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Is it only 'me' or is it normal?

asked Dec 6, 2012 in Questions by Adon (320 points)
edited Dec 6, 2012 by Invincible
I’m a 23yr old male. Whenever I masturbate, I fantasize one of my friend. I imagine having sex with her but after ejaculation I feel guilty all of a sudden about imagining her. But next time the same story is repeated.
My questions are:

1. why does it happen every time?

2. Is it wrong?

3. Is it only with me this is happening?

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2 Answers

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While having sex and masturbating fantasises range from general to extreme and sometimes bad as well. There is nothing to feel guilty about unless you fantasize the forbidden. But the forbidden makes it more pleasurable is what is said in the world. So to give you a solid answer, you aren’t the only guy with this problem you find peculiar.

The answer to your questions:

No matter how cool a person stays while not having sex or while masturbating, something’s cannot be controlled when having sex/masturbating. It is no disease or an issue. Its matter of time one overcomes this. In spite of the guilt if you’re doing it over and over, try imagining an other girl. Unless you don’t misbehave with your friend in the real life, no issues but try getting your mind off her while masturbating, because it gets pretty hard when you talk to her because you get all your masturbating thoughts when you’re around her, so make a beginning by thinking about some other stuff.

It is no wrong to fantasize. If you’re very much attracted, pop the question and ask her for a date and see if you can make your fantasies real. That is a good chance. If she is already engaged, well limit your fantasies and divert your fantasies off her if she is with someone.

No, you’re not alone. There is a long line and you’re just an other guy to be thinking this way. Don’t worry, you’re good, but as I said, take care and try diverting.

answered Dec 6, 2012 by Invincible (12,550 points)
selected Dec 8, 2012 by Adon
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Hello Adon,

it is normal scenario for all and not only happening to you. If that person is very close to you, and you dont really intent on doing sex in reality with her, then you need to concentrate a bit and try diverting your mind off her.

In fact of you each time continue to think of her then in my opinion, you should  contact her and propose to her for a date. Then further course of action would depend on her responce.

It is not at all wrong to imagine someone in particular. However if you want not to think of her then you can use some different pictures or stories which can excite you and let you pass off the semen from your already steaming penis.
answered Dec 6, 2012 by baljeetsb (705 points)
commented Dec 6, 2012 by Sat2tayade (660 points)
moved Dec 6, 2012 by longhands1
it's very normal bro..... it also happens with me also... enjoy your life

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