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Is it normal being turned on by incest? [closed]

asked Jan 27, 2013 in Questions by divya.elegance (1,280 points)
closed Mar 23, 2013 by Invincible
I am asking this question because one of my very close friend or in other words, a girl who is like a sister to me, is feeling turning on for incest. I had a long conversation with her to make her aware about the consequences but somehow she is unable to control her excitement about it and I really wonder, if anyone of you ever faced such a situation where your mind speaks differently and want to control but body often surrenders.
closed with the note: Enough answers have been given already.
commented Jan 27, 2013 by shreyala (100 points)
moved Jan 27, 2013 by Invincible
a girl like a sister or my sister has a lot of first sex is ok ..but not in second,as much as possible avoid,..
commented Jan 27, 2013 by parik89 (2,190 points)
moved Jan 27, 2013 by Invincible
well if she is not ur real sister then the ball is in your court , you want to proceed you can this is not incest untill she is a cousin or something,
commented Jan 28, 2013 by Prince69 (185 points)
edited Jan 28, 2013 by Invincible
Here you are getting opportunity
if you cant do then she will iterract someone else she will ask someone for it
If she is not your Sister you can do freely but safely always have safe sex
its a advise for you not an answer
commented Nov 8, 2014 by rahat ahmed (100 points)
Now a days incest sex accurs frequintly. it is forbidden in our society or religion.But incest sex is not the most sin done by human in our religion.So if two people like who are relative are agree to enjoy incest is the best way!!!

4 Answers

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The forbidden will always excite humans, so yes the aspect of incest usually brings a deal of excitement. It may not be in the very 1st sight one encounters it, but gradually the interest may develop. However the definition of incest should be well defined. For instance some communities don’t treat cousins marrying as incest, while some do, so a boy or a girl getting attracted to his or her cousin is normal.

As for my opinion on this issue, no I haven’t felt this attraction since the very thought made me feel disgusted and sick. The community from where I come accepts cousins marrying each other so there have been a few cousins who have been attracted to me (mind it, it was mere attraction, nothing sexual, you might call it a crush). I wasn’t interested in them so have rejected them right away.

Now as for the aspect of people getting that tinge of excitement, yes they do feel excited about it. If not we wouldn’t see many clicks on the incest sections in sex stories and as for that matter, the questions which mention incest will have a good hit rate. Some people will click it to read what it is about, while some in spite of feeling disgusted, open it and read it and then again feel bad for having done it.

As for the question of how to eliminate this issue, people especially children should be taught the family values at regular intervals. I would say imparting family morals is good to fend off these sexual thoughts while some say sex between consenting adults is just fine, so a constructive answer or decision is difficult.

Anyways good question on a Sunday morning.smiley

answered Jan 27, 2013 by Invincible (12,550 points)
commented Jan 28, 2013 by divya.elegance (1,280 points)
Absolutely forbidden always excites humans either they confess it or not. As you have mentioned regarding marriages of cousins, then i really wonder how incest is excited and how people are attracting towards incest..because i don't think that attraction is more towards relationships...but it is more towards bodies only and probably day to day interaction and view of physical acts of someone who is always around excites....
commented Jan 28, 2013 by parik89 (2,190 points)
actually its not always physical as invincible says forbidden desires wanting something u can't have, the feeling of having someone with whom u know it will never be accepted , its this feeling that attracts these relationships its not important for people to be good looking
commented Jan 30, 2013 by Invincible (12,550 points)

No Divya, the attraction in the cases I’ve mentioned is only with the existence of a relationship. The feeling of a close one moving freely, conversing with no restrictions sends a shiver down the spine and this develops to attraction, infatuation and it might turn to love as well. Its not just the body the person is associated with, the presence of the other is very much important.

The day-to-day interaction develops into a bond and it slowly starts getting physical. The feeling of “mine” creeps in the mind and this mine includes everything and this is where the forbidden excites the people and they take a leap.

commented Jan 31, 2013 by divya.elegance (1,280 points)
well i wonder if incest ever consists any kind of emotional love instead of physical or in words a lust for a body because of routine interactions  then such interactions leads often to be physical.
commented Jan 31, 2013 by parik89 (2,190 points)
it might exist in emotional form too , but thats a very deep topic you have to read pshyciatric journals to understand the concept fully
commented Jan 31, 2013 by Invincible (12,550 points)

If I start on that topic the subject matter would be ignored, so lets reserve that for an other day.......wink

commented Jan 31, 2013 by parik89 (2,190 points)
exactly what i meant to say this question has been asked in different context all together so lets keep it spicy as it started
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well invincible has put in the best way, yes incest is a excitement of forbidden sex , attraction for a cousin or a distant aunt is normal, it happens sometimes its natural.
as far i  myself go , i like to watch incest in porn or something mainly because i have this attraction for older women (i confess lol) , and its also exciting , but yes i would never go for it in real, if there is incest relationship between immediate family members that is a disaster so i guess its a good topic to talk about cheers divya
answered Jan 27, 2013 by parik89 (2,190 points)
commented Jan 28, 2013 by divya.elegance (1,280 points)
Atleast you have confessed and somehow you feels excited about it but yes you are compressing yourself due to consequences due to many factors and rightly so.
commented Jan 28, 2013 by parik89 (2,190 points)
well actually i have never felt any feeling towards immediate family members or even those who are close to me, yes a few cousins and maybe an aunt i have found attractive but thats it, its about a bond if the bond is pure u cant feel these feeling .
yes i do have an weakness for older women , i find them attractive its just something about them maybe its the way they dress, im  a sucker for a women in a saree like i find ur profile pic attractive it may not even be you, but those are just fetishes i guess
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Fantasies are the fuel we need sometimes in order to really stir our passions; and what better to get the juices flowing than the thrill of the fotbidden!

Of course, fantasy is one thing, making it a reality is something that most people don't attempt; after all, as the saying goes, it takes two to tango. So Divya, your friend may be excited by the fantasy but  how about the target for her desires? Does he/she feel the same desire? 

We all know what society says about incest, and the scientific evidence regarding increased chances of genetic disorders with children fesulting from close relatives sexual union, so a relationship is unwise (jeaving aside the moral issues), but what if the girl concerned is amoral? And if her desired partner is equally amoral?

It comes back to my oft quoted view about consenting adults and not hurting people. But can the girl in question handle the possible emotions if anything goes wrong? That dependsds on the individual.



answered Jan 28, 2013 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
commented Jan 28, 2013 by divya.elegance (1,280 points)
Somehow i am agree with you though not entirely. I also feels that Fantasy is one thing and making it real is another but the thing is that fantasy is all about we desire, what's in our mind and what we really want to make it real but yes too many concerns and other factors around, we mostly like to compress ourselves, otherwise if things will go in favour then mostly people will go for their fantcies. Salma, my friend is not excited my fantasy but by acts and she feels the same or stimulated due to many reasons around.

Well yes you are right as far as incest is concerned then society and scientific reasons are very crucial and rightly so. But i always feel and realized that it more depends on individual and the other question, are we good enough to say what is good or bad, moral or immoral, i know, so much of criticism will come but i always like to share my views as per my experiences and practial life, instead of the fact, if others are going to like it or not. At last, let me tell you that i am justifying incest and not even denying because i feels that i am not good enough to suggest that and it more depends on two individuals.
commented Jan 28, 2013 by parik89 (2,190 points)
i was waiting for ur reply on this one nicely put
commented Jan 29, 2013 by sexysalma (14,995 points)

Divya, I agree that we have no right  to judge the activities or desires of others, and my reply was not made with any  attempt to moralise. If they are happy, it's no one elses business.


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People generally correlate the natural attraction and curiosity  between male and female as incest. i just wann say that this doesn't come under incest. This is what happen all over the world and few people become so active that they get involve having sex. Which is wrong with some conditions. Its natural if someone sees a cleavage and get aroused, so whats the problem if a son get aroused seeing her mom's cleavage. Its natural to get aroused getting close to a boy, whats the problem if a sister get aroused with her brother. these thing don't come under incest.
answered Mar 23, 2013 by spoiled (105 points)
commented Mar 24, 2013 by divya.elegance (1,280 points)
You are absolutely right. Appreciation and attraction are not part of sex until they are not into sexual acts.

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