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i had doubt about my neighbor aunty ? [closed]

asked Nov 4, 2012 in Questions by lovevani (310 points)
closed Nov 24, 2012 by longhands1
I'm 21 years old ,now i'm doing BE.
my question is about my neighbor aunty.
when i was free i went her house.she had a 7 years old son.
me and her son both of them playing like chess ,carom.Yesterday she changing her cloths in front of me .she ask to me hook the her bra.i hooked her ,that time she show her breast clearly .i was scared and i got nervous.
afterwards  she asked coffee to me. she had a pain in her hands ,she asked me to massage her hands i massaged her hand and that time unfortunately i touched her breast.she don't mind that .please answer my question what she expect from me?
closed with the note: Closed, As it was closed by Oye earlier and rightly too.
commented Nov 4, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
This might be a true incident, might not. I am closing this because it looks like first chapter and many more to follow.

What she expect from you, why dont you ask her? We are not mind reader, nor were we present when all these happened.
commented Nov 4, 2012 by prashant69 (7,205 points)
i think its a very clear green signal no woman will ever tell any man to hook her bra unless she has a thing for her furthermore she told u to massage her hands! u please observe and read her eyes as they can not hide the emotions just take precautions and have a fun!
commented Nov 4, 2012 by lovevani (310 points)
thank u sir
commented Nov 5, 2012 by abhinavm (290 points)
Unless it is a fantasy question as indicated by the moderator, the sign is very clear. Are you so naive at 21 and doing engg that you are asking us all this. Being married that too with a 7yr old son if she is asking you to hook her bra and has no qualms about giving you a complete view of her breasts and then asking to massage her hands. It is very clear she wants to sleep with you, if you too want a no strings attached kind of a relation for  fun and enjoyment go ahead but do approach her looking at the risks of the relation as well. If her husband were to find out, her son were to see both of you, or somebody else got to know about this clandestine affair, boy you would be really in a soup. So watch your step.
commented Nov 7, 2012 by goraksha (110 points)
lol she is interested in you ? you can start those things normally first whenever you get time rich her home and touch her body normally, make a adult joke in front of her she will understand. while have sex with her dont put your pennins inside her pussy with wear a condom !

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