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Whether I am doing is correct [closed]

asked Aug 26, 2012 in Questions by kumar_mcbe (120 points)
closed Aug 26, 2012 by bin
I already posted one question about how my wife teases my small cock. That started when one day I asked about her frank opinion about my dick size. I got very good advices from you.

Now I am unable to control my wife calling me 'small dick' and many other names. Also I started liking it. whenever she teases my small dick, I get a very good erection. So I encouraged her by indirectly not condemning her. Now she is calling me 'small dick, lady dick etc'. She used to check often how my dick size at that moment and teasing me 'dont u feel shame. nothing is there' like that many comments. These comments make me horny and erect. She took many nude and panty wearing pictures of me. I convince her whenever she teases me by following a submissive behavior (Master and slave).

I like her activities since I am also getting good erection. Also I am leading a sucessfull sex life ( Penetration is not fully. still I can make her happy). But whether this is good for my entire life enjoying her teasing. I accept I am unable to stop her from teasing me. If you all think this is one of the fantasy leads to good sex I continue. Or slowly i distract my wife from this cock topic.
closed with the note: duplicate questions related to penis length
commented Nov 14, 2013 by k.shastri (1,035 points)
Kumar, I think you shall continue whatever is going on. From your post, I understand that this makes you both happy. So nothing wrong to continue as long as you both enjoy.

Even my wife calls me Chintu because of my small penis. Unfortunately I don't get drastic hard-on with that. But I like her calling me that. Also she never calls me that when we are with kids or someone else. So I don't feel insulted as well.

Keep it up and enjoy it.

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