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Why are viewers reluctant to cast "up or down" votes?

asked Jun 29, 2012 in Questions by mahee (2,755 points)
edited Jun 29, 2012 by longhands1
Whatever we see either we like or we do not like it! Similarly on anyone's views either we approve or disapprove but Why people coming here are afraid to cast their vote on question/Answer they like/ don't like when it rarely takes any time?
commented Jul 1, 2012 by nonami (215 points)
hi mahi,i hv just now given an upvote to this ur Question :):) i can see,i got 1point increase and u too.But by the way is there any benefits of increasing points?
commented Jul 1, 2012 by mahee (2,755 points)
Why did u cast a vote here? If u don't know Iwould say u are a minor& MINORS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED on this site. Only two types of people don't know the value of their vote. 1st are described above& 2nd are the residents of any MENTAL ASYLUM.
Everywher, admiration & appraisal is welcome. In an organisation, if aperson has done some GOOD he deserves a reward which encourages him to put his best. HERE,reward is +1pointsa. what's wrong with it.

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3 Answers

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Best answer
I think people are too selfish to give an up vote, and too generous not to give a down vote.

We cant fotce people to give up or down vote, monitoring certain number of votes and find that as best answer or question, I am not sure how much that will be possible.

Thats why we took a different measure, give Editors the authority to select Best Answer. I can create some more users as special user who will have the authority to select best answer. All the editors have this autority, I gave Manish_Naran the authority, he is not participating these days, looking at some more users I can assign that authority.

If anyone wants that authority, do white me, based on your writing and comments I can give that authority. But on that case, the names has to come first, the editors has to select the special users, and then I will assign them as Special member with Best Answer selection authority.  If okay with you, send your request.
answered Jun 30, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
selected Jun 30, 2012 by mahee
commented Jun 30, 2012 by mahee (2,755 points)
O.K. hereby I voluntarily forward my name for the job.
commented Jun 30, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
These are some of the major decisions, I dont want to take this decision alone. I will place this on the Panel of Editors, if majority agrees, I will go ahead with an announcement. Based on responses, again the panel of editors will go through the selected members.

Dont place your name just yet, let the editors decide first.
commented Jun 30, 2012 by mahee (2,755 points)
O.K. I was just responding to your comment. Discuss and make some needful and attractive amendments which need to encourage active participation of viewers. It's only thing I wish. I do not want any priviledge for myself, & on moral grounds I hereby withdrew my name for the job offered.
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hmm I think thats the genuine question we must appreciate every body to cast votes and make a system that after 10 days of a question, The answers with most vote be declare as a best answer

I think that will help in bringing more question competition and entertainment in the site
answered Jun 29, 2012 by Sizzler (350 points)
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You are right. Rating an answer shows participation and we are all for it. However we cannot force anyone to do so, we can only educate. Suggestion made ny Sizzler, is a good one. An answer should be selected as the Best Answer, based on the up votes, if it is able to garner a minimum of say 10 up votes. The downside is that a group can get together and rig the voting.
answered Jun 29, 2012 by longhands1 (77,000 points)
commented Jun 29, 2012 by mahee (2,755 points)
Well said sizzler & longhands !
It's a nice suggestion to improve!

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