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Is it wrong to have sex with multiple partners? [closed]

asked Nov 17, 2012 in Questions by iamsona (260 points)
closed Dec 7, 2012 by Invincible

I am Sonia, a 21 yrs female from Mumbai. I lost my virginity at the age of 17. I had a very good satisfying physical relationship for next two years with the guy who took it. He was really good in giving me the physical pleasure. After that he got married and relocated to a foreign land with his wife. Since then I had couple of relationships but the guys were not able to satisfy me.

Currently I am in an open relationship with a married guy. He is very good in sex, I mean he satisfies me very well but due to his marital status and busy schedule he is not available for me regularly. He gives me only one day in a week. Since we are in open relationship, I am free to have sex with other people. Some times he arranges a gigolo for me. So, now the problem is that we are not able to hire the same person again and again, since they are engaged with other clients or their personal work. Due to this I had a sex with around 6 gigolos in one year. Is it normal thing in today's world? Now a day’s lot of women hire gigolos, I think many women are there today who have these various sex partners or gigolos to satisfy them, is it right? Or am I doing something very wrong?


First of all thanks to all for your answers.
After reading all the answers I just want to give my feedback I don't know whether this is a right way or not to give a feedback?

1. First thing lots of people thinks that it is a great story or it is not a question etc. I just want to say that I told this my story in short so that people who wants to give answer they should know the background of my question.

2. Lots of people are asking that why I am keeping relationship with married people but I want to clarify that there are not lots of married peoples I had relationship but only one and that is my current partner. The first person with whom I shared bed was not married. He married on later and then moved on and I have never stopped him for doing that. Also, I don't know whether those gigolos whom we hired were married or not and I dont think I should care about it since it was there buisness.

3. I am a student of reputed college of mumbai and because of my sex I never failed in my studies in last 4/5 years. I am pretty much balancing it. There are lots of married or mature peoples who do sex or enjoys sex with other peoples, do they fail in their regular job/duties?

4. I am not at all involved emotionally in my current partner. When I started relationship with him, we had discussed all these issues including his wife and other related issues. From my side he is always free and can walk out whenever he want and even after over 1 year long relationship he don't want to live his wife and I am very much happy with it. Our relationship is purely related to enjoyment of every type of sex (including group sex n all. I had some questions about it but I will ask later on). Is it not possible to have sex friendship between two peoples?

5. Some people are saying that I have post this question here so that I will get some male attention and some dicks to fulfill my wishes? If I want to do that I will go to a pub instead of this forum and their I will get lots of male to fullfill my wish. It is not difficult for a girl to find a guy for sex. Frankly I dont want any emotional attachment with a guy I am sleeping with and that is why I am going to male prostitutes. And as far as money (to pay those call boys) is concerned nobody has to care about it we are able to do this very well.

6. Lots of people are saying to think about future, husband n all. But I dont know when I am going to marry and what will happen in future? I love doing sex and I love it.

Lots of explanation and lots of questions are there but I think It is enough for today.

closed with the note: Old enough to close, doesn't need new answers.
commented Nov 17, 2012 by Invincible (12,550 points)


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commented Nov 17, 2012 by sushma.gudla (220 points)
edited Nov 17, 2012 by dan
these days male escorts are in every cities but our age is not suited to do that have only one boyfrnd whch suits u the best am enjoyng my way with one and he delivers the best go search for it


[ One liner ]
commented Nov 18, 2012 by jibran2000 (100 points)
moved Nov 18, 2012 by Invincible
do it what u want but do safly.
commented Nov 20, 2012 by sreenivasamurthys (100 points)
I dont see any problem in engaging with multiple sex partners. Only u hv to ensure is that they should not harm ur life...

13 Answers

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Best answer

Sonia, what you do in your private life is up to you. No one can tell you what's right for you. I assume you've considered the damage your activity may cause to this man's marriage if his wife discovers his deception. At the very least, you will bring shame to her, at worst you'll destroy her marriage. If you understand this and continue, that's down to your conscience.


I hope that your activities with multiple partners are all taking place with the men wearing condoms. Nothing spreads STIs better than unprotected promiscuity. Beyond that warning, if it suits your lifestyle, and you're content with sex that doesn't include anything like emotional involvement, go right ahead and get as much as you want. Certainly, it works well for a lot of men, so why not for women as well.



answered Nov 17, 2012 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
selected Mar 10, 2013 by iamsona
commented Nov 17, 2012 by abhikhanna (115 points)
This answer is just too good....i mean hats off to u salma....
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U need to think abt few things before u go in for multiple sexual partners
there are high chances for
-sexually transmitted diseases
-can affect you psychologically
-It can lead you to sex addiction

Having multiple sex partners will not do any good for any people.
so u gonna continue this For life or for now???
having multiple sexual partners is not uncommon at all..You may or may not feel guilty and everyone is different in this regard.

Take break from ur sexual marathon . Add more value to ur life . Its never too late to realise and revert back . Give urself some value time to think abt it . Wat ur doin now might now affect u now . but if ur gonna continue this at later point u might feel bad and it will be too late to realise and fix things .
Ur just 21 .. Plan for ur happy future :)
both from mind and body

answered Nov 17, 2012 by srajesh (1,135 points)
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It is pretty obvious that u need more sex n definitely orgasmic sex.Hence the reason uh r looking around for hard cocks which can satisfy ur lust.It is not advisable to hav sex with too many people,especially gigolos.However ensure that u allow any one to fuck u with a condom on.Wonder whether u shud hav got married to the man who was physically satisfying ur lust n shud hav settled in life.U hav now reached a stage of point of no return,whereby ,u r on the look out for cocks which can drive ur lust.Better to think over ,before it becomes too late !
answered Nov 17, 2012 by Kamalkannan (1,280 points)
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A concrete answer which you’re looking for cannot be given. But it is not too bad to have lots and lots of sex before marriage and on the contrary it is a bit too much to have various sex partners as when you settle down to one guy after marriage, you would surely miss all this sex if your husband doesn’t give you what you exactly need or you might get frustrated with monogamy. You yourself have mentioned that your partners after your 1st guy have failed to satisfy you, so don’t you see that you would shift places to find good sex? According to me that isn’t a promising start to a relationship.

One primary thing to note down is to have safe sex. I'm sure you would know this but always practice safe sex and take good care.

What you said is true in a sense, women do hire gigolos to satisfy themselves, but do they do it extensively or do they have that in check, is the one thing you should keep track of. Having sex is in no way bad, but when it comes to multiple partners, people just can’t stop comparing one to the other and in your case, it is true to every word. You seem to not get satisfied by one.

I have this theory; I get the feeling of doing something wrong only when I do something that isn’t accepted or good. So you feeling to ask this question must be an indication from your mind asking you to control yourself. A girl of 21, who in the normal world would be pursing her studies and might be in a steady relationship with a single guy, but for you, you’re way out of your league, you are having relationship with a married guy and this for your information is wrong. Think about the consequences, when this affair of yours gets open to public or to his wife. You might ruin a family just to enjoy sex. On the other hand you are hiring gigolos to satisfy yourself. Seeing this I can’t stop but call you insatiable.

Craving sex is acceptable but craving it by any means is not good and depicts about your nature. You might carry the symbol of **** where ever you go. Learn to control your sexual urges and don’t give in to them. At 21, you’ve a whole life to face and having sex isn’t the only priority in life.

Since you’ve asked for an opinion let me say this, what had happened has happened, leave this behind you and start afresh. I’m sure you have some education or job to look into, so do that and divert your mind off sex for a few months and break off your relationship with this guy. After some time when you’re looking for settling down, look out for a good guy and settle down with him. This is for you if you wish to stay settled with one guy. If your idea is to carry yourself as you’re now, go on and keep having sex. But keep in mind that people around you might term you an ‘insatiable ****’. Not that you should care for the society but in certain cases it is better to pay heed to societal values.

answered Nov 17, 2012 by Invincible (12,550 points)
edited Nov 17, 2012 by Invincible
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Dear Sonia,

You must a great story teller and you can even make this fantasy from your age of 17 as a movie and win awards in Bollywood.

Lol. Are you sure there are lots of women like you who are get giglos for sex? If its true, why not enjoy the life with full sexual satisfaction. Is it that much difficult to get a permanent sexual partner in Mumbai so that you are having sex with married persons all the time.

What do you expect us to answer you? For me it seems like an advertisement to all men over here that you are unsatisfied with sex and waiting for the persons to help you. If I were in Mumbai I could have helped you. I will message you soon since I might be shifting you mumbai.

See you,

answered Nov 17, 2012 by pragashr (520 points)
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Hmmmm....i think there is nothing wrong in having various sex partners but you should be sure that you are using enough protection....its imp that u protect urself from sexually transmitted diseases...esp when u deal with gigolo, u hv to be very careful...

Also, only one thing that i will be cocerned here is that if u have sex wid differen partners regularly, it may be diff for you to adjust wid sex from a single guy at a later stage in life...lets say wen u get married, u mite still get an urge to try a diff guy...apart from that, i think there is no harm i guess...

and yeah...its a short life, make d most of it but then use precaution for sure...
answered Nov 17, 2012 by abhikhanna (115 points)
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Rather than question, I would call this as a storyline, and like others, you also have some loop holes. 

Firstly your age and history, that showing having two years steady sex and now a guy who can satisfy you but not regular, still arrange for gigolo, the question is too frill.  The biggest drawback of the story is, what is the place you entertain these men? Unless you have that much of financial security to have your own condo, you cant go ahead with this. 

Second drawback is, look at the question, its not a question at all. Its more of a background info. 

Answer to your question, a lot women hire gigolo for three reasons. Either they are alone and want to have a meaningless hardcore paid sex without any string attached. Second reason is, they are wealthy enough and not satisfied with their husband. Third reason is they are alone as divorcee and passed the age of attracting guys. In all three cases, they are wealthy enough to pay for the sex.  Yes a lot of matured women are going for paid sex these days.  

Answer to your second question, what you are doing is not right, at this age you cant keep on running after all married guys. You are not only risking to break a marriage, you are gaining a bad reputation for yourself as a ****. In near future if you get married at all, your this chapter of sex life wont be thrilling to your future husband.  Also, the guy needs to be that good on bed, else you will look for other options. Why dont you close your legs for now and find your life partner?

From what I read of your question, its much more clear to me you are not asking a question here. Rather you are looking for guys who wants to have paid sex to write you on Personal Message.  If that really is your intention to pick your guys, please dont write anymore or dont look for your probable customers. There are plenty of hooker picking sites, this is not one.

answered Nov 18, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
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Seriously, you have also now become an open woman. having sex with so many guys teaches you also something. Sex without love also is dangerous. Don't let your values down. Keep steady partners now for longer term.

Emotionally you would feel degraded when you realise how men used you and how medically dangerous could paid sex be.

Take care of urself. You are worth much more


answered Nov 18, 2012 by sinistersam88 (435 points)
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i hope this is true because it does sound made up , but anyways just take right precautions with gigolos and make them have a bath before you indulge in sexual activity .
well according to me there is no harm in female for hiring male pros but i think you dont need to you can easily find a partner for no strings attached sexual relationship but anyways ur choice
answered Nov 18, 2012 by parik89 (2,190 points)
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See you can have sex with endless numbers of partners till they are STD,s free persons.

World will tell you numerous things. It depends what you are taking and what you are letting it out.

If you have noticed there is always resistance for seven day but then what you will see on the eight day. No one will be after you. Finally they who were against you will leave your path because they know they can't break you. So they let you sail free. You need to understand there are some who just cannot stand seeing you bringing some change...some new under such circumstances they will create a barrier and will tell you lots of blah...blah.....

As a dedicated and sincere user you are free to ask endless numbers of wacky questions and we will always be there to take you to your final destination with our answers.
answered Nov 21, 2012 by xpktv2000 (3,295 points)
edited Nov 21, 2012 by xpktv2000
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Sonia., if you are really serious to have a balanced life in your current life and in future life , then avoid going here and there . Every one in this world enjoys sex but if you will move like you are doing then there will be no end to it and take my words...your married life will be in hot soup after some time due to your extra body needs . So try to control your mind and try to have a study young bf and try to enjoy with him ONLY. There is no limits of going out.... So its your life , your feelings , your body needs ...and you have to think that you are 21 and  you have 40 plus coming years of your active sex life .
answered Nov 21, 2012 by oldisgold0 (255 points)
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You have written extensively and given us your fairly well thought out comments to the Answers received. It would have been more appropriate to address each of the Answers and comment on them individually.

I, for one do not doubt what you have written. But are you honestly happy at the juncture you are in life? You have yearned for and received physical satisfaction. What about your mental state of mind? If you were at bliss with your self, you would not come to us for a solution. A time will come and must come when you tire of this state of life. You admit you know nothing about your partners (their marital status etc). Don't you thirst for someone you can bare your soul and talk about the ordinary things that happen everyday in your life.

I am not lecturing you on the moral aspect of your life. As an individual, you have every right to decide how you want to live it. What bothers me, is have you lost life's meaning? Through out you talk about enjoying sex and express your happiness at achieving it. Are you aware that you may never again be able to enjoy normal sex with a normal person. A gigolo is usually well endowed and trained by instinct to satisfy a woman, so normal sex will not satisfy you. What do you then do in future?

 A word of caution. Sex with multiple partners is always a huge risk. Things do go wrong. A broken condom, condom slips, in the throes of passion condom is removed, you perform oral sex on an infected person etc, etc. Do take care. I may sound pessimistic, but I do have your well being in mind. 


answered Nov 21, 2012 by longhands1 (76,920 points)
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Ok sonia, it is right way because as a human being nobody can't say when he/she will be die. So if you want you can do everyday/ everyhour/ everyminute/everysecond. My dear wish you to get a happy sex life.
answered Dec 7, 2012 by Sanayaima (140 points)

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