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What could be the degree of liberty/frankness between a devar and a bhabhi? [closed]

asked Oct 6, 2012 in Questions by rajeev_agarwal (310 points)
closed Oct 6, 2012 by Invincible
hi guys, i am a 28 years old working unmarried guy. i have a very beautiful and sexy bhabhi of 30 years who is a housewife. my brother is 37 years old. both of them are married for last 6 years with a 3 years old daughter.

we both, me and my bhabhi, have a good understanding and respect each other. we go out together for movies and shopping. we also share jokes and have normal light fun like friends. we have never shared any adult jokes or double meaning dialogues yet.

i want to know that what is the degree of liberty between a devar and a bhabhi. i mean to ask that how much free can they be with each other.

actually, i am thinking to flirt with her. but she appears strict to me. may be she is just taking me as a friend. and she also maintains a little distance with me. i have never got a chance to touch her body, not even a hand shake. she even avoids sitting next to me as much as possible. but she has never made me feel bad and never made me feel neglected.

so is there any way by which i can show her my interest in her?

can i ask her privately to wear some particular clothes when we go out for the movies or shopping?

can i crack naughty and adult jokes with her?

can i send her naughty and adult SMS on her mobile?

can i pull her jokingly towards me and ask her to sit next to me when we both are alone at home while watching TV or surfing the internet?

and what would be her possible reactions if she is also interested in having some naughty fun with me?

PS: i really don't want any moral policing in this matter. please help me guys. I know that askanjali doesn't promote incest and i am not even trying to make it incest. i am just looking to have some more liberty with her and want to know that what could be the degree of liberty between a devar and a bhabhi. i mean to ask that how much free can they be with each other.
closed with the note: Reasons specified below.
commented Oct 6, 2012 by Invincible (12,550 points)


I could have rejected your question out-right but after having seen you last statement as to ‘no moral-policing’ I have changed my mind.

May I ask you what does flirting result in? If you got no intentions about her, why do you care to even crack an adult joke with her. She is your brother’s wife. Show some decency and find yourself someone. What would you do when she touches you or sits closer, does it stop there or will it proceed further? This is incest. Closing down.

commented Oct 6, 2012 by rajeev_agarwal (310 points)
dear Invincible,
as i already told you that i am not looking to do anything serious with her. it is just to touch her lovingly and that too not even her private parts.

i just want to know that how free can i be with her? that's it.......that is the reason i have asked some sample questions here to give the readers an idea as to what i am looking to know and let them answer please.
commented Oct 6, 2012 by Invincible (12,550 points)

I have taken the decision after having seen your earlier posts, where you have been talking a lot about her and your ideas on how to end up on bed with her, so my decision stays and don't attempt to re-open it.



commented Oct 6, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
This guy is playing same record for long, still his age is fixed and same status. My reply is also fixed, if you are ready to get married and let your brother and wife fuck each other, then go to any extent. Tell this to your brother and bhabi and start having sex with her. Your brother would love to fuck a young girl in near future when you bang his used hole. This is no moral policing, its a business, you use his property now and let him use your property later.
commented Oct 6, 2012 by Krish01 (3,740 points)
I don't understand what kind of guy you are.. You are simply repeating the same question again and again.. Probably this is your 5th question regarding your bhabi.. If you are thinking that 100% frankness is required in your bhabi devar relationship then go ahead.. No one is going to restrict you..

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