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Is anal sex safe. I wanna try it. please suggest

asked Mar 28, 2012 in Questions by sau222 (125 points)

I am fantasise about anal sex. please let me know that will it be safe and also any precaustion is required?

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12 Answers

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Mention ur age, ur partners age.. If not if its just a fantasy question, then am just wasting my time answering it..
Dude! Anus is a part of the digestive system and not the reproductive system.. In porn if they fuck hard in the ass, its coz they are highly paid for it.. But in reality, many of my friends did and ended up either puking or disgusted.. So better not to try it..
But if u do wanna do it, u need a lubricated condom, water based lubricant like ky jelly, tissues etc..
Now the anus is a small opening and the sphincter muscle id a little tight.. So first, use ky jelly and insert ur finger inside and stroke.. Then use 2 and then 3.. When 3 fingers go in easily, this is the time to insert the penis.. Ask the girl/guy to relax.. Use a condom for hygene.. Use ky jelly and slowly slide ur penis inside the anus.. Do it inch by inch so that they dont have pain.. Ask em never to tighten their ann spincther coz if they do, they ll end up with severe pain.. Now when fully in, start stroking..
Happy anal sex.. Make sure u dont end up with poop in ur dick when u take it out..;)
answered Mar 28, 2012 by hades (2,670 points)
commented Mar 28, 2012 by palak7879 (360 points)
moved Aug 29, 2012 by land crusier
yes with condoms all sexy are safe.
commented Mar 28, 2012 by longhands1 (78,355 points)
Please elaborate. We dont encourage one line answers.
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Are u planning to Take it or Give it?

Either ways, use plenty of lubrication (water bound pref)

and wash well with disinfectant later on

please ensure that entry into ass should be  gradual

use lube, insert finger then two, and then, lube ur dick well and enter slowly, but keep on enter even when the other one yelps

Both anal sphincters need to burst, then sex is smooth

Go ahead
answered Mar 28, 2012 by sinistersam88 (435 points)
commented Mar 28, 2012 by sau222 (125 points)
moved Mar 28, 2012 by pussycat
Hades, thanks,

sorry i was not aware of rules. Am 29 and my partner is about 22.
commented Mar 28, 2012 by pussycat (3,855 points)
Is your partner male or female?
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Its safe man,you also have a good anal,search a person with a good dick to fuck your anal and experience the pleasure, then share with your partner.GUD LUCK.
answered Mar 28, 2012 by Khurram kamal (610 points)
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You can do anal sex but always use condom or take care about cleaness use plenty of lube to prevent pain and talk her about analsex don't go fast make her cleare about pain and first time if possible to you do finger fuck and make her hole little large with your finger after that you can penetrate your penis inside arsehole.
answered Mar 28, 2012 by kingmyaqueen (1,845 points)
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I dont know much about anal sex but ill share a few things i know.You have to be really hygienic for anal sex. Coz you are inserting your tool inside a place where it shouldnt be..And if you are planning for another round after anal make sure you dont use the same condom and clean you tool really well....have fun bro
answered Mar 28, 2012 by mahe69 (505 points)
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Hi sau
Anal sex is pleasurable if you want to use your dick and is painful if u hav to use ur ass .Some points to b kept in mind bfore going 4 anal sex
1. A lubricant(preferably water based) is a must thing if u really want to enjoy.
2.ass hole should b properly washed and cleaned before and after sex .good to go 4 a disinfectant.
3.Go slowly..the anal sphincter is very tight try to go first with fingers one two and gradually push your penis in it.
4. alwayes use a condom.
Have a safe anal sex by the way r u gona get it or give it.
answered Mar 28, 2012 by cry (1,255 points)
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Thanks for all your suggestion.
i wanna give it to my wife.
Actually once i tried but due to lack of knowledge and pain she refused.

Is KY Jelly easily available in the market/Medicals ?
answered Mar 28, 2012 by sau222 (125 points)
commented Mar 28, 2012 by hades (2,670 points)
If its ur wife who is 22, dude u r too old.. Coz the age difference is a little too much..
But if she is happpy with u, fine.. Well and good..
And ya u get it in some retail outlets and some pharmacies.. U can check em in cosmetic shops..
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Anal sex is safe or not depends upon how do you perform. Dont watch porno and jump to enact, thats never is pleasent not safe. A study said, in India about 21% tried anal sex once in lifetime, and 14% from there never repeated for second time. If a guy cant do properly, its not safe.

I wrote on this number of times, you can go through some earlier posts. In nutshell,

1. Get her consent first

2. Get her prepared with complete relaxation

3. Use lube in finger to streach the hole very slowly.

4. Go for your dick when you know your two fingers could move freely.

5. Apply plenty of lube, on her asshole and after wearing condom on that.

6. Go slow, real slow. Never apply force, nor proceed if she says to stop.

Relaxation, Lube, condom are the three important part. Remember not to push the whole length, rectum is about 12 cm in length with clean surface and soft membrene. Beyond that your dick will get into her poop storage.  

Go for slow and short stroke, if both of you want to enjoy anal sex.
answered Mar 29, 2012 by oye (25,670 points)
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I read in your comments that you are 29 and your wife (partner) is 22. You can definitely try anal sex, but ensure that your partner is also willing to give it a try. Absolutely no force, or that will ruin your fantasy and your partner will never try it again.

There are some points to consider:

1. Don't insist on penetration
Although it's hard to believe, you don't need to stick your fingers or penis inside the rectum for the pleasurable sensations associated with anal sex. And although it might be a bitter pill for some guys to swallow, when you're receiving anal sex, you don't need to have anything put inside you either. By simply rubbing the anus or even licking it, known as rimming, the receiving person can derive awesome sensations.

2. Make it feel good all the time
Many women have said that their first anal sex experience (and sometimes their second and third) hurt like hell. Now, if she isn't calm and relaxed, it's going to hurt. If you insist on shoving your penis inside her (like ripping off a bandage -- one shot), it's going to hurt. If you don't use lubrication, it's going to hurt.

You need to talk about it and both of you need to agree to do it happily; no one should be coerced into it. You also need to be patient and let her lead the way. If you are going to engage in anal sex, let her hold your penis and guide it in slowly. Go in about an inch, then pull out completely, then go in about an inch farther and pull out completely. Keep going in and out at one-inch intervals and pretty soon you'll be in.

3. Understand that there are 2 sphincters
There are two sphincter muscles in the anus and they are less than an inch apart. While you can control the external sphincter at will, the internal sphincter is not the same. It reacts more in a reflexive way. So while your partner may assure you that she's relaxed and willing, her internal sphincter may prove otherwise. The point is that you need to be patient and give your partner time to learn how to relax and try different positions to make it happen.

4.  Stimulate the anal region while doing other things
The sensation of touching the anus or rectum alone may feel uncomfortable for your girl or even yourself, but couple it with Penetration or oral sex, and suddenly it'll feel much better. For example, while you're engaging in vaginal sex, you can insert a sex toy into your girl's anus to give her the sensation of double penetration. And she can insert a toy into yours while you're penetrating her or she's performing oral sex on you. It's up to you to decide what you're both comfortable with.

5.  Change your diet
For a pleasurable anal sex experience, it's important for both of you to eat a diet rich fiber, raw vegetables and fruit rather than processed foods. Regular bowel movements are conducive to both comfort and confidence when it comes to anal sex. Try to avoid eating it for a few hours before you're set to engage in anal sex.

6. Obey the rules of hygiene
There's a reason why women have to wipe from front to back when they do No. 2; trace amounts of feces may cause infection. The same rules apply to anal sex. If you put your penis or fingers in or around her anus, you cannot simply revert to her vagina afterward. You can always discard the "anal sex" condom and put on a new one for vaginal entry.
As for your fingers, you can always keep baby wipes close by and wipe your hands before you use them on her vagina. Remember; you can go from the vagina to the anus, but not the other way around. Hopefully you know your female anatomy.

Ensure anal sex is fun by making certain that you and your girl are comfortable. If she gets squeamish when you suggest it, find out why. Don't be afraid to communicate about sex and what you like; it'll bring you closer together and enhance your sex life.

Keep in mind that anal sex can be very dangerous and spread STDs, so unless you're in a monogamous relationship and you've both been tested for diseases, I strongly urge you to use condoms and latex barriers in anal sex and any other variety of sex.

answered Mar 29, 2012 by longhands1 (78,355 points)
edited Aug 26, 2014 by longhands1
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use condom, lots of lubricant, make sure the anal path is clean to avoid any backtarial infection AND take ur partners concern who needs to be relax/calm & can easily accept ur tools there
answered Aug 29, 2012 by myfriend1 (105 points)
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though it gives immense pleasure for a male by way of prolonged hardness due to the absolute tightness, it has to b agreeable for the female.If she is averse to anal fucking,man has to forget it.Normally it happens between married couples ,only after a long period of vaginal sex.Once they become close n intimate,after having seen all possible positions of screwing,it works out in the minds of both to try the anal one.The secret here is ,once a man enters n rams from behind,the female gets immensely aroused.Here one shud know to finger the vaginain a smooth n silky manner,in order to enable the mate to have an orgasm.If that happens ,then anal can b attractive.However ,in the long run,it shud not take place frequently ,as it can affect the working system of the female ' body !
answered Aug 30, 2012 by Kamalkannan (1,280 points)
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Anal sex is safe if you use condoms and dont suck the anal region since this is a region through which your body waste will be removed in the form of excreta.
Some people enjoy anal sex and are regular in it. And some people dont like anal sex and i am one amongg them who doesnt wish to try it.

So the bottom line is no matter how much anal passage is cleaned use condoms for penetrating and avoid using tounge for licking and sucking.

answered Aug 30, 2012 by bin (2,365 points)

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