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Step son wants to have sex with mom, how to stop him?

asked Dec 22, 2012 in Questions by sushmita9999 (400 points)
recategorized Dec 22, 2012 by longhands1

My neighbour  had his second marriage a few years ago but his second wife is from a village hence she is very shy.

She is  being  pressurized by her step son to have sex. Actually he  had made her bathing  video and since then he is sucking her boobs. She wants to solve this situation peacefully as the boy is only 19. What should she do?

I think the boy has been seeing too much of porn. Please suggest.


(Am permitting this Question, though it falls unders the category of Incest. Am not sure who is asking this question, as the Questioner seems to be intimately involved in the situation. However since our help is sought, to stop this, am posting the Question.


commented Dec 24, 2012 by Invincible (12,550 points)


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commented Dec 24, 2012 by sushmita9999 (400 points)
edited Dec 24, 2012 by Invincible
sorry friends for me not being so clear in context , i came to know about this from her.actually my fathers village is same as her's mother village so i am like sister to her ,she told me all keeping me in confidence that i wont let any one know about this.
anyways , thank you  for replying


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5 Answers

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Best answer
I'd ask you to keep calm , as this could actually take turn for theworst if the teenager would know that someone other than him knows abt the course of his action ,it would lead to a sudden blast of anger in the boy which would result in him puttin up the bathing video up on the internet, it could also cause a massive problem in the family ie ;the family may break , it could also destroy the future of this teen  .    
  Solution :dont let the teen know that even someone else knows abt his actions .
2)mantain distance from the kid{the stepmum should not get too involved with the teen . Stay away from him
3)the mum should understand one thing(the teen is doin this for two reason 1)he is insecured about the relationship between this new woman and his dad , i guess the parents arent enough close to each other , so the child thinks that he could take a peek into this married life of this woman and have some fun , im sure this idea arouse in his mind due to his frnds , as they must have told him about many porn vids where the stepson has sex with his new mum   ....   2)he is doin this to gain revenge , he is not actually happy about his parents seperation , and considers this new woman to be a sex satisfaction doll .
4) i guess the woman must tell her hubby about this , but knowing that he would keep calm and would explain to his son that whatever the boy is doing is actually wrong ,make him realise that all his actions are wrong and againzt the society norms as well as its a criminal act
5)the mum shouldnt give into the demands of the boy , its time to be strict .
6) consult a psychologist and go for counselling ..He would come out good.
answered Dec 22, 2012 by aldrin (185 points)
selected Dec 24, 2012 by sushmita9999
commented Dec 22, 2012 by Invincible (12,550 points)


Don’t put up your qualifications up here. The forum clearly states we are no experts here, so stick to that. If you want some publicity do so by the mode of PM and not on the open forum.


commented Dec 22, 2012 by aldrin (185 points)
Look i never put my qualifications up here for publicity ,because ive got enough of it where i work! I just said it to reasure the person askin the question ! Im sorry about it ! Ill stick with the rules nw ! I dint know about it before .
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First of all thanks for your concerns regarding your neighbour though i am bit surprised how much you are aware of your neighbour situation and according to me to have such an intentions towards mom irrespective of the fact, if she is your step mother or not and according to me she should expose his intentions and sinful act infront of family without any hesitations before its going too far and in that way you will help him, yourself and  as well as society.

As he is your son and he is just 19 yrs old and his such of act is showing his curiosity and desperation towards sex and disrespect and disgrace to woman and other prospect is that if he can't respect her mother then how he will respect other mother's and by exposing his sinful acts you will help him only to be better person and human being. I always feel that is the reason why sex education or counselling is so necessary for childrens to understand do and dont's and how to grow up in such a tempting age and its a challege for every parents which we need to cope up for our childrens career and also our responsibility towards society where we will teach our childrens and will make them good human beings.
answered Dec 22, 2012 by divya.elegance (1,280 points)
edited Dec 22, 2012 by longhands1
commented Dec 22, 2012 by longhands1 (76,980 points)

Try reading your passage without a stop. It has no paragraphs, no commas and no full stops. How do you expect others to read your Answer?
commented Dec 22, 2012 by divya.elegance (1,280 points)
Try to be clear what youn really want to say so i will take care of things in future.
commented Dec 22, 2012 by raj212601 (100 points)
moved Dec 22, 2012 by Invincible
First of all, u should try to solve the situation by talking about this inccident  to your husband that it's not right for u....perhaps your step son will avoid it...
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As per this context, I hope this is made only because of the boys mindset.  It should be taken into consideration that the mental straggle he faced since past days.  Even his step-mother is helped him in all aspects from his childhood, this boy only thought of opposite sex. He developed a stature only like the opposite sex.   Reasons may be more.  According to the natural justice, this boy should not think like.  This can be overcome only if the boy was set under a psychiatrist treatment that dissolves the stature of his mother build by the boy.
answered Dec 22, 2012 by blakat (110 points)
commented Dec 22, 2012 by aldrin (185 points)
Look blakat i understand its a crime , just to correct ur statement , the boy doesnt require a psychiatric treatment , psychiatric treatment is for bodily deformity in the brain ,he requires pychological counselling.
commented Dec 26, 2012 by blakat (110 points)
ok i agree
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Hello Sushmita,

Can you advice how you are knowing all such details. Also what is your age? As for your neighbor, I think the lady should not allow her step son to take advantage of her unless she is not satisfied with her husband. If she is having a satisfied and sex-citing relation with her husband, then she should clearly talk to her husband about the whole blackmailing part and get out of this situation. However if she is not satisfied from her husband, then also sex with step son is not ok. There are other ways / suggestions but it depends on her mindset.
answered Dec 22, 2012 by baljeetsb (705 points)
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I think she will use to for this soon .....
because if her step son is ninteen yrs old then her husband will be atleast 40 yrs old.
She want full satisfaction and her step son can fully satisfie so she will do sex in future ..  And will have fun ...
answered Dec 22, 2012 by jeetu1982 (350 points)

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