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I want sex with neighbour aunty. How to impress her? [closed]

asked Apr 10, 2012 in Questions by charan9119 (160 points)
closed Apr 11, 2012 by charan9119
Hi eveybody.
I am a bachelor. I like aunty who is my neighbour.
Please tell me how to impress her?
she belivd dat im very gud....  dnt knw how to express my flngs.. sure i want 2 fuck her..plz frnds gv me tips....i want 2 lose my vignty wit her... dnt knw how she reacts if i move closly..evn though she is gud frnd...
closed with the note: got d ans

7 Answers

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hahaha.. I really laughed out loud....

You dont want to lose your character but want to have sex with your mother's friend. I am sorry but can you tell me what is your charcter.

Dear friend, AAA is aimed to help people for their sexual issues. It does not provide seducing ideas.

Now when your query is already in question list.. I have an advise for you. Go and ask her directly.
Either she will be banged or your ass will be banged. Banging is guaranteed in both cases.
answered Apr 10, 2012 by akk0907 (2,855 points)
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charan u said she is friend of urs so just xpose her ur body and chat with her in phone and discuss topics related to sex and make her hot when u get a chance by touching her body without her notification if she notice act like that it happened accidentally happened
answered Apr 10, 2012 by abhi14343 (1,840 points)
reshown Apr 12, 2012 by oye
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Hilarious question.

You want to fuck your friend's mom, who is like your mom and keep a moral character.  Meaning what, you want to drink but dont get drunk? Or a better example is, you want a circumcising but want the foreskin, right?

Stop kidding yourself, having a thought of sex about a lady who is like a mother, already you have lost you morality. Losing morality is like losing your character. We dont give tips of seduction here, but I can suggest you to go ahead and fuck her. You already have lost your character by assuming her nude, now no point to act like a saint.

Next time we will call you Charan the characterless.
answered Apr 10, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
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well what will I say.... every person in his/her life come across to one such moment where he/she has to decide whether to indulge in incest affair or not. well incest affairs looks very exciting but it holds its own complexities. as far as incest affairs are concerned it depends on the cultural  background.... how much a person is in deep emotional attachment with the other person. dude as far as your case is concerned you need to look out some hints from your friend`s mom whether she is interested in you for developing such incest relationship because she thinks you are a good persons so we can`t imagine how she will start thinking abut you when you will confess her that you wanted to have sex with her. how she will handle that moment is entirely depend on her. to make things more clear the result will be less positive but more negative for you. so if you like her and want to have sex with her you need to play your cards properly and also have to use covert seductive tricks on her which will give you positive return in form of establishing bodily relationship between both of you and also you need to manage your relationship properly too. as per an age old saying "walls to can hear". so dude play safe but act smartly.
answered Apr 10, 2012 by xpktv2000 (3,295 points)
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Just try to keep her more closer take care of her give some gift do some unacceptable behave like talk start about lady undergarment ask her to choice of lady if she does't like to talk that then no need to take step toward her and forget your Idea and If she will show any interest to talk on this matter then wish you good luck.
answered Apr 10, 2012 by kingmyaqueen (2,080 points)
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what u think? is this a site to get the answers for these silly questions? better u find some loveguru n consult him or ask urself how wud u approach her! see its through only ur courage that u will get something u desire
answered Apr 10, 2012 by prashant69 (7,060 points)
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Why do u want to have sex with ur neighbour aunty?
Well funny guy writin a funny question..:D Someone please translate the question to english..
Anyways, in this site, we help out people with sexual problems.. We do not give ideas to get laid nor do we run a dating site.. So if u want to have sex with her, u directly ask her.. After u ask her, u have 2 choices-
1. U can screw her royally without anyone knowing and u can have a nice fun time..
2. U will be screwed royally when she tells ur mom..
answered Apr 11, 2012 by hades (2,670 points)

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