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Had oral sex with a Couple, now am scared of STD, what should I do? [closed]

asked Jun 23, 2012 in Questions by sagarm (120 points)
closed Jul 8, 2012 by longhands1
Hello mam,
I am very much in depression. I dont know how I did that. Actually I am staying alone and last week one person got me on yahoo chat and proposed that I should have sex with his girl friend.

I dont know how I accepted his offer. One evening we meet at a public place and then we came to my house. I was very nervous so I did not get a proper erection. I am not that type of person and I know the consequence also, but i was blind at that time. I was also not interested, but I did some foreplay and i sucked her vagina... it looked  clean to me. I also kissed her lips. She sucked my cock for 10-15 seconds, but I was unable to do more.

I know I am normal but my conscience did not permit to go further, so I  stopped and told them you can continue but I cannot. They had sex. I  did not do anything after that. Now I am very much worried about STD or HIV. I am unable to sleep through out the night. Please help me on this and tell me what to do. I am sure I will never repeat this again in my life.

Am I in danger of contracting any STD? Please help me.
closed with the note: 10 days old post

6 Answers

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Unprotected sex with people you don't know always carries a risk of contracting STIs. And even with people you know, unless you are sure of their clean sexual health, you are taking chances.

Having said that, oral sex is at least a little less risky than vaginal or anal penetration, as many of the infections are killed by your saliva, including HIV, which is actually quite a fragile virus if exposed to the atmosphere.

What I find worrying is that you threw caution to the wind and got involved with total strangers that you'd only met in cyberspace. Apart from the STI risk, what on earth are you doing getting involved in this way? I think you need to do more than just worry about catching something, I think you need to examine your behaviour, and question your common sense!

answered Jun 23, 2012 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
commented Jun 25, 2012 by sagarm (120 points)
Thanks for ur concern... i ll take care of myself from not to enter this type of situation.. it was 5 days they did not contact me... hope i ll not in any danger... and about STD i am still very worried.
commented Jun 25, 2012 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
Whatever else you do, get a check from the doctor, or sexual health clinic. Be safe, not sorry!!!!!

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It seems like another story from a sex site.
Let me suppose it's true. Then i don't think that by merely cock suck for 15 sec their least possiblities for any diseases unless she had ulcers.For your oral job done see what other members say!
answered Jun 24, 2012 by mahee (2,755 points)
commented Jun 25, 2012 by sagarm (120 points)
Maheeji.... what i am telling u is 100% true. otherwise i didnot waste my time. but i suck her vigina for more then 5 min. i dont know what happened to me that time. How i did that.
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Its good to know that you didn't go futher for vaginal penetration. Oral sex can also transmit STDs. If she had bleeding sore and your penis has a open cut, its a trouble for you. But for 10 to 15 chances seems nul to me. Anyway whenever go for sex carry a condom. There will no point in regrating later.
answered Jun 24, 2012 by land crusier (3,145 points)
commented Jun 25, 2012 by sagarm (120 points)
whenever i go... no chance sir..  not again.
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What you did, you did. Nothing you can undo.  

Unprotected sex with unknown and sometimes even known people can be dangerous. Its not a question of 10/15 second or 10/15 hours, unprotected, thats the bottom line.  She looked clean doesnot make a change, all you can think of is, if she is fucking her boyfriend and spread to you, then it means she is habituated with others and having more partners too. That is risky area.

For now, dont cry out and blame yourself or did just a bit type of excuse. Go to a doctor, ask for the regular STD checkups and sleep tight.  Once the report comes, either be happy or be sad.

Think of this girl as a high class callgirl, what would you have done with a call girl, do the same. Avoid all oral sex, go for protected vaginal intercourse, pay off and sleep tight.  At least you are worried about your helth thats good, but knowing these can be dangerous venture still couldnot hold the temptation, that was real bad.
answered Jun 24, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
commented Jun 25, 2012 by sagarm (120 points)
Sir, when i can go for STD checkup? after 15 days or any days. if i am alreay infected then when it ll appear? like within 1 months or anydays.? what about HIV sir.  i am more worried about HIV only.
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For starters you must start being yourself rather than being absorbed in time and going along without thinking.What were you thinking while going through all the stuff, you had a couple in your house whom you have met in a chat room and invited them to your house? seems to me like a proper setup that would have resulted bad in any way.

If you hadn't involved in vaginal sex then you might scrape yourself from a possible STD but still there will be a chance of STI"s so you better visit a doctor and get your self tested and wait for the results.It would be of further help if you visit a psychiatrist so that it would help you come out of your depression and get back on track.

Chat rooms in general are meant to take the edge off from your routine personal life but don't try to bring them into your social life since it gives you very little chance of controlling any situation.Stay tight and get yourself tested and hope for the best and don't mess up your life by doing things without thinking the pro's and con's ever again.
answered Jun 24, 2012 by Invincible (12,550 points)
commented Jun 25, 2012 by sagarm (120 points)
i dont know how i did like this. its already 5 days over they did not contact me. hope they ll never contact me again in my life.
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What do you mean the woman was clean? You mean she had a bath or she had shaved her pubic area. There is no way you can tell if a person is suffering from an STD or even worse HIV. You could be lucky this time, but you will have to perspire and spend a few sleepless nights.

What worries me, is that you took this couple to your home and jeopardised your security. What if you are black mailed in future. Did they click any snap of yours on their mobile? How can you say no? Your face was buried in her vagina!!

You have no idea that this woman is related to this man. She could be a call girl and they might have been looking for a place to screw. I bet you dont have a picture of this couple together.

Take care in future and think with your head, not with your penis!
answered Jun 24, 2012 by longhands1 (78,285 points)
commented Jun 25, 2012 by mahee (2,755 points)
Well said!
A new point of concern brought to light, which every other member should also keep in mind, if ever in similar conditions.

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