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No feeling when G spot is stimulated.

asked Apr 26, 2012 in Questions by land crusier (3,145 points)
Hello Anjali ji and others,
I am 19 years old male. And my partner is 20 years old. Before our last intercourse I used my middle finger to brush her G spot.
But she said that she couldnt feel any thing arousing.
In a sex story I read that if a girl's G spot and clit is stimulate together its very pleasureable for them and it can make them scream in pleasure. And this technique really worked and made my partners ejaculated everytime. But my current partner didn't ejaculated nor feel aroused. I also spend time on foreplay.
Another thing is her G spot is quite rough as compared to others.
Has any one experienced the same?
Please help.
Thank you in advance.

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6 Answers

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The myth of g-spot is still the most controversial part of the female body . From it's discovery dating back to 1940,  it is still believed that g spot is something which has no connection to the female sexuality . But still most of the girls or women get that extra sexual arousal when a pea like spot present generally 2-3" inside the vaginal wall is touched or rubbed .all girls can't get the pleasure from same thing so i think your gf fall under the category of women that is 20 % accrording to survey conducted by a famous gynac scientist who noticed that 80 % react extemely when that spot is hit or touched . One more important thing which you might have missed is that make her gently wet and then smoothly try to insert your finger gently rubbing and caressing that spot . May be she respond to the soft touch of yours . Some girls get extreme urge to pee when g spot is touched , if she is able to control that urge for few minutes she can expreience a full orgasm but most of the times girls react oppositely and make you to remove the finger inorder to supress the peeing sensation .
answered Apr 26, 2012 by Lovemyjanu (1,305 points)
commented Apr 26, 2012 by land crusier (3,145 points)
G spot isn't a myth brother. It exist in reality. But any way thank you for supporting answer I learned some new facts.
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@lovemyjanu, everytime someone says G-Spot is discovered in 1950s, I will keep objecting.

About this spot was mentioned in 3rd century verysion of Kamasutra. The commentator version in Sanskrit 'Jayamangala' of Yashodhara in 13 century later Hindi version by Devadatta Shastri and Sir Burton's English version in 1883 couldnot explain that. However 'Ratirahasya' by Kokka Pandit mentioned G-spot as 'saspanda. Please dont keep repeating two things, G-spot was discovered by that German guy and G-spot is a myth. Its reality and was discovered in India in 3rd century, about 1700 years before Dr. Grafenberg discovered.

Now to Land Cruiser on your question. Your girlfriend has a rough one and dont feel. It may happen, depending on the time. As per time table, night is distributed in 4 parts, 6PM to 9PM as first, 9PM to 12AM as 2nd, 12AM to 3AM as 3rd and 3AM to 6AM as 4th.  Based on a girls orgasn, or lets be to the point, based on your girls vaginal depth, she can fall under one of the 4 types as was defined. Each type has different part of night to get stimulated, it can be one or more.

On usual cases, 12AM is a peak point for any girl's sexual sensitivity, it starts from 10PM keep growing to peak and then goes down at 2AM.  If your girl doesnot feel the sensuality at 12AM, that would be a bit concerning.  When you go for stimulating, that you havenot mentioned.

You are right on two stimulation together, go for a prolong foreplay, start with less sensitive erogenous zone to moderate zone to most sensitive zones, on fial stage go for using fingers on her vagina and lips and tongue on her clit, that should do the trick. In rare cases her A spot is real triggering point, in that case G-Spot gets lower priority.

Anyway, knowing this two info could touch base better, one is her vagina type, the depth and the other is the time you go for sex.
answered Apr 26, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
commented Apr 26, 2012 by land crusier (3,145 points)
Thank you for the answer Sir. We went for sex at 3.30 A.M on Sunday.
You are damm right on the time issue. She goes horny sometimes when we talk on phone at night, nearly 12 A.M. Our relation has started recently I need some time to find that is A spot trigger for her. Anyway you solved half of my problem other half I will try.
Thank you again.
commented Apr 26, 2012 by akk0907 (2,855 points)
marry a girl who is 24hrs available horny.
commented Apr 27, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
Its 3:30 AM or PM?

Time matters much, so does the mental state as well as if there is any chance of getting caught. You can think of A spot later, if you can tell her vagina type, if its snug, medium, liberal or wide depth, I can go though old chart prepared by our pundits of 13th centure, match with the book and tell what is the right time for her.

Your dick size is not important, just her vagina type and depth as you know.
commented Apr 27, 2012 by land crusier (3,145 points)
Its 3:30 AM, Sir. There isn't any chance of getting caught nor any other mental stress.
Her vagina is wide and not much deep as when women on top position I can feel my penis hitting her cervex.
She is quite obesse too.
commented Apr 27, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
The old book is going to be too volumnous to reply here.

The girls are divided in four categiosy, Padmini, Chitrini, Shankhini and Hastini. Based on the characterstics, the night time varies. The category your girlfriend falls will take time to determine. Usual cases, Padmini prefers fourth hour (3AM to 6AM), Chitrini, Shankhini and Hastini.  Chitrini on 1st hour (6PM to 9PM), Shankhini on 3rd hour (12AM to 3AM) and Hastini all four hours.

For day time, Padmini is okay with all four hours 6AM to 6PM, Hastini on 3rd and 4th hour (12PM to 6PM).

The reson I am not elaborating is, these are 600 years old finding which didnot follow any method other than watch a random people. There is no scientific basis to prove now.
commented Apr 27, 2012 by land crusier (3,145 points)
Thank you for your kind help, I will tell the results. I never took time seriously before. Now I will follow.
commented Apr 28, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
Land cruiser bro, dont follow my advice.

I replied on timing based on our old sex books. I can even make the answer lengthy by explaining the characterstics of all the types, as well well particular dates when they are horny, even which part of the body to take care in what way.  That was based on observation, no scientific proof as of date.

My reply was to mention one thing, this is an issue thought about our forefather pundits ages before, meaning, they felt the same question to be replied at those time too.
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See bro.. The human body is a very complex creation.. There are millions of DNA base pairs and the qualities and traits which we have are all decided by our genes.. And the decission is random as any combination can occur..
So some girl is not sensitive in the nipple, it means that she does not have the gene responsible for that.. So ul have to find another sensitive spot like knees or neck to arouse them.. If the person has no attraction towards anyone sexually, they lack the gene for making them getting attracted.. We call them asexuals.. Its not their problem but its in their genes..
So, if ur girl is not srnsitive on the g spot, she does not have the gene responsible.. Better find another sensitive spot like a spot or clit.. Give her an oral treat before u go for penetration.. And during penetration, stimulate and tease her with her clit.. She can have an awesome orgasm..
Hope my reply helps..:)
answered Apr 26, 2012 by hades (2,670 points)
commented Apr 26, 2012 by land crusier (3,145 points)
Thank you Hades. Time also play an important role in female ejaculation. Anyway I will try search another spot if the same thing happens again after following time table mentioned ay Oye.
Thank you for the answer.
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Yr partner did not arouse or ejucated feelling due to she might have sex  before sometime yr foreplay. This has practical experiement
answered Apr 26, 2012 by Neha2 (675 points)
edited Apr 26, 2012 by Neha2
commented Apr 26, 2012 by Lovemyjanu (1,305 points)
Your english is pathetic
commented Apr 27, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
His/her English is pathetic... what would you call his/her question and replies? Those are worse. His/her total thinking process is yukee.
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Well bro,as told by Oye, time matters much. But onething i am observing is, the state of mind. If u'll be constantly working/asking one thing sometimes it happens that our mind gets diverted, we fail to observe pleasure moments.I suggest for nxt time, do remember not to pressure her to feel aroused ,instance make her aroused.Sure u ll succeed.
answered Apr 26, 2012 by mahee (2,755 points)
commented Apr 27, 2012 by land crusier (3,145 points)
Thank for the valueable suggestion Mahee.
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first your second part if her g spot is rough it might that she been sleeping with somebody. for  your first part how is it possible even after being fore played at g spot she is not getting aroused. she might be hiding her emotions or don`t take me wrong bro if she is not getting aroused and also  her g spot is rough according to you then i thing she is an professional.... and we all know professional do not show any emotions during sex....well they always have an pale look with no emotion.
answered Apr 28, 2012 by xpktv2000 (3,295 points)
commented Apr 29, 2012 by land crusier (3,145 points)
I am in the same dilemma, I did quite search on this before posting here, all I could gather was that one should not jump on the G spot directly.
I had went for paid sex many time according to me G spot of a sex worker is same as of a normal girl.
Anyways thank you for anserwing

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