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What do I do if my girlfriend get pregnant??

asked Jun 9, 2012 in Questions by loveable_soul02102 (135 points)
edited Jun 9, 2012 by land crusier
Hello Anjali mam and all members of this site.
I am 23 years old guy from Punjab.

I am littile bit confused and need help. I got a girl in my life and I met her for the first time on 22 may 2012 and had sex 3 times at my place without protection.
I just took out my penis before I ejaculation every time but me n my girlfriend have doubt about getting pregnant as her periods date is 15 to 16th of the month.
If she did not got her periods then it means she is pregnant.
What is the safest way to abort if anything happened like that.
So kindly suggest me according your precuious suggestions.

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9 Answers

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You are registered here for 10 month and still asking such question. It seems we people are not succerful in our aim.
We continusely discourage pull out method.
And still an old member like you is practising it and that too with a girl you met recently.
For aborting, Sorry we don't suggest such things.
Precum also posses risk of pregnancy as it has few amount of sperms specially if you ejaculates once and go for second session.
Wait till the date comes. If she gets her periods then its okay and please carry a condom next time and be tension free.
If she miss her period then its a sign of danger, then I don't know what to suggest.
Good luck mate.
answered Jun 9, 2012 by land crusier (3,145 points)
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You call yourself loveable_soul? What is loveable about a guy who has so little regard for a girl that he will behave in such an irresponsible way, and then ask questions about abortion as if it's just another form of contraception?

If it weren't for the fact that it would probably ruin the girl in question's life, I'd wish you had to find out the hard way! So, here's my precious suggestion for you, and any other brain dead imbecile who thinks this behaviour is acceptable. Pray that she isn't pregnant, and if your gods don't cooperate, you'd better ask her what she wants to do before you even think of your own selfish needs.

If you can't take responsibility for your actions, you're too childish and selfish to be committing them. And as for the girl, she'sd a fool for letting you put your cock anywhere near her without protection.

answered Jun 9, 2012 by sexysalma (14,995 points)
commented Jun 11, 2012 by loveable_soul02102 (135 points)
i did not expected that our meeting would lead to sex.....because there was not anything like that in my mind.....but some how we lost controls n did so...i insisted her to take some pill within 72 hours but she declined to do so....

may be she was well experienced abt these things bcoz she wasnt virgin n i felt she was quite loose.....but only m worried abt here....she isnt at all....even she is not much in contact with me.....
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Precious suggestions? are u serious man, people over here literally mention to use a condom not just to avoid pregnancy but also STD's in every other reply.

If you aren't ready for a commitment why the hell did you have sex without a condom.I guess you haven't grown up yet.

Well now all you can do is wait for her periods, if shes normal feel happy and use a condom the next time but if she isn't safe better get her consent on doing any thing further.
answered Jun 9, 2012 by Invincible (12,550 points)
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If you had sex on 22 and she has regular period on 15/16 every month ,then my friend, you are limit limit for daddy to be.

Usually 7 days before period and 7 days after period are safe period and the rest are fertile period , thus if a single drop of sperm can make your girlfriend pregnant.

Pull out method is not safe , carry a condom next time if you happen to get lucky this time or else prepare for wedding my friend.

Regarding abortion unfortunately we can't suggest anything better assume your responsibility . If you are enough responsible to have sex then assume the same if your girlfriend happen to be pregnant.

You see a piece of rubber can save your life or can give a life [ a birth ]
answered Jun 9, 2012 by dan (2,350 points)
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you met her on 22nd may and had sex 3 times within 18 days...let me ask you a question...was she virgin till having sex with you????

anyway if your GIRLFRIEND becomes pregnant....marry her...

your life is going to get screwed
answered Jun 10, 2012 by raj_psexy (205 points)
commented Jun 11, 2012 by loveable_soul02102 (135 points)
she was not at all virvin.....
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You probably will get a lot of replies telling you about your moral conduct. Let me tell you about the physical effects. The withdrawal method of contraception, also known as coitus interruptus, is the practice of withdrawing the penis from the vagina and away from a woman's external genitals before ejaculation to prevent pregnancy.

Using the withdrawal method for birth control requires self-control. Even then, the withdrawal method as typically used isn't an especially effective form of birth control. Sperm may enter the vagina if withdrawal isn't properly timed or if pre-ejaculation fluid contains sperm.

Further, the withdrawal method doesn't offer protection from sexually transmitted infections (STIs).  

You are playing Russian roulette. Best of luck. Please also show this reply to your partner.
answered Jun 10, 2012 by longhands1 (76,900 points)
commented Jun 11, 2012 by loveable_soul02102 (135 points)
thanx a lot dear.....
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You told her period date is 15/16 and u had sex when u met her on 22may, so dude there is no chance of pregnancy until u had sex with her in between 10 to18 days of her mensturation cycle. Still better u take precautions next time !
answered Jun 10, 2012 by mahee (2,755 points)
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Definitely, be a proud father!
answered Jun 12, 2012 by zena69 (1,825 points)
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We people here are a bit rude about the possiblity of killing a embryo. Either plan your sex right or dont have sex. If there is a chance of getting an unplanned pregnancy, you should use condom, without fail.

Let me correct on few things, her period is supposed to be on 15th of June, means last one was on 17th May. Having sex on 22nd May, there is hardly any chance of getting pregnant. Even if she is, better to own it as your mistake. We dont recommand any illegal act like abortion. Abortion should only be chosen when there is a health reason.

Let me correct you on cum outside. On the first fuck, you can cum outside. Then for the next shot, you should wait for at least 2 hours, else sperm remains active on the line. With the precum this sperm can get her pregnant. If you come outside on second and third fuck, sperm is present there.

So you are adult, she is adult. if you get her pregnant, marry her. I can sense the depth of your love, first meet and three fucks, she must be either loving you so much or she is a professional blackmailer. Whatever the case is, we dont want to hear the term abortion.  

You should have used condom, next time dont repeat the mistake, specially you never know if she was carrying any STD.
answered Jun 17, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
commented Jun 19, 2012 by Sizzler (350 points)
moved Jun 19, 2012 by land crusier
marry her :p

as simple as that

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