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MY girlfriend has confessed to me about her ex impregnating her.

asked Feb 19, 2013 in Questions by SexDrive (125 points)
edited Feb 19, 2013 by Invincible

My girlfriend got pregnant in the past because her Ex fucked her when she was drunk and not in senses.
She tells me, it happened because she was too depressed with her ex boyfriend having an affair, so she got very drunk. Her ex owns a hotel and she used to go there to stay and visit him. Before this incident she says she never used to have intercourse with him. She tells me that, that night she passed out as she had drink too much and he got his way into fucking her and she said me that she didn't realize that until she felt like she was pregnant.

She wants me to believe that she has never had sex with consent with anybody else except me and as she has told me that she got pregnant in the past she would have told me if she had done anything else as well.

Kindly suggest,

commented Feb 19, 2013 by parik89 (2,190 points)
moved Feb 19, 2013 by Invincible
well if that is true then this rape, and no decent women would ever tell lies about these sort of things so you can believe if you know that she is a genuine person and will tell the truth about this kind of stuff
commented Feb 20, 2013 by SexDrive (125 points)
Thank you all for giving your suggestion's.
I totally believe this that she loves me very much and i love her too.
It was just i was not able to believe that someone can have sex ("loose virginity") and not even know.

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5 Answers

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Well you can believe her and go on spending the rest of your life with her if you intend to take your relationship further or you can dump her for the past which doesn’t actually matter for the future as long a she loves you. But if you ask me, no girl in her right mind would say she had been impregnated by her ex. Saying she has had sex is one while saying she had once been pregnant is one. For all that has been told, if you know her love towards you is true, don’t dig up her past, let her forget it and live on.

But if the idea of the girl having been used up by some other guy is bothering you, leave her and move the hell of out of her life since you’re no good for her. There is no aspect of betrayal on her part. Let us assume she confessed the truth, but what was the need for that confession? She had confessed only because she believed you to be a good guy and not a dick like her ex.

No girl would confess or open up her past for sympathy, so there is no reason for worrying about it. If you love her and she loves you, put other things to rest and move on with your lives.

answered Feb 19, 2013 by Invincible (12,550 points)
selected Feb 20, 2013 by SexDrive
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You can and you should believe her. There is no option other than to believe on her if you realy love her and want to spend rest life of yours with her.

You should be happy for that she had told you everything about her thats should make you feel that howmuch you are important to her and she want to be loyal towards you , thats all.

Just love her, respect her . she is the perfect one for you.

Best of luck.

answered Feb 19, 2013 by dhavalthakor (155 points)
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Buddy,you should be happy that your gf told you all this freely! Thats what the true bond of a perfect relation,frankness. And she has it. And accept the fact,that everyone's got a past,and some got negative memories too.I know,whatever she told,must be bothering you,but bro if she says that it was done without her consent and if you feel she's true,there's no need to worry about. If you trust her and if you both love each other truely,then there's obviously no need to dig her past. I just wish,you trust her, love her,care her and have a long relationship ahead!
answered Feb 19, 2013 by shubs (785 points)
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She loves you and having trust in you thats why she told you about her past. So if you are a broadminded and really loves her then kindly respect her feelings. Or if you are having negative impressions about her then this incedent is going to hurt you whole life. so better try to understand her feelings and take next step.
answered Feb 19, 2013 by Doctor.sam (200 points)
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so she may be telling the truth...or may be she is telling a lie...may be she was tricked into it or may be she is now trying to make her past sound less any case she definitely sounds like she loves you...

I dont think you need to find an answer to the above question...all you need to find is if you love her and trust her or you dont.

if the answer is the former forget her past and if it is the later then run before both of you have to tell another set of stories to another set of people in the future.
answered Feb 19, 2013 by sg (130 points)

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