
And my only suggestion for sex that I repeat again and again, sex is not between legs that's your genital, its between ears, that's in your brain.
Take care.

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