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how many women lick their husbands ass? can kinkiness be taught?

asked Jul 21, 2012 in Questions by frend4u123 (265 points)
how many women lick their husbands ass?
Its my curiosity as i find it very kinky..
I wonder if my future wife is not as kinky as me.will it create problems? Or can i teach her to be kinky? Any experiences?
commented Jul 21, 2012 by longhands1 (78,290 points)

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commented Jul 22, 2012 by frend4u123 (265 points)
After reading these answers i think..although sex is enjoyed more when u hv a partner..but kinkiness should be kept to oneself and not exposed even to partner unless she is naturally kinky. Thanks all.

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7 Answers

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Its totally depend on an individual choice,but its kinda rare thing if we consider several people choice coz licking ass hole is somewhere kinky..
you cannot teach your wife to be kinky,all you can do is to force her,but doing this will only give pleasure to you not your wife for her its only a order she has to follow and that's a rude thing in my opinion..
answered Jul 21, 2012 by ptwa (510 points)
selected Jul 22, 2012 by frend4u123
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Licking the anus is called rimming or anilingus. It refers to making oral-anal contact. While sometimes a precursor to anal sex, rimming is a form of stimulation that can be as pleasurable as sex.

You talk about the woman licking the man, what about you licking your wife's anus? Will you do it? There is nothing kinky in sex, provided it is done with consent and without force.

Anilingus, involves licking, penetrating with the tongue, sucking, kissing, or otherwise orally stimulating your partner's anus. Many people mistakenly label rimming as an exclusively gay activity because of its association with anal sex, but this is not the case and many couples do indulge in it.

You must know that the vagina and anus operate under very different hygienic conditions. Bacteria in the anus should never make their way into the vagina, whether via fingers, tongue, penis, or sex toys. Washing up before and after rimming will help prevent unwanted transmission of bacteria and help to avoid vaginal infections.

STDs are always a concern, and adequate precaution needs to be taken.
answered Jul 21, 2012 by longhands1 (78,290 points)
commented Jul 21, 2012 by Asanka (340 points)
I think he just wanted to know how many women in AAA lick their husbands ass he did not ask for a definition..
commented Jul 21, 2012 by longhands1 (78,290 points)

We are not here to provide statistics. How come you have not answered, whether your wife licks your ass.
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7584923 women do rimming  

Yes we can ask them to do that, but its their choice to do/not to do rimming.We have to accept it.
answered Jul 21, 2012 by pussycat (3,855 points)
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Yeah, a lot of people enjoy this.I think its normal cuz I would let a girl do it to me and I would do it to her in return ...depends upon of upto what level a girl is interested towards sex..Hey dude there is nothing wrong in doing so, it should only be clean. Nothing is ugly in a consented sex amoung adults. some use to feel better, some dont,Getting ass licked or fingered in the right way is pleasurable. If it is your most erogenous zone, your lady love would do it. Otherwise, it depends on the taste and fantasy of the girl..
answered Jul 21, 2012 by srajesh (1,135 points)
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This is no blog for statistical research, we cant go for a yes no vote here.

However, I havenot seen much woman to like licking her partner's asshole. Not that I dont like, rather I love to give a rimming and I would love to get one, but I dont like any force sex. Even on experimentation, I dont force for that.

Its a bit kinky, and kinkyness can be taught, but should not. The knack of kinkiness comes from within ownsef. At some point of time, I was a bi, and would love to get rimming as well as give. These days as I am straight, I love giving a rim job, with or without an expectation of an analsex. But usual cases, giving a good rimming job makes sure I will hit the jackpot.

Anyway, I dont think much woman sponteneously will go for a blowjob, giving some encouragement she will. A lot of woman feels a head job is dirty, later thy love it. Even give a rimming job, they might feel nasty, still would love to get. But give a rimming job on their own, thats a quite hard luck you are thinking of. It will create hyegenic problem if not cleaned properly, and you cant teach one to be kinky. But if she is well aware of sex experience, my hunch is, when you ask her to give a rimming job to you, the first thing she will know you are a bottom on your own. Thats for sure.
answered Jul 21, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
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Yes , my gf lick my ass and your question is can kinkiness be taught ??? I feel yes it can be taught rather you can help in evolving that kinkiness which is present in majority . Let me tell you my personal experience : 2 years before when me and my partner had sex it would be just normal foreplay , some licking and penetreation but now we have crossed all the boundaries . It happened when i started talking dirty on phone and once i expressed my desire how badly i want to put my nose in her ass and she was just like ewwwww what are you telling but i didn't  stop and would always take this topic whenever we had phone sex and finally she agreed to give it a try and now just talk of she licking my ass make her horny and she starts to breathe heavily . My personal suggestion to you is that first gain trust with your wife then you can express your desire and it will be more easy if you start the act first . First she may be reluctant to the act but i gurantee she will finally agree to it .
answered Jul 22, 2012 by Lovemyjanu (1,305 points)
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yeah , my partner  commands me to lick her ass and I do it . I love licking her ass
answered May 23, 2017 by slavebab (105 points)

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