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Is there any erogenous spot on spinal cord?

asked Mar 31, 2012 in Questions by abhimanyu1609 (210 points)
edited Mar 31, 2012 by pussycat
Hai Anjali mam and members,
A couple of days ago, i came to know that there is a point located somewhere on the spinal-cord of the females,  which when applied some pressure helps them to achieve an orgasm quickly. Is it true? if true which is that spot? where is it located? Please clear my doubt?

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5 Answers

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Why are guys like u alwys thinking about some side business.there is iron like penis for boys and sensational g-spot for girls.both give immense pleasure by giving some romantic strokes.Its the best way to create orgasm.Then why are u bothering about ur spinal cord ?are u planning to fix ur hand in reverse manner.

think straight man...dont be like half cunning females...;-)
answered Mar 31, 2012 by innocent (130 points)
commented Mar 31, 2012 by abhimanyu1609 (210 points)
if u dont know about the topic then, your comments are not required...!
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I am yet to learn of anything such. But I have something intresting to tell. A pain specialicst doctor was working upon chronic pain, and hence, put an electrode into the spine of a female patient. The woman reported a decrease in her pain and a delightful, but very unexpected, side effect. The lady was able to reach a sudden orgasm. He repeated this experiment and was able to get fruitful results.
But, using electrodes to reach an orgasm is not a good idea, I guess. This may be, or may not be related to your so-called orgasmatic point. This is all what I know. Let's see what the senior members have to share with us.
answered Mar 31, 2012 by atriekak (540 points)
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Dear Abhimanyu,
Spinal cord is part of nervous system and remains in the hollow channel formed by small pieces of back bone or spine.It transmits all sensory impulses like touch ,pain etc. to brain.Now the sensation of sex is basically a touch sensation,is also transmitted by spinal cord.

In medicine they do lot of research to know the  function of exact point or part of brain and spinal cord.There may be some point in spinal cord which related to sex and orgasm.But for people like you and me to find that point with bare hand by just applying pressure over spine is next to impossible.It is also very dangerous to apply heavy pressure to spine as spinal cord not only transmits sexual stimulation but also other other functions of body may be affected.You must have known that in fracture of spine there is chances of injury to spinal cord and loss of functions of leg or paralysis of legs.
So, enjoy sex usual way.
Take care.
answered Mar 31, 2012 by Samir35 (135 points)
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Trust me, I dont understand what you are talking about.

Erogenous zone is a different thing, A female has multiple erogenous zone in four categories, extremely sensitive, moderately sensitive, minimal sensitive and non sensitive.  The fourth category is applicable for a few only, some feel that, most dont.

Talking about orgasm quickly, there are two sure shot places, Clit and G-Spot. For some there are three spots, U-Spot, A-Spot and Perineum.

Now talking about a location near spinal cord, I am not quite aware off about the exact location. But that doenot help on orgasm. The point is on the left of spinal cord about an inch below shoulder blade. It doesnot help everyone, but works for some. Thats how Chiropractors make money.  

What is interesting is you are talking on pressure. A lot of people donot know about Acupressure.  For se drive on male or female about two inches below the wrist, on the side of thumb a pressure and release, three times each, total nine times a day do help. I tried that, it helps.  Its applicable for both hands, so total 36 times, 9 on each hands and 9 on each legs. On leg, should be two inches above the ankle on inner side of legs.

I didnot understand your uestion, but tried to cover the words you used on your question, if that helps, I will be very happy. So do inform.
answered Apr 1, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
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For some girls and guys, their whole backbone is an erogenous zone.. Coz for them, when u gently rub ur hand from the spine till the end of the backbone, it ll be turning on for them.. Infact some girls become animals if we do these..
Its not on the spinal cord.. It starts with the spine..
Inface even their neck is a erogenous zone.. Place your beard on her neck and rub, it will be turning on for many females..
But know thet the erogenous zones vary from person to person.. So it won't be same for two people.. U need to explore her body and find out..
answered Apr 1, 2012 by hades (2,670 points)
commented Apr 1, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
Neck and shoulder is usually treated as a non erogenous zone for most women, back of the knee is much more sensitive.  Still for a lot of woman neck is one turn on, but doesnot make impact in body change.

Rather than rubbing on spinal cord, I would suggest rub the flesh beside spinal cord  on horizontal way from inwards toward outwards.

Boss, I usually dont suggest something that I have not tried, so trust me, it works.
commented Apr 1, 2012 by hades (2,670 points)
As far as ive seen n tried, the erogenous zones vary from girl to girl.. And ive seen girls for whom nipples arent even sensitive.. But for all, rubbing the beard on their neck and trapeziods region, it turns them on badly..
And about the spine, girls do it to me to turn me on..:D I just sit there emotionless.. Coz we guys have just one spot and that is below the belly..;)
N ya knees are also sensitive.. But it so happened that the girls who ive been with were all animals.. They are horny always.. I never did the honour of turning em on seperately.. Coz they never gave me a chance.. That part of sex is still unexplored for me..:)

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