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I saw my sister nude accidentally. [closed]

asked Apr 3, 2012 in Questions by artonsenna (120 points)
closed Oct 10, 2012 by dan
Hello Anjali ji and other members.I am  21years old boy in my final year of graduation. My  younger sister is 17 years old and we both are very close to each other.
About 8-10days back when I came home early from the college and was about to enter my room I stumbled upon her in my room. I don't why  she was using my bathroom, when she generally uses the main bigger one.
On that day she just came out of the bathroom nude, wearing no clothes at all.
She did not even closed the door of the room properly. I could watch her through the gap in the door.I looked her as she walked up to the mirror and stared herself in front of it for a  2-3minutes.
That condition gave me a full view of her frontal and rear portions. I hate to admit,  I tried to stop but I couldn't stop staring at her ample breasts and her spotlessly clean armpits and pubic area and kept peeping her, till she went back to the bathroom, got  dressed up.

I quitely went back to the main drawing room and started unpacking my bag, when she arrived, she gave me a big smile and hugged me tightly( we always do this 2-3 times a day) and went back to her room.
I rushed to the bathroom and jerked off to a very very intense orgasm to relieve my massive hard-on.
When I finished I felt quite guilty as I had never looked at her in that manner since I always treated her like my kid sister and even do so now.
But since then whenever I am masturbating her image keeps coming back to my mind again and again.
No matter how hard I try to fantasise some other sexy classmate, celebrity I am unable to get her off my mind.
Please tell me what to do now.?
closed with the note: old question , no need to reply
commented Apr 3, 2012 by dan (2,350 points)
though it is somehow related to incest and we don't entertain incest , but approving the same since you are seeking help how to get rid of your problem
commented Nov 4, 2012 by Atish111 (120 points)
Please let me know where U r staying. In fact U am happy ti know you and your sister are too close. You are lucky.

14 Answers

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It wasnt accidential did it on purpose.You should have stopped peeping the moment you knew she was nude but you continued peeping and you are explaining how your younger sister looks without clothes.What a specimen you are.And you specially mentioned about her coming and hugging you.Do you consider this as a green signal or what.You better stop this as your parents wont be too pleased to see that you are peeping on your sister. Try maximum to not stay alone at home with your sis and stop fantasising about her.If you still cant get her out of your mind,go for paid sex. People here can only give advice on the situation.If you dont have the self control to stop fantasising about your sis no one advice is gonna help.
answered Apr 3, 2012 by mahe69 (505 points)
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I don't get what you wanna convey - you mean it was an accident to stare at your sister for 3 minutes. Aren't you trying to fool yourself by saying so? And now trying to hide your mistake by using the word 'guilt'? Get a life dude.
And now, what are your expectations from us - should we come and control your incest feelings. Its you who needs to be self-determined. If there is something that can help you, besides you, is professional assistance. Just divert your mind from her. Try engaging yourself in some fun-frolic activities, masturbating to porn, etc. - if that helps.
Keep yourself away from your sister - and your retarded intentions from your mind.
answered Apr 3, 2012 by atriekak (540 points)
edited Apr 3, 2012 by atriekak
commented Apr 3, 2012 by Kela (350 points)
Good positive answer. 'Like'd !!
commented Apr 5, 2012 by pussycat (3,855 points)
Nice answer...............
Brother and sister is a divine relationship, His sister was not his choice, it was gifted from god. He should not spoil the sanity of this by his pervert mind.
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It can't be called accidental when you peeped till she stopped her naked show and you jerked off keeping your sister in mind .if you really want to come out of this shit then you need to divert your mind.the day your guilt will come from your heart , you will stop thinking and jerking .now you are feeling guilty only when you  ejaculate , this guilt is even experienced by rapers .so what is the difference between them and you????
answered Apr 3, 2012 by Lovemyjanu (1,305 points)
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now now dear no need to worry there.
well how many times have you seen her like this and how beautiful she looks like. do you feel sexual about her. as per your description even after you were looking at her in this manner then also she gave you a smile. this means she did not took this  as seriously. she might be thinking this as a mistake. so no need to worry but better you should not do this as it is bad and moreover once she gets to know that you are doing this purposly she will really feel bad and ultimately you will loose your dignity.  so better keep your eyes close.
answered Apr 3, 2012 by xpktv2000 (3,295 points)
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You don't have to do much to get rid of this situation. This incident is fresh and have deep impact on you. Human's get bored fantasising the same thing again and again. Take a break and let the time pass.

You are a peeping Tom, maintain distance from your sister, your intensions doesn't seems to be good. Don't know why  your sister came nude. Anyhow go and find a girl outside. Stop being a peeping Tom. Its good for your health.
answered Apr 4, 2012 by land crusier (3,145 points)
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What is the big deal? Maybe because you have a dirty mind. Some siblings bathe together and the shyness never comes back even when they have grown up. She is not even an adult yet. Seeing a close family member nude is not a big deal, jerking off with her image is.
I am sure you are not very close to girls. I suggest you get a better image in your mind soon. This image will slowly fade away.
answered Apr 4, 2012 by koolpal.b (525 points)
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wow yar i wont advice u in tht manner cuz ur a jerk n dnt knw how to treat ur sister bt i can only say tht surely i vl masturbate twice about fantacising ur story wether its real or nt
answered Apr 4, 2012 by agentA (690 points)
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Hi artosenna
You can't describe whole incident as an accident .first part of it i.e the presence of your sister in your room when your entered cud b an accident but after that what happened and what you described was all purposefull u did it knowingly... knowing what you are doing is sin and now ur  feeling guilty...
The way u described her body there isn't  any feeling of guilt . when she came out she gave you a big smile now what do  you wadnt to hear from us  that its a green signal for u, i think ur pervert mind wud hav thought that that she also enjoyed. Com'n man wake up its your real little sis jst think for a moment how bad she will feel when she gona know that her brother is a pervert what about your parents . Spend more time with friends and stay away from her atleast for the time being.
answered Apr 4, 2012 by cry (1,255 points)
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you are telling lie..
becz if you didnt purposefully then you did not masturbating and fantasing about your sis.
that you should not be guilty its very big mistake.
dont do never like mistake.
its ok if you fantasise about any one execpt your family and more.
answered Apr 4, 2012 by palak7879 (360 points)
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You have been reading a lot of stories (I bet) where the thread of the story is incest. But believe me, most of the stories are fantasies of a fertile mind. Yours may not be a story. But you are guilty of deliberately spying on your sister and now saying it was accidental. You could have definitely stopped looking or drawn attention that you were present in the room.

Your sister may be inocent and not aware of your evil designs. But imagine her attitude towards you when she figures what is on your mind. As a brother, you are expected to protect your sister from other lecherous minds. Take a moment to think if what you have done is right.

I agree that seeing a woman nude is not going to be erased easily from your mind and that scene will keep haunting you. And it will get ingrained every time you masturbate with that scene in your mind.

Do not pretend to yourself that her smile means that she enjoyed showing herself nude to you. Imagine what your parents will have to say when your sister complains to them about your tendencies.
answered Apr 4, 2012 by longhands1 (80,190 points)
commented Apr 5, 2012 by pussycat (3,855 points)
Good advice longhands, let him stay away from her and maintain the sanity of this relationship
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arey bai its common but ur thoughts are wrong dont think like that she is your sister and she hugs u 2 to 3 times a day bcz she loves u that much but  you its wrong change it it isd my advice
answered Apr 4, 2012 by abhi14343 (1,840 points)
reshown Apr 12, 2012 by oye
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You jerked off and felt guilty, means you know that is wrong, right?

What happens accidentally, lets keep that way. Dont think of anything, because she was also nude in your mother's womb where you were same nude a few years back. you two share special bond in life, brother-sister relationship.

Dont drag any further, dont think much on this, assume that someone else also saw you nude but didnot give a crap. The same applies with you.  You have nothing to do, thinking of other girls will not help in anyway, rather be that brother who is supposed to protect his sister from all evil, thats what will help you.  Spent time with her, talk on study and others, that will ease things off, not hiding around and jerking off.
answered Apr 12, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
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it is very simple dude. You said it was an accident ,so jus try to  get her out of your mind. Watch an erotic porn movie and note that the girl in that movie  is damn sexy. Now try to watch the movie while mastrubating. Do this until the girl's face who acted in that film will automatically comes to your mind when you mastrubate.
answered Apr 28, 2012 by srifantasy (415 points)
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If u really dont like that.......just try to ignore that. Whatever happend is happend and you just treat her as normal. I know its a bit hard but u can do that if u wish and have faith in u.

If u like that.. no harm in imagination and i know it boosts u and will give u immance pleasure. Never try to push things with out her will

finally its ur call to decide....we are none to decide what is right and what is wrong. decide urself follow ur heart.

All the best
answered Apr 29, 2012 by krrishin (1,060 points)

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