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TIPS: How to please a woman

asked Jan 12, 2013 in Articles by longhands1 (78,260 points)

Recently I read a question on our Site that asked: How do I land her in paradise?  

Great sex is rarely physical for a woman. The best sex they say lies between the ears. I know men will not agree. Sex is all about communication and making the woman feel special. Women rarely respond to sex in the physical sense that men do.

Here are a few TIPS.

Create an atmosphere.

Light candles in the room or have dim lights. If it is day time, have the curtains drawn. Most women do not like harsh light when they are undressed. You could have fragrant candles that act as an aphrodisiac and put a woman in the mood. Smell is one of the five senses, remember.

Play soft music in the background. Music that she likes to listen to. Music is soothing and helps one to relax, especially if it is your first sexual encounter. Music should not mean noise and loud rap, but gentle. Find out from your partner what she likes to hear.   

Play with her hair. Lightly massage her scalp. The sensation may serve to rouse her and prepare her for what’s to come. Women love their hair being ruffled as too many men. Ensure that you do not pull too hard as this is painful and can create knots in long hair.

Whisper sweet nothings in her ear. Tell her what is on your mind. Don’t say anything too graphic. Keep your words romantic. Tell her that she’s sexy and you want to be inside her. If you’ve been with her for a while, hopefully you know what words to use to turn her on.

Kissing is the next step. Do not be sloppy. Lips are the last you should kiss. Begin by kissing the back of her neck, her neck under her chin and her ear lobes. Woman love to feel the tickles. Then gently kiss her lips. The Art of Kissing is another Topic and I will write about it in future.

Do not ever rush into action. Caress your partner's thighs, stomach and then move on to the breasts. Women dislike men rushing to the breasts and want them to pay more attention to their hair, neck, cheeks etc. Be delicate and slowly move to heavier petting. Comment on every part of your woman and have nice things to say. Do not be blunt. This is not the time to say anything negative that will be a turn-off for a woman.

You can now make obvious what you have in mind. Press your front against her back, and touch your erect penis against her body so she can feel it. Hold her in a spoon position. This should send a not-too-subtle message that you’re ready for love. She should respond.

You now have her attention. Slide her underwear off. Start by rubbing her pubic area over her underwear. She would respond in a positive manner, which includes moving her body into a more welcoming position, followed by light moaning, etc. Place two fingers under the elastic and head towards her clitoris. Don’t head to the moist part of her vagina just yet; lightly rub the outer lips and then proceed to slide off her underwear. You need to do this as slowly as possible.

Now you have her eating from your hand. Time to get down and physical. Time for oral sex.

First spread her vagina lips to expose her clitoris with your fingers. Then lightly lick it. Don’t lick it too hard until you’re certain she’s aroused. This will incite different reactions from different women. Be responsive to her. After you have gently licked her for a minute or so, start doing it a little harder and more conclusively.

You are now well and truly on your way to the next step. Shall leave that to your imagination. We want you to put in some effort. Do keep a packet of condoms ready.

commented Jan 12, 2013 by Rajeev kumar sharma (360 points)
moved Jan 12, 2013 by land crusier
Very good article longhands! my penis become long after read it..
commented Jan 12, 2013 by Harry17 (125 points)
Awesome express in words ....
I realy feel the heat of that wonderful moments :)
commented Jan 12, 2013 by Invincible (12,550 points)

Well laid down points. Time people realize these.laugh You man are a genius, LH.angel You have covered all the points in a detailed way, nothing more to add up.

commented Jan 14, 2013 by longhands1 (78,260 points)

Thanks Rajeev for your comments. This article was not meant to get you excited, but to help you to excite your partner!! 

commented Jan 14, 2013 by longhands1 (78,260 points)

Hello Harry,

Just imagine if my article has excited you so much, what it could do for your partner. Do put into practice the Tips I have given you.

commented Jan 14, 2013 by longhands1 (78,260 points)


Not a genius. Just a person who has seen the world and interacted with its inhabitants. Thanks for the praise.

commented Jan 16, 2013 by zingocaty (120 points)
moved Jan 16, 2013 by Invincible
i have read that men are more spirtually sexualized and that women turn on more by acts of physicaal sex...
commented Feb 21, 2013 by longhands1 (78,260 points)

What you say is possible, but for the vast majority of men, there is nothing spiritual about sex, it is all about carnal pleasure.

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