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Is Anal and Oral Sex safe? Shall I go for it?

asked Apr 2, 2012 in Questions by hkm (120 points)
edited Apr 2, 2012 by Anjali

Hi all,

I am 24 years old female and I have a boy friend. I have kissing relationship with him. But now he want to fuck me but I do not want to lose my virginity before marriage.

So I rejectd him for this. Then he insisted me for anal and oral sex, should I go for it? Is it safe?

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12 Answers

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To start no-one can force you to have sex if you are not willing to  and the guy if he loves you got to accept your decision , if not then ask him to look elsewhere.

Now regarding oral sex and anal sex there have been so many questions and replies , please go to the search engine , click " ORAL SEX " , " ANAL SEX " you  will find many post and very good replies.

Happy reading , stay with us you will learn a lot.
answered Apr 2, 2012 by dan (2,350 points)
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Dear hkm,
You can opt for oral and anal sex keeping in mind some important points, but make sure that it is done with your concent and you aren't forced into it, either physically or emotionally.
For oral sex, pay special attention towards hygiene. Wash and clean yourselves prior to it. Trim your pubic hairs short. Make sure that you do not have any open cuts in contact with his semen, otherwise it malead to transmissin of STDs. Be soft to each others organs.
For anal sex, the chances of transmission of STDs are much high here than in case of vaginal sex. Thus, use of a condom is a must. The chances of breaking of condom is also high here due to tightness of anus and lack of lubrication. Hence, use of latex condoms alongwith water-based lubricants such as KY Jelly is advisable.
Best Of Luck:)
answered Apr 2, 2012 by atriekak (540 points)
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there are some good suggestion given to you. I am not giving you advise for anal or oral sex. you have already got good answers.

 Will you sure marry that guy??
There are two way.. Either you will marry that or you will marry some other guy.

if you will marry your love then why only anal sex. You are going to marry that guy so will there be any issue of virginity. Your love deserve all the fun.

In second case you have in your mind that you wanna carry your seal pack pussy for your "some other guy"(in a case of love fail). He will be happy to fuck a virgin pussy.. You will be happy that you will be able to make him a fool...

But think once... Will you be a real virgin? Will you be pure?? Is your hymen covered vagina is only proof of your purity? Will you feel proud that your husband is a fool?

If any of your answer of above questions is yes. go for any fuck you want. Does not matter at all.

Anyways virginity should not be the base of a relation.. Its your committment and faith in a relation that works.
answered Apr 2, 2012 by akk0907 (2,855 points)
commented Apr 5, 2012 by dineshlove (130 points)
Very good answer
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Here is my study! When you truly love someone you don't think much about being safe or not! All it matters is if you are with him or not. Lets see it this way.. Truly.. So far.. What I've seen is, if your partner's fart makes him look cute.. When he's pissing or shitting or doing something else and you want to poke him to have fun because you don't feel that it's disgusting; like wise when you see his cheeks/penis/hairy chest and you feel like they're butter molds, you should have the same feeling where ever you look at him! If that's the feeling you have about your partner, don't think twice! Enjoy!!
answered Apr 2, 2012 by Required (260 points)
commented Apr 5, 2012 by akk0907 (2,855 points)
you have done a good study, dude..!!
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A number of studies have demonstrated that oral sex is not necessarily safe sex. Both giving and receiving oral sex can lead to the transmission of sexually transmitted infections or sexually transmitted diseases (also known as STIs or STDs).
answered Apr 3, 2012 by xpktv2000 (3,295 points)
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Dear hkm,

Forcing into sex is not good for any of the partners. Have you & ur boyfriend discussed together on this topic ? I would advice that you sit together & discuss, let him understand your feelings and think over it.

If he truly loves you he will respect your feelings.

I would not recommend Anal Sex. But if you really want to go for it, please be aware that it is the riskiest of all types of sex. Keep your private parts clean, ask your BF to always use a Condom. Use plenty of water based lubricant, & ask your BF not to force into Anal sex & make a comfortable experience for you.

Oral Sex is the best option for you in my opinion. You can please your partner by giving him a  fellatio. Even he can pleasure you by giving you a Cunnilingus. There are many websites available on the internet, which will help you explore oral sex options. But make sure that you both maintain a good oral  & genital hygiene. Oral sex is otherwise safe.

Final decision is yours.

answered Apr 3, 2012 by akv (125 points)
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Yep oral and anal sex are completely safe.. But u should make sure u and ur partner maintain hygene..
And for oral sex, u need to be double clean so that there will be no odor or bad taste in ur genitals.. Coz if its there, it would be a big turnoff..
For anal sex, use a lot of water based lube.. Be slow on her.. And while inserting, be gentle and dont damage the anal sphincter muscle.. Moreover, use a good condom so that ur dick does not get touched by her poop if she does not maintain proper food habbits..
answered Apr 3, 2012 by hades (2,670 points)
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Oral and anal sex, both are safe. Just be careful as it will be your first attempt.
As members said for anal sex use water based lubricant as anal region can't produce natural lube as pussy can. Anal sex can be great as it has nerve ending, stimulation to it is pleasureable.
Use a condom for anal sex. peneteration should not be much deep, 12 to 14 cm is fine. No hurry ask him to patient and gentle before the act. Use enema kit if necessary.
Now reciveing and giving oral also requires clean gentia. Take a shower before orals to get rid of odour. Pubic hairs must be trimmed and for detailed information read earlier post, you will get tips dos and don'ts.
Good luck.
answered Apr 3, 2012 by land crusier (3,145 points)
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u can go oral sex but i won't approve anal. medics say the micro organisms which grow in that part of body is not suitable for other parts so better to avoid it. think if u go for anal or oral u will be a virgin!!!!!
answered Apr 5, 2012 by kinshuk (135 points)
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oral sex are always safe...
if you dont wann to lose you viginity then the oral sex is the best way to enjoy..
in that dont be nude fully when you do oral sex if you nude den he fuck u
so carefull and enjoy because oral sex is the best sex
answered Apr 5, 2012 by palak7879 (360 points)
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If you want to perform anal sex and oral sex then no problem but take care of cleaness onething before act anal sex use plenty of lubricant base gell to prevent pain wish you good luck and enjoy safe sex.
answered Apr 5, 2012 by kingmyaqueen (1,845 points)
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Oral sex is an extreme joy, just go for it without much of a thinking. Be clean, and jump on it.  More woman reach orgasm through oral sex than vaginal penetration. Oral sex doesnot mean you will give all the blowjobs, you should be receiving a good head too.

On Anal sex, its not an easy call all the time. Both you should know the rules clearly. A number of topics on analsex is here, go through that, it is safe.

Best of luck with oral sex, take time and learn than go for anal.
answered Apr 12, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)

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