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How to understand her and get her back in my life (post script)?

asked Feb 21, 2013 in Questions by Unseenguy (230 points)
edited Feb 21, 2013 by Invincible

Hi Anjali Madam and the other users; thanks for your Good Suggestions on my eariler post. Now I'm sharing some information with all of you in relation to my earlier post. On Monday 18/02/2013 my friend came to my house and said me that he spoke to my girlfriend a few days back and said that her relationship with her boyfriend got over and now she is single. He asked me, if I wanted to talk to her which btw, I felt as if he was insulting me and hence I've answered him with fair bit of attitude and said, I don't care about her status and said you can approach her if you like her.

I want to know if I had done the right thing.

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2 Answers

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i don't understand first u want her then u tell your friend to go and propose to her, if she says yes the u will again start blaming life and the girl and your friend, if she is single and you like her then go and propose , frankly if you were my friend i would have slapped you to save you from your own ego.
what are you doing do you want her or not if yes then tell while she is single otherwise ull just go blaming life again , grow up , you should know by now things dont happen themselves you have to make an effort for it
answered Feb 21, 2013 by parik89 (2,190 points)
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You done well. When you don’t probably know how she is going to react to you, its better you express your thoughts this way. You don’t know how she will react to you when you visit her in May, so by expressing to your friend about your supposed intention, he would try to not take her name the next time he converses with you.

For all that is relevant, the job on hand for you as of now is to secure a better future and help your family establish a firm ground, so don’t divert your thoughts from this. When the time is right things would fall in line without anyone’s intervention, trust me on this one.

answered Feb 21, 2013 by Invincible (12,550 points)
commented Feb 21, 2013 by Unseenguy (230 points)
When my friend told me about her, 1 guy also their and he was a friend of my friend and i do nt know him properly. My frnd tell me the fact with smile and tell his frnd also abt my story. So should i take her number 4m my frnd and call her late ?
commented Feb 21, 2013 by Invincible (12,550 points)

Your wish. If you think she will heed to your words/requests, try your luck. At least you needn't wait till May to talk to her, so ya take the number and call her to settle your issue once and for all.

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